April 27th, 2007   3:20 pm

Last Foreclosure… No Houses, No Money, No Stereo


Today I lost my last property to foreclosure. The worst part is that BOTH the first and second approved the short sale but the first (Countrywide) refused to give the buyer a small extension to close. They had a solid offer for $300,000 on the table!

The pool and spa is still a mess as you can see above. I was going to try to empty it out with a cheap rented pump the other day to give the new buyers and neighbors a favor but the job was too much for me to handle. The pool needs to be professionally drained and cleaned. I would have just created a bigger mess if I tried it myself…

I don’t know the result of the foreclosure auction because I didn’t make it there. Our (bitter) sweet Jetta got broken into at night. They broke the passenger window, ripped out the stereo and took the box of 12 inch subwoofers from the trunk.

Jetta got broken into at night

On top of that our auto insurance was canceled due to non-payment.

Oh and and on top of that we owe 2 months of rent and utilities and the patience has run out. We are expected to have that money in certified form by May 1st and also pre-pay 2 months of rent in advance if we are to stay here.

No properties, no money, no insurance and no car stereo (and could be no more place to live soon too).

Still overwhelmed by it all with about a thousand emails in my inbox to process, over 30 voice mail messages to return, a pile of unopened mail, unfinished taxes, marriage issues, piles of unsecured debt.

At the same time there are many good opportunities on the horizon, including a possible job, but nothing is certain right now and everything takes longer then you think. Can’t depend on any one thing.

It was good to take a week break from blogging though and think about stuff, including the future of this foreclosure blog.

What’s next? Good question…


  • Welcome to reality. It took a long time, but the penny’s starting to drop.

  • Welcome back! You can run, but you can’t hide.

  • Remember the movie trading places when Dan Aykroid whering a Santa suit ask the pawnshop owner “how much for the gun.”

    That’s gotta be you. Maybe you can trade your purse…oops…I mean your manbag for it.

  • who owns the Jetta purse boy?

  • 5. Robert Coté
    April 27th, 2007 at 3:31 pm

    “What’s next?” Is not a good question. “What now?” Is the only question.

    The instructions are online and Sacto has some fine junkyards. I’m not sure but $20-$30 ought to get a new window. Two hours tops. Oh wait, you don’t have the skills or desire to aquire them or the tools or the resources to aquire them or the $40 for that matter.

    Best just treat yourself at the Grille for a job well considered.

    Oh, and you still own the Utah house as far as the bank knows so all is not lost.

  • Bummer.
    Just in case

  • 7. Ignore the HATERS!
    April 27th, 2007 at 3:37 pm

    O.k. the houses are gone. So be it.

    Find out immediately what needs to be done about declaring bankruptcy and begin this procedure.

    Forget the homes.

    Let the banks worry about them now.

  • Don’t forget the valid liability insurance before you drive ANYONE’S car, for the good of everyone in your path!

    You sure don’t need more issues.

  • 9. SFBubbleBuyer
    April 27th, 2007 at 3:39 pm

    What’s next?

    Eviction, seperation, indictment on fraud, divorce, fraud trial, incarceration.

    Not too hard to figure out.

  • Maybe call the losers who helped you get into this mess and ask for a job selling real estate courses.

    Carlton Sheets, Donald Trump, that Rich Dad Poor Dad dude?

    Marriage issues? What marriage issues?

  • 11. Sputnik_the_Cat
    April 27th, 2007 at 3:40 pm

    Nice post. Welcome back.

    But you forgot to add “…but it’s all good!”



  • 12. Darren Keogh
    April 27th, 2007 at 3:41 pm

    well Casey id hate to say it ..but the end is nigh ….just hope you can escape this easily and manage not to be done for fraud or anything ..and if you manage to escape …for the lie of me boy…change you ways …its ok to say you frugged up…at least then its an admission to yourself ..dont worry about what others think but do worry about what your own conscience says - i know its tough ..ive been in similar sits when i was younger ..just be honest and at the same time be kind to yourself..when its all said and done ..we are our only true friends

  • GET A JOB!!!!

    Everything else will take care of itself.

  • What’s next? Pick up the pieces and just start over.

    It will take some time and it won’t be easy.

    I’ve got to hand it to you Casey, you sure gave it a hard and fast go of it.

    Good Luck

  • 15. Flailing Forward
    April 27th, 2007 at 3:46 pm

    I’m not saying this to be an obnoxious a**, but this is really what you need. You need to hit bottom and give up on the great things on the horizon. You’ve been sitting around waiting for one of the great things to save you since September. Take charge of your life, get a steady paycheck, file BK, take your lumps, and start the recovery process. Yulia put you up for three months. That’s going above and beyond standard in-law tolerance. In hindsight, don’t you think buying new IKEA shelves while you owed her rent probably pissed her off royally? You need to quit burning bridges and take care of your responsibilities.

    I imagine you’re probably going to be couch surfing or going back to your parents’ house pretty soon. I’ve put up a lot of my deadbeat friends over the years, so here are some rules of thumb on how long you can stay before you wear out your welcome. A month is the absolute tops you can expect to stay at a friend’s house for free. If they have ever put you up before or helped you out, it’s going to be much less. As an example, the guy who loaned you the car before the Jetta probably will get aggravated much faster. If you want to maximize the time they will put up with you, you need to provide some value. Wash all of the dishes, clean their bathroom, cut the grass, whatever. You have to earn your keep.

  • We’re not haterz, we’re just watching the train roll by, yelling at you to pull the brake:

    I started out just surprised that someone managed to get so badly in debt without a plan, then became engrossed in watching the trainwreck. Not just any ordinary train wreck, mind you. No, Casey has managed to set up conditions that are well beyond a normal train wreck. It’s all in the details, too, and that’s how I became a Haterz(tm).

    Going through his blog week by week I found that Casey has managed to assemble a frightening collection of rolling stock. What’s in this freight car? Oh, a bunch of cases of dynamite. And in this one? Some kegs of gunpowder. Another is full of matches. We find the latest is now filled with tons of rotten, spoiled food because, D’oh! Snowflake forgot to turn on power to the refrigeration car.

    Robert Kiyosaki watches the train roll by, gathering speed, since it’s on a downhill. How steep? Oh anywhere from 8% to 14% slope, it seems. RK points and laughs. “Kid, you are *so* screwed” he yells.

    Casey’s in the engineer’s cabin, staring at a big lever labelled “BRAKE”. Does he pull it? No. He pulls some other lever that’s unlabeled. He thinks about pulling the brake lever, but PrLinkBiz flashes her thong. Casey’s distracted and forgets about the brake lever.

    Tim from MBA calls on the radio, trying to coach Casey into at least slowing the train down. Tim describes to Casey what a brake lever looks like and how to use it. Casey smiles and nods in that way people do when they don’t speak the language, hangs up, and decides to eat some vegetarian shrimp.

    Casey thinks again about trying to find the brake lever. Nobody flashes their thong. Casey’s distracted and forgets the brake lever.

    Casey pulls on some things that don’t even remotely look like levers, becomes distracted, sets the alarm for 5:30, and goes to sleep so he can be well-rested for pulling on everything but that brake lever the next day.

    Casey sees Homeless Bob hop on his train. Homeless Bob starts throwing sticks of dynamite out the door. Casey notices, thinks about shaking his fist in rage at Homeless Bob, then decides taking a nap is a wiser course of action.

    People lined up along the route are yelling at Casey to pull the brake lever. “It’s the one with B-R-A-K-E written above it!”. “Spelling’s for loosers, I’m an ideas man”, Casey yells back.

    Casey watches the couplings pop and the freight cars behind him go lose(tm). All Casey can think of is how sweet it would be to add 200 more freight cars to his train.

    Casey puts out a sign advertising “Become a Locomotive Engineer! $39 Training Course”.

    Nigel flashes his thong (leopard print, did someone say?). Casey’s distracted and forgets that he’s on a train.

    Finally, the train approaches a curve. The locomotive is going too fast and jumps the rails, with Casey merely holding onto his blue ball in the hope that it will cushion the blow. Before the locomotive and Casey have a chance to slide to a stop, the freight cars that had all popped lose(tm) come flying around the corner, each jumping the rails and hitting Casey from behind (I’m too lazy to work in any jail metaphors here - y’all can think them on your own). All these hits have pushed Casey towards a cliff.

    One final freight car is jumping the rails. It’s full of about 15 million pennies. They’re heavier than ordinary pennies because they’re dirty. Lots o’ momentum here, enough to push Casey over the cliff.

    Down below? A river. Is this the end? Naaah, this trainwreck has so much more to play out. There’s a barge that Casey might land on. Not any ordinary barge, though. This one’s engulfed in flames. Steering wheel’s broken. A few hundred yards downstream? A waterfall. Sharp pointy rocks below, piranha in heat swimming around. There’s also a plane with CashCall written on the side that hovering around. Seems the engine’s stalled and it’s starting to plummet, aimed right at our “hero”. It just goes on and on.

    Come all you Haterz(tm) if you want to hear
    A story ’bout a flipper with no fear,
    Casey Serin was the investor’s name
    “Twas in the Central Valley that he won his fame.

    Casey Serin, he wanted passive income.
    Casey Serin, chugging wheatgrass shots with glee.
    Casey Serin, how can he be so dumb?
    Thinking that no work will bring him money for free.

  • where are you going to live if you get evicted? the haterz who suggested you move into one of your properties and BK may have been onto something.

    also, please give us details about the corporation. What state are you incorporated in? Are you the sole shareholder? Is there a board? If so, who is on it?

  • So the pool isnt cleaned, you have been forclosed on 1000 times, your VW was broken into


  • It’s Friday afternoon. Get cracking and start listing your stuff on Craigslist. It costs you nothing to list items and the weather is supposed to be good this weekend; you should be able to raise some hard cash fast.

    Sell the office furnishings, sell the new IKEA file cabinets, sell any software you legally own, sell one of the laptops, sell the CD burning equipment, and anything else of yours that has value.

    This is the best advice you’ve had all day. You’re gonna lose it anyway if you don’t sell it (I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time before CashCall’s collections department comes a-callin’), so what are you waiting for?

  • 1) In the state of California if your insurance gets cancelled, so does your car registration. This was a new law passed on October of 2006. I know from friends that they really don’t screw around with that. Get some basic 30.00 a month insurance fast. Or go to carmax, sell the POS Jetta and take the bus.
    2) What about your parents? Can’t you live with them?

  • Get a job now please before it’s too late.

    Here are some things to help out while you are homeless:


    Forget the cell phone.
    Go for a cheaper route.
    Maybe free wireless phone with your OWN PHONE NUMBER!:
    (You need a headset though)

    Live on ramen for a while.
    Go to food donation area and get free food.
    It’s better than living on nothing right?

    As for very cheap place to live, you’re an real estate guru and should know where to look right?

  • 22. Be Real this Time
    April 27th, 2007 at 3:59 pm


    Now I’m confused. I thought you could pay the rent because folks on this blog picked up the $$ for the Cashcall payment. What happened?

    No guru crap. Just answer the question, please.

  • 23. Property Flopper
    April 27th, 2007 at 4:00 pm

    Wow, it really starts to hit now.

    I can’t stress enough the “get a job” advice everyone else is giving (and has been for the last year!), but right now, you have four days to come up with four months rent. That’s a bigger problem.

    > unfinished taxes, marriage issues, piles of unsecured debt.

    Ugly, but can all be fixed IF YOU REALLY WORK AT IT.

    > At the same time there are many good opportunities
    > on the horizon, including a possible job,

    Other than a job, forget the “opportunities”, they are what got you here. Focus on reality, not the day dreams you’ve been chasing.

    #16 Falling foreward has a good post - read it again! Take it to heart.

  • I’m not going to say I told you so, or anything else critical, because I think everyone else is going to take care of that.

    What I will say, is that even though you made mistakes, and even though you brought this on yourself to a large degree, I am truly sorry that you’re having such a rough go of things right now.

    No matter how much you screw up, the simple fact remains that it is unbelievably stressful to be in such a tight financial spot. Your contribution to this mess doesn’t change that you feel like you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders.

    So….try not to worry. As much as this is small comfort, it’s going to be okay. What’s the worst that can possibly happen? Crashing on a friend’s sofa or something? Would that *really* be the end of the world? ;) Who cares if creditors are calling day and night? They can sue you and they still wouldn’t get anything (because you don’t even have job wages to garnish).

    Hang in there.

  • 25. RogerSmith8080
    April 27th, 2007 at 4:03 pm

    This is just a minor setback.

    This is the chapter in the book right before the chapter with the comeback where you say “Even under crushing pressure, the world demanding I give into bankruptcy yet I stood my ground. And that made all the difference.” Don’t give up the ship, hang in there.

    -Keep living the Dream

  • If you are homeless please find an internet cafe or library to post your update.


  • 27. Property Flopper
    April 27th, 2007 at 4:11 pm

    Casey -

    Take a lesson from the $33…debt kid (changed to http://www.debtkid.com/)

    He’s down pretty hard from gambling on stocks and such, but he is taking serious actions to get out of it. He has cut back on luxuries, works his butt off (actually making money) and is making progress on his debts. Strangely enough, he doesn’t attract haters, in fact he has a number of supporters (including me).

    The kid is making an honest effort. Learn from him.

  • Damn, man. I would’ve thought you’d wake up to reality by now and divert all the time you waste on this blog into something more worthwhile. Yet, you’re still here. What worth does this blog bring you each month other than the potential to become profitable? “Potential” being the keyword here. To turn that “potential” into “reality” you need to put some effort into it yourself – not just sit on your a** and hope for some guru to bail you out.

    Then again, in a few days, I hope we were all wrong and this whole thing was nothing more than viral marketing for Jamba Juice.

  • Okay Casey, lots of good advice on this post. Don’t know about BK though….there isn’t much left in your name anyway. Might want to get that window fixed on your car, because you might have to live in it pretty soon, at least temporarily. Kiyosaki admitted he lived in his car with his family for a while (hopefully he was truthful about that)….maybe it’s time to visit the wise sage once again.

    One person suggested doing real estate seminars. Actually I think you can be the William Hung of real estate for a while. Call up the seminar gurus and ask them if you can get paid for making an appearance at their seminars. Sign autographs, schmooze with all of your adoring fans, take pictures, etc. They would cover all travel, food, and accommodations as well. Meanwhile, partner up with someone who wants to write a book for you, where you talk in the first person about your life and especially your real estate stories, and then split the proceeds with that person (and for god sake, of course, get a good lawyer on your side before signing any contract, whether it be for a book or for those seminars — don’t let them push you around).

    Best of luck to you….maybe I’ll see you at some real estate seminar in the future.

  • when you get knocked down by life’s routine, the only thing to do is get back up and be more careful.
    don’t repeat your past folly.

  • Keep your head up Casey! You will continue to get nasty messages from people who have nothing better to do, messages from people who are really trying to help, and messages from people like me who are just hoping the best for you.

    It will all work out in the end, just do what you have to do, and make it work. I am glad to see you aren’t just jumping on the bankruptcy bandwagon and are trying to get yourself out of the mess you got yourself into.

    It looks like that pool needed serious work. You are probably right, doing it yourself would have been too big of a job. You can only do so much.

    I am pulling for you, Casey!

  • Casey, I know you don’t want to live on Top Ramen, but for the immediate future, go to your nearest bookstore and get “101 Things to Do with Ramen Noodles (Spiral-bound)
    by Toni Patrick”. If college kids can live off of Top Ramen, so can you.

  • where are you going to live if you get evicted? the haterz who suggested you move into one of your properties and BK may have been onto something.

    They may have been…when Serin had properties. Muncy got foreclosed on today. That weedy lad is probably not going to be successful at physically clearing the Utah wrap.

  • 34. Jamba Monkee
    April 27th, 2007 at 4:40 pm

    Bad news, Casey. I suspect that things could get even worse before they start to get better. Don’t give up hope. You’ve GOT TO get a job - immediately. You gave it a shot to make it your way - it didn’t work out. It’s time to go on to Plan B. Hopefully you have one.

    As for me, I wanted to see what happened to your inventory but I’m not sticking around to watch what happens next. Good luck, Casey.

  • No surprise this end about the Jetta news, since you boasted of its qualities on this blog. Now your chief worry is will be protecting yourself from muggers, since you also told everyone you shut down your bank accounts and seem very protective about your murse.
    You cannot understand the sheer delight on this end to the rest of your news: that all of the houses are finally gone. I’ve followed this since late September, and thought it would come much quicker. I thought you had a chance of saving at least two of them, especially Modesto. Now I hear the real estate industry talking about a turnaround in home sales, and the worst being over.
    As for the May rent, take my advice and cash in your profits on the GSPG investment. It closed today at .0016.

  • And thus Casey Serin discovered his true destiny. Having been driven from evil pharaoh haterz Yulia’s kingdom, he started a shantytown at the end of Snapdragon Circle where flopped flippers from all parts of the Sunshine State gathered and juice fasted. They discussed ways in which to make the world more itsallgood, and became imbued with the force that permeated the universe, the sweet cashback.

    There they lived happily with positive attitudes and awaited the good things that they knew were coming. They feasted on corporate credit and In’n'out. That is, until the day the agents came.

    But all of this had been foreseen by the idea man. He would be the one to finally release the good things and stop the haterz.

  • First -

    Look throughout the house…. under the bed, behind the sofa, etc., for any and all change.


  • I promise you will start doing better when you come back down to financial reality and stop trying to be some stereotype you hold about real estate moguls. Stop spending money. Period. Seriously. Do not enter Ikea. Do not replace your stereo. Do not buy a single thing other than the cheapest food in the grocery store. Then get a job. Clean up your mess and take as long as it takes to do this. Then pause to actually learn some lessons. Then build your wealth slowly and sanely. You aren’t going to get rick quick.

  • First -

    Look throughout the house…. under the bed, behind the sofa, etc., for any and all change.


    Being ticketed as an uninsured driver is BAD. Worse yet, getting into an accident.

    If you are an uninsured motorist for more than 30 days, then when you once again are ready to pay for your insurance you will no longer get the “preferred” rates you may have enjoyed due to a good driving record, etc. After 30 days all insurance companies will consider you an “uninsured motorist” with no history (yes, you did have a history, but as far as they are concerned, no more) and you will go back to paying the highest premium amounts…….


  • I had the same thing happen to my car a few weeks ago. The thieves were considerate enough to only break the very small section of the rear window and reach around to unlock the door though.

    My car is even less sweet and the CD Player was the cheapest one on sale at Circuit City in 2001.

    Even brand new my CD player was only about 3 Jamba Juices.

  • 41. Bill Dubbleu
    April 27th, 2007 at 4:50 pm

    Casey - if you do ONE thing, do this. It’s the ONLY important thing. Save your marriage. Don’t worry about anything else. Do whatever you can to make your bride feel safe and secure. This will pay bigger dividends than any missed payment. If that means stop blogging or blog more or get a job or whatever … do THOSE things that will keep your marriage alive. Everything else is an accounting entry.

  • The last forclosure is actually a good thing. Declare bankruptcy to get rid of your unsecured debt and then you will be starting with a blank slate. If you are not desperatly trying to pay off your debts, you will be able to earn more modest income rather than having to gamble on longshots.

  • Casey:

    It is time for you to have a large helping of humble pie. It won’t taste so great and may be hard to swallow, however, you are in no position to do otherwise.

    For months you have looked down your nose at those of us who work W-2 jobs. You have resisted the advice and suggestions of many wiser individuals who have spent countless hours invested in your plight.

    You call people haterz because they’ve not said the things you want to hear.

    Had you taken even 10% of the advice provided by those following your story and blob, your situation today might be much different.

    Think about it for a few minutes. Can you name ANYONE who has received as much attention, interest, and good advice that has been thrown your way???

  • Casey -
    Why do you torture yourself and let people post all this negative energy? They aren’t here to help you - but to watch you suffer. Stop blogging for awhile and get your life back together. Your family is more important than these strangers that just want to see you suffer. Keep your chin up - “This too shall pass.”

  • Dude, for what it’s worth, when I compared your real-estate fantasies to those of a homeless person, I didn’t expect you’d actually literally be facing homelessness.

    If you’re not going to get to a Gambler’s Anonymous meeting, you might as well sell your car and all your other stuff on craigslist, take a cheap bus ride to Vegas or the nearest India Casino, and put everything on Black. Unlike your other investments, this one has almost a 50% chance of paying off.

  • So does this mean you can’t call us haters anymore? I’d say realists makes a whole heck of a lot more sense seeing that we’ve been more right about your situation than you have.

    I am not trying to kick you while you’re down, but you could have paid the rent instead of buying overpriced IKEA junk. You could have paid your rent instead of taking vacations you can’t afford. Yep, you can hate this line of thinking but we speak the truth, kid. YOU dug your own hole, now deal with it.

    If you were an admirable man, you’d have taken our advice when this blog started. No, you thought you could do it your way and voila…you’d be rich and famous.

    So basically, I insist you step away from the hater term and wake up kid. It’s neither accurate NOR the correct use of the word. We are realists. THIS is fact. A hater would mean we are jealous of you or your situation which is by no means correct.

    BTW, I am posting this elsewhere if I don’t see it posted. Have a nice day.

  • Never thought I’d feel sorry for you Casey, but I do. Best plan is as others have suggested, file BK ASAP! Get a job or two, even minimum wage and start your slow progress back to normalcy!

    Provided you have learned from your past mistakes you can always make a comeback financially!

  • 48. numbaonehater
    April 27th, 2007 at 5:07 pm

    I’m one of the worst haters out there, but damn, someone breaking into your car and stealing your stereo and subs? That angers the f*** out of me. I’m sorry that happened to you Casey :( What’s the plan on where to live now? You should get any job to be able to pay rent at a shtty apartment for now. You’re on a bad run my friend, I hope your luck gets better soon.

  • I know the future of this blog: Close it and open a new one. You can call it: www.iamfacingbankrupcy.com or www.unsecureddebtisbitch.com or www.itiscoldsleepingonajettawithnowindows.com

    who took that picture Casey?

  • Casey,

    Declare bankruptcy. No other way out. Talk to your pastor about getting some temporary housing if that’s what it comes to. When the bankruptcy is complete, just get a job, a small place … and it’s all good. It’s time to start over … you have too much to lose by keeping yourself in this situation.

    Best Regards,

  • 51. Keep It Organic
    April 27th, 2007 at 5:15 pm

    anti-spam word today is looser……..very appropriate for today’s reality check.

    sorry to hear about the car, the foreclosure and getting the boot out of the house. not sure if your guru books have chapters at the end about dealing with your reality. if they do, please don’t follow them.

    atleast the weather is supposed to be pretty good for awhile now in sactown.

  • Sorry, Casey,

    Either I forgot to post or perhaps I did something wrong, because I did not see this question make it through:

    “Did you file a police report about the break in and theft from your vehicle?”

    You will want to keep that report for your tax records, since a theft event is deductible as an uninsured loss.

    Did anyone hear or see anything? When I was living in a seedier area many years ago, we all shared info with our local PD about a wave of auto break-ins, and they were able to find the perpetrators, based on a pattern. I never got anything back, but the juvenile gang was busted up and others did not have to suffer.

    I am confident you will share any info with authorities in order to keep others from suffering the terrible fate you did.


  • 53. Pennywise the Clown
    April 27th, 2007 at 5:16 pm

    Mostly, I’m just surprised you’re still married at all so be thankful for that.

  • Casey,

    Sorry to hear some low-life broke into your car, that was the last thing you needed. Best of luck to you on looking for a job. My advice, stay away from anything real estate related, the market SUCKS everywhere. Personally I think you should go back to something IT related if you can. Also, don’t put relocation out of the question, CA has such a high cost of living. If you landed an IT job in someplace like Atlanta, you could do just fine.

  • I don’t hold title to the Utah property. I sold it to the buyers and stayed on the loan. I DO have a “wrap around” note secured by the house that the buyers are paying me on. So if they default I can foreclose on them. That’s the only way I can get that house back.

  • It’s time to file for bankruptcy.

    Go to the library and borrow a book on how to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy that was printed this year or last year. If they don’t have one then go to Borders and buy one (nolo press prints the best of this kind of book).

    Read it.

    Do what it says.

    It will stop creditors from harassing you and will allow you to keep some of your assets.

    Don’t mess this up. If you don’t list a debt in the filing then you won’t get it discharged.

    BTW, my offer to buy those IKEA shelves in your office and your juicer still stands.

  • Sorry to hear about your lose. No one deserves to have their stuff taken like that. These people are low life pond scum. (Maybe they followed you home from the Modesto pool ?)

  • 58. Your mother
    April 27th, 2007 at 5:32 pm

    You are not moving back home with us! Homeless shelter for you!

  • re #63.

    Oh, I think I get it, then. Must be a different type of loan than mine, ’cause on mine, I had to not only live there, but I also have other stuff in the contract language that said all kinds of stuff; like I was not even allowed to make changes that might lower value (I even think it said I could not store my Harley indoors. Really! I had to promise to keep the property up, and keep the insurance current, too. I also had to tell them if I sold it (because my house was actually collateral for the loan - yours must be different, since you are allowed to sell the collateral and still not have to close out the original loan). I don’t know too much about these things, and from what I see, frankly, I am afraid to get to know to much more. Plus the market seems to be changeable. Not sure I’d try this type of stuff myself even in a good market, seems dangerous based on some difficult I see you had.

    Casey, thanks for replying!.

    Do you think you’ll keep doing the home buy/sell thing, or are you thinking maybe something else is more your line, now? I guess you are showing resolve, which is good, but are you thinking that maybe that alone is not enough to get to success? I know you took the courses and all, and you know about the ‘wraps’ and the ‘REOs’ and all that RE stuff, but I see them sell those courses, and I just wonder if EVERY one that buys them goes on to make a ton…. Do you think?

  • 60. numbaonehater
    April 27th, 2007 at 5:40 pm

    I really liked the video you made to answer questions and update on what’s going on. Can you do that now so that we can all understand the gravity of your situation?

  • Sorry to see you in such a predicament. Hope you don’t think you are near the bottom because you still got a long ways to go before you really hit bottom. (You probably don’t understand what I’m talking about.) Forget Suzy Orman and Robert Kiyosaki. My suggestion is to ask someone you know who you think is a successful tightwad what they would do if they were in your shoes. Preferably, this person should knows you and your habits. Good luck.

  • Hey Casey -

    Too bad about the car…but that reminded me of your speeding ticket. Have you been to traffic school/court yet?

    And, when you filed your extension for taxes, did you calculate you estimated payment/refund?

    You really should get a job…you will feel SO MUCH better after working for even a week. Sounds strange, I know, but its true. Won’t it feel good to accomplish something? Was sorta hoping you’d shock me (and the world) and announce you had a week of work under your belt since you took the last week off from blogging. Am I a sucker, or what?!?!?!

    Rock On, little man!

  • 63. chitownplmbrbob
    April 27th, 2007 at 5:59 pm

    Casey, do yourself a solid and read this book tonite. You will get more out of reading this than you did from any of your big dollar seminars. I promise you this! Here it is in its entirety; and completely free. I know, I know, sweet deal.



  • There there Casey - your problems are nothing that a good long afternoon nap won’t take care of.

    Leave the working and worries to others.

    There there…

  • I am almost starting to feel sorry for you, Casey. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • 66. Where is Timeline Guy?
    April 27th, 2007 at 5:59 pm

    We need a Timeline Guy™ update

    You shoulda paid your insurance with the money you got for the monkey dance and not Cashcall

    I give you credit for holding on to the “good things are coming” gig. Put that as a PS on your “will blog for food” sign

  • One more thing: if you don’t get a job, you’re going to be divorced soon.

  • I thought about getting a sub for my car, but when I added up the cost of the sub, enclosure, amp, wiring and installation, it was just gonna cost too much. I could do it myself and save some bucks, but it still was more than I wanted to spend.

    Casey, you’ve been living in a dreamland of unrealistic expectations for too long. I think most of America has been as well, and you’re just in that extreme end of the bell curve.

    You’re addicted to your belief in how life “should be”. You are gonna have to hit rock bottom before you think otherwise.

    April 27th, 2007 at 6:24 pm

    Mr. Serin,

    Thank you for your recent payment of:
    1car stereo
    2bumpin subs
    Your original loan amount was 10,000
    Your new balance is 12,978.

    Cashcall collections

    April 27th, 2007 at 6:29 pm

    this whole this has to be drama for this blog…I don’t believe a word of the latest posts

  • 71. Dick Dragon
    April 27th, 2007 at 6:29 pm

    Having had a former car broken into twice, and then stolen, I can say from experience that having your car broken into sucks. I do have sympathy for you in regards to that.

    As for for the last foreclosure, I have ZERO sympathy. This is a mess you made. Enjoy.

    Also, I wouldn’t be too complacent about the Utah property. Don’t forget there’s a missing payment. I highly doubt the bank has forgotten that payment. And, I also don’t think the original mortgage company will be too happy about that wrap sale.

    In the space of a couple of days, you’ve lost your last property, had your car broken into, and are being evicted. That is one huge s*** sandwich from the lunch counter of life.

    Get a job, save, save, save. I wish you would have listened to some of this advice back in September when I first started watching this mess. You might have actually avoided this end.

  • Casey, plz don’t think I’m a Hater. Casey, Get on the phone and call a temp agency. You might just be able to be working somewhere, ANYWHERE, tomorrow. Sell everything you rightly own. Scramble like hell and pay as much rent as you can, then beg for more time on whats left. I would be willing to bet, IF YOU HAD A PLAN, family wont let you sleep in the gutter. I’m betting Y is just finished with you making no progress.

    Casey, you are young, and if you do things right NOW, it will all be behind you someday. I was dumber than a box of rocks at 24 too, but one morning I looked in the mirror and told the guy looking back at me that it was time to grow up….you should try it.

  • http://www.myebid.com/cgi-bin/.....ingID=3911

  • Casey, I’ve been in a similar screwed position. just landed a great job with 10k-15k monthly potential
    email me and I will send you some info
    take care of the marriage my friend


  • Looking back, my favorite moment was when we found out that Casey did not even have a sreadsheet with all of his obligations listed.

    I suppose is necessary for a bankruptcy filing — but how do you run a household without some sort of balance sheet — let alone a interstate real estate empire?

  • 76. HermosaBeachRunner
    April 27th, 2007 at 6:43 pm

    Dude, you knew this day was coming right? You know how much rent you have to pay each month right? You know how much money you have coming in $0…right? So you knew you would face eviction from non payment of rent…right? So what was your plan to deal with this 100% predictable outcome?

    That pile of festering stinking s*** that just buried you…it’s called reality. Welcome to the real world.

  • And so I arrived at my final destination. No houses, no car that I could drive, debtors calling constantly, mail piling up unopened and unanswered. It had been a tough seven months of sweat, scheming and work, and there was nothing left but the clothes on my back and my murse.
    What was the great meaning of all I had gone through, and what had I learned? Had I misread RK’s advice, or misunderstood what the gurus were telling me? Or were the gods punishing Casey for thinking big, twisting the knife in my a* just because I wanted the sweet easy life like everyone else. No more Grille or Jamba juice; no more retirement now at 35; a lot of cold shoulder and hot breath from G; friends demanding repayment of loans I can’t possibly pay; angry parents; no RE left.
    What was I thinking?

  • 78. HermosaBeachRunner
    April 27th, 2007 at 6:45 pm

    BTW, I hear the market is hot in Seattle right now. PErhaps you could do a quick flip to get back on track.

  • 79. I hate to say it but,
    April 27th, 2007 at 6:48 pm

    Where’s all your gurus now Casey?

    A few years from now you will have learned to hate those scam-artists.

  • 80. Pumpkin head
    April 27th, 2007 at 6:49 pm

    What’s the final score?
    aka, what do you owe to everyone? What’s the rates? Can you update your spreadsheet?

    Now that the properties aren’t in your name anymore, what do you owe on them?

  • 81. Doubting Thomas
    April 27th, 2007 at 6:53 pm

    Anyone who doesn’t think this kid is going to come out of this smelling like a rose is crazy. As long as you fail big enough, loud enough, and public enough, you’re going to be embraced as a hero.

    The whole situation is so over-the-top, I still have doubts that it is on the level. I fully expect to see Casey’s “reality” show on the E! network in a few months.

  • uuh yeah I need to get a job to get my life back on track. Man it’s warm today, time to look at zip realty to see if I can put a deal together. maybe get a good mentor to help get my real estate invesments back on track. Yeah, maybe fly up to Salt Lake. uuhhhmm where was I, uuhhh yeah, time for a wheatgrass shot and a non fat soy mocha latte…

  • 83. Loads O Money
    April 27th, 2007 at 6:56 pm

    Hey Casey - I thought you had disappeared.

    You say all the stuff about the future, and your getting deep into it. One day man, your bird is going to just leave - she must be thinking what the beejeebees has she got into here ?

    I bet if you asked her would she do this again if she knew what she was getting into - she would say no way Jose.

    Loads O Money

  • Casey you can buy 4k worth of stock(which is down 60%, another failure which you fail to mention), but you cannot pay rent. God damn man what is wrong with you, please seek help I beg of you. This isn’t even funny anymore you got serious mental issues. Your like the guy who they show living in a trailer park who rather live broke and miserable then get a job and make his life better. Please Casey seek help!!!

  • Casey,

    You posted on my site once, and I figured I should return the favor. You do have a very interesting (and stressful, I’m sure) life at the moment.

    If you seriously have a job lead…take it. It sounds like lots of people have been telling you this already, and I think you’ll realize that is your best option to start making some money. You can still run this site while you work a normal job.

    Looks like you may be joining me in the “i have no place to live” club very soon. I’ll be moving into my office (though I have some creative solutions lined to to make sure I don’t break any zoning regs) in a little over a month. My house is in the process of trying to short sell.

    Stay sane. You screwed up. Everyone does, but every day is a new one and you can completely change your ways, if you have the desire.


    debtkid www.debtkid.com

  • 86. Army Recruiter
    April 27th, 2007 at 7:06 pm

    Come see me. …soon.

  • I found your site on www.portalofevil.com.
    This site is not that evil. Pathetic and sad, but not evil.
    It sucks to be in debt, I should know. You need to get some professional advice.

    The prime directive sucks.

  • There has been enough good and bad said so I will only add that you are lucky that you only need provide for yourself. I went thru it with kids ( not complaining just putting into perspective). Lose the can’t do attitude, the frivolus(spelling) spending and try impressing some people. It is easy when everybody underestimates you. Now go out there and get them GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

  • First is to get a job any job will do.You can always quit and get the better job if (when) it comes along.Then file BK.The judge will be likely to help you if you have some kind of job.Rebuild your life, you do have skills but you have to start from the bottom.There is hope please just dont buy anything .Let life take its own course for a few years. Learn from all of this and you will be fine.DONT BE STUBBORN!!!

  • 90. girly rizer
    April 27th, 2007 at 7:26 pm

    Dang yo. Nothing left now but to delcare BK and start over. This time around with a job and an income. If you try anything else you deserve all the lousy stuff that comes your way. And it will be coming your way thanks to karma. If you believe in God like you claim you DO realize that your lifestyle is incompatible with good? That specualtion and gambling and sloth are considered “evil” by most religions only because they ultimately ruin you.

    With the six foreclosures on your record declaring BK is actually going to improve your situation. You’ve already turned your credit report into a pool of red ink. The unsecured debts will hang around your neck and choke off any future hope.

    You have no money, no job so wipe it all clean and start acting like an adult instead of a fucktarded teenager. You’re only hurting yourself if you do otherwise.

  • 91. Made money off Casey
    April 27th, 2007 at 7:27 pm

    Well as your story goes downhill let me cheer you up a little bit. After starting to read your blog a few months ago I started to relay many of the details to my writing partner of a 24 year old wanna be real estate mogul and he has just sold the script based on your mess for 1.2 Million.

    See Casey, there was money to be made in this afterall. Thanks for the inspiration and my 40% cut.

  • 92. SubPrime Nation
    April 27th, 2007 at 7:39 pm

    Well, have you learned anything from all of this?

    If you have, you could have saved yourself some hard
    leasons by actually LISTENING to the advice so many
    gave you.

    But some people have to learn their lessons the hard way.

    Like the people who are currently paying 3-bucks-plus for gasoline to dump into their huge SUV’S/trucks.

    They should have learned the leasons that were learned by people with huge Buick Electras and Olds ’98s in the early ’70s

    But they did not.

    And the whole country should have learned the lessons of Vietnam.

    But here we are, in “Vietnam II: The Sequel”

    I find it so ironic that people jumped all over France for not wanting to get involved in Iraq, totally forgetting that France was getting OUT of Vietnam when we were going IN.

    But getting back to your situation; at least you have finally realized that the $5,000.00 per month “passive” (i.e. no work required) income is/ was not realistic.

    Now it becomes a matter of survival.

    Get off your a** , get employed, get expert advise from an attorney (and FOLLOW IT) as to your liabilities, and move on.

    Shut down this blog.

    Your 15 minutes of fame is over.

    Have a good life.

    I’m outahere.

  • Casey, what you MUST do now is to sell the car and pick up a used camper van. That way at least you will have a place to sleep if you should soon become homeless. You may qualify for programs to eventually get you into an apt. if you start the process now. Good luck to you.

  • Yep, it’s all been fun and games until now. Sweet deals, murses, and wheatgrass. Time for a dose of cold, hard reality. Seriously, if I were you I would definitely sell all my possessions and move back to Uzbekistan. Otherwise, your life is going to suck pretty hard for the next decade or so.

  • Casey:

    Now that all the homes are gone you can answer some questions.

    1. Why did you try and clean the pool (hard work is for loosers)?
    2. How much did you get for the Blue Ball.
    3. Can we buy stock in your Corporation?
    4. What happened to Tim from MBA?
    5. When are you going to file BK?
    6. Would you work at Jamba Juice for free drinks?
    7. Are you still a partial vegan?
    8. How mught did you tithe last year?

    Good Luck,

    P.S. Are you going to change the name of the BLOG?

  • Casey,

    It’s finally over. Get over it; it’s not the end of the world. You just need to get your life back together and hopefully you have learned something from all of this. Maybe now you will be able to focus on getting a job and getting on with your life.

    What will become of your website? Are you going to keep it?

    You’re going to have to change the name of the site though. Maybe, “ihavefacedforeclosure.com” or “nomorehouses.com.”

    Good Luck

  • 97. Astro Zombie
    April 27th, 2007 at 8:15 pm

    Casey - congratulations on coming to reality and getting a job. I would recommend getting a second job temporarily as well. Deliver pizza in the Jetta and you can get daily income from tips until the steady income roles in.

    I really think you would be a good salesperson. Perhaps you should be a leasing agent at an apartment complex or sell cars. You could keep up with RE and get back in a year from now once you have some built up money.

  • Dude, can you find a job that pays you to blog? You seem to have developed a pseudo career doing it already. Why not invest more time by selling ad space on your blog, Or google adsense, or whatever?

    The real estate doldrums are throwing you for a loop. Nix them and get into something that brings in cold cold cash. Remember the timeless words of The Notorious B.I.G. “GET MONEY”

  • hmm, at last, mighty Casey has struck out…

    Casey, there are plenty of other cases like yours where overenthusiastic participants of ‘RE guru seminars’ get fired up and lose a lot of money — you’re not unique. There’s a reason we have been posting John T. Reed links all over your blog.

    You have definitely shown poor business judgement and the inability to realistically spreadsheet costs and ‘what if’scenarios, such as’what if real estate doesn’t go up every year by 10% — forever?’ and the ability to spot RE hustlers with unrealistic projections and stories.

    Here’s an article from an Australian paper called ‘The Get Rich Quick Trick’:

    “A former professor of educational psychology at Avondale College, Dr Lyn Gow, who attended Born Rich in January, says McDonald destabilised her and others until they felt they were drowning, and then threw them the only rope.

    Gow was enthusiastic about the initial Born Rich course after she completed it. Her family has paid $47,000 in course fees in less than a year. But she soon crashed into disillusionment after mortgaging her house, losing her shareholdings and watching her family’s health and relationships deteriorate.

    Smith got most of his money back. He says he receives about one letter each week from unhappy Born Rich graduates. Most of them do not wish their stories to be publicised and do not maintain contact. “

  • 100. TNT from the Bay Area
    April 27th, 2007 at 8:27 pm

    Ouch! A car broken into is definately no fun. Hater or not, anyone should be able to sympathize with that.

    Dude, you’re a white boy. How do you not know that your path can easily be paved in gold?

    Get out there and hustle. Work it. Move to a town with many other minorities and see for yourself how EASILY you’ll be offered jobs. hey this may be racists, and know this that I’m not white, but I speak in reality.

    Afterall, you’ve got the complexion connection.

    -signed, a black boy that’ll never commisserate with a sorry a** white boy when all he has to do is wake up and look around. The slightest work you have to do to easily move up the ladder. We’re the ones that have to work 2x as hard and 2x as long just to be on par!!!

  • Casey…I am not a hater. I’ve spent the past week reading this blog (just found out about it), and was absolutely dumbfounded by the whole thing. Unbelievable.

    Dude…I know you won’t listen to this, but there are people out there in a lot worse situation that are actually taking action to get out of their mess. Take Joel Maxwell http://www.joelmaxwell.com This guy through some very stupid decisions racked up over $550k in debt. However, he decided that he was going to repay every dirty penny he owed. He has been on a 16 month journey so far and has managed to pay down $208k of this so far. When he started, he made less than $50k. But, he’s worked his tail off. He’s worked multiple jobs without days off. He’s gone active duty in the military and spent time in Afghanistan. And he hasn’t taken shortcuts. A lot of months, he’s only paid some of his creditors $15. But he pays them something every single month. He still owes $350k+, but I have no doubt he will do it. He has the character that assures this.

    It’s time for you to take some personal responsibility. Give up (for now at least) this dream you have of making it rich in real estate. Now is the time for you to do whatever jobs you can find. Build some character back. And when you do, and can wake up each day with a sense of purpose…and go to bed each night with a sense of accomplishment, maybe then you can entertain starting small in real estate. But man, you don’t have money issues. You have character issues. If you somehow made a $1,000,000 deal tomorrow, you would end up blowing it. It’s the reason most lottery winners eventually end up bankrupt. You need to build your character. And you need to do it in ways you would never have dreamed of doing it. You need to take jobs that are beneath you. You need to be humble. You need to be real.

    Good luck man….I’m glad you are blogging again. I was disappointed to finally get caught up only to find that you were “gone”.

  • 103. James_Marks
    April 27th, 2007 at 8:37 pm


    It’s all good. Really. It’s all good.

    Haterz can’t focus on the positive aspects of your situation. 1) You no longer have any property to worry about. You are debt free, no matter what they say. 2) You bought your properties in a perfect way - as far as every State DA is concerned, you didn’t scam anyone, you merely were a guy with no luck. And authorities are pretty incompetent, so it’s quite possible that in a couple of years, everything will be off your record.

    Here’s what you should do. Stop listening to those useless gurus, and start acting based on gut instinct. You have it - you know it. You don’t need a guy who never made it to the top helping you decide what to buy or what not to buy (Nigel the Traitor included). Remember the little dilapidated house you made $250 on for an hour of work? THAT’S the kind of gut feeling I’m talking about. You are a great entertainer, you are very good with words, you have lots of experience. Now that you are debt-free, you are in the best position you have ever been for earning lots of money - fast.

  • Nice radio and woolfer. Thanks to the others for posting your address so I could pick that up.

  • Hey Casey,

    I think you said it yourself:

    “… but nothing is certain right now …”

    A job makes life “certain”. It might not get you anywhere fast, but at least you won’t be going fast into the negative…

  • Hey Casey,
    I am sorry to hear about your car, thats totally uncalled for, especially if this person was aware of your situation.
    If for some reason you need a roof over your head let me know, If it comes to this I will personally pay for you to stay in a motel for at least a week or two.

    You have made mistakes, but I dont think anyone deserves to be left out on the street.

    Take Care…

  • Casey

    Man, I feel sorry for you, especially the car:) You need to stop looking around for the best and “sweet” deals and you need to act now. You can pick up job as quickly as today, programming. Earlier when you started blogging I have asked you if you want to do some programming for me. Well since you were not interested some other programmer made some 2K + some cash here and there.

    Start programming again, I know php is pain, but this is only choice you have so far. Pick up 25% up-front to have some money, talk to your landlord and get your life moving. Go to Elance.com post your profile as programmer and start proposing bids.

    I never understood one thing. Programmers that I meet (not all of them, of course) have the skills to make money online. And they do not! On the other hand I make 6 high digits each year from my websites and I do not even know programming at all! and that is my second job after I come home from work.

    If I can do it, you can too:)

  • Casey,

    Get some counseling. Give the entrepreneurship thing a 6-month rest & sort out the rest of your life. You have a long life ahead of you, and what’s done is done. You’ll probably be best off in the long run if you file for bankruptcy; it will remove a huge stress from your life & allow you to refocus.

    Hoping for the best.

  • I’ve popped in to read the saga the odd time, over many months. Just a bemused observer. I invest mostly in the stock market, but have dabbled in real estate and stumbled upon you accidently. The first time I checked it out I thought “F**k the kids has cahones”.

    Last weekend, while my spouse is out with the children, I am starting dinner for a neighborhood get together … I get a knock on the door. It is a guy that used to deliver us pizza back in the day - always outgoing and friendly, with a bit of a hustler vibe. He had dreams of starting a car service, he bought a few vehicles and put a “team” together. We used his car service a few times, nicer than a cab and cheaper.

    Well things went to heck, a few accidents, cashflow not what he thought, child support to pay, but he wouldn’t give it up. 120 K in debt.

    I fed him, gave him a pale ale, a 100 bucks and ride to the homeless shelter.

    While we drove, we talked, his heart was in the right place, but he couldn’t let go of the dream. He said he would pay every penny back, that he would turn it around, he just needed enough money to get one van back …. I offered to hook him up with an job, he wasn’t interested.

    I dropped him at the shelter …. no doubt he will back looking for more cash and I will have to say no.

    Don’t be him dude.

    Wishing you well.

  • Why was my comment held back for moderation when I was already logged in?
    I haven’t abused the priveledge.
    I am perplexed.
    I don’t think I like that very much.

  • Sounds great, Casey!

  • 112. Nadia Belemi
    April 27th, 2007 at 9:34 pm

    Sorry about the break in. It would have been nice if at least they didn’t break the window, but I guess nice didn’t enter their thinking.

    I’m somewhat confused as I thought you said your rent was $450 a month when you got the extra room for your office. I just tried finding the post in the archives, but was unable to do so.

    I don’t remember when someone said something about being so fascinated watching the tsunami coming to shore you don’t notice you’re about to be drowned.

    I hope this is your “bottom”. I fear it isn’t. Casey, it’s NOT all good.

    ASW: mogul

  • I’m sorry Casey. I hope you can somehow get out of this whole mess. Anything is possible.

    ASW: loose

  • Listen to #67.

    Being homeless sucks.

    An ounce of prevention saves a pound of cure.

    A stitch in time saves nine.

    Good luck to you. America is filled with opportunity. There is no shame in starting small and then working your way up.

  • How about another beg-a-thon?

  • Need a place to say?

    Turn yourself in to the FBI.

    They’ll give you a place to spend the next 15 to 20 years of your life.

  • Bankruptcy might not be possible as the recent law changes are really nasty.

    From my blog,

    “If your income is at or above the median income for your state, you are assumed to be defrauding your creditors and thus are not allowed to file bankruptcy. No, I am not making this up.”


  • Why is this blog still up?

    Become a man, and do what a man would do.
    Then again, you can post this, along with all the other crap, and live in your little fantasy world that you’ll make something of it.

    You rolled the dice and lost. You have nothing else to offer, so get the cojones to admit you are a loser.

    Not a small time loser, but a raging, spread all over the internet type of loser. When you accept that, you have a chance for rebuilding your life.

  • I cannot believe the level of denial and niavete’ as I read this. You want some constructive criticisms but you haven’t heeded any of the good words people have sent your way: GET A JOB. CUT YOUR LOSSES. ACCEPT YOUR LIMITATIONS ( and accept you are not a real estate guru ) You have laptops and a digital cam? SELL THEM. Luxury items do you no good if you can’t pay rent. Sell them and pay you S-I-L what you owe her and promise her you are getting a job and FOLLOW THROUGH. Cut back and the ridiculous frivolous crap you keep buying. Organic foods are expensive cut that crap too.
    There’s an old saying I am sure you’ve heard: There’s no free lunch. There’s no fortune just around the corner Casey unless you work your @ss of for it which you haven’t done. GeeZ, kid, you can’t even be bothered to open your mail.
    The best advice i can give you–and it’s been reiterated to death PLEASE LISTEN–FACE REALITY.
    You are not too good to work. You are not too good to eat Ramen Noodles.

  • Hey Kid;

    “What’s next? Good question… ”

    Jamba Juice, kid, what else? Fill out the application to work there.

    Cuz it’s gonna get worse, little Hobbit. MUCH worse.

    This isn’t the Beginning of the End, it’s the End of the Beginning, see?

    You DO have the distinction of being the only guy I have ever heard of who went from owning 6 homes to homelessness inside of a year.

    Remember that homeless dude at one of “your” properties?

    That musta been some kinda time warp you were in…that was YOU, ace investor.

    Whatever you do, don’t hock yer blue ball…that way the NEXT Casey from the NEXT parallel universe will recognize himself when HE meets YOU at “His” property.

    asw: Blueball

  • What’s next?


  • Things always look bad before they get even worse.

  • “Countrywide) refused to give the buyer a small extension to close. They had a solid offer for $300,000 on the table!”
    You have said this before Casey.

    Every loser in town just needs a small extension to make the deal work. Countrywide would be an idiot to give you an extension; you haven’t paid in 8 months, an extension would make no difference. If you could have closed the deal you would have.

    I guess you now believe it is Countrywide’s fault that you didn’t pay you debt.

  • Oh. hobbit-o’-mine;

    Whatever MIGHT be next, there WILL be taxes to be paid.

    Don’t ever forget that you owe taxes, snookums.

    Too bad you had no Withholdings, so my bros at IRS will take the chunk out of you in one big bite.

    ASW: manbag

    (of which you will be soon loosing both)

  • 125. Arthur Wankspittle
    April 27th, 2007 at 11:22 pm

    There’s not much I can say that’s not been said already. I’m sorry to hear about the car, that’s like the last thing you need to happen now. File the report with the police though, even if there is no insurance claim possible.

  • Casey:

    I am a newcomer to your blog, but from what I just read, this can only mean one thing:


    Just do it, and quit the self-flagellation already. You’re accomplishing nothing other than projecting major delusion — hate to say.

    Bankruptcy means that you are ready to accept that you gambled and lost. S*** happens.

  • Looks like a small-fish criminal took a nip out of a larger-fish criminal here. You can’t complain about crime when you are a criminal yourself. So far they have taken $500 out of you while you have taken $300K or so out of others.

  • Bummer about Olde Vdubs being broken into. Unfortunately, any visible aftermarket audio equipment inside the car pretty much makes it a matter of time until your car is broken into. Hell, most criminals out there will not hesitate to cause $1000+ in damage just to get some loose change in the center console.

    Your top priority now should be to secure a place to live in (somehow, I doubt you can get the necessary amount to Y in time) and to keep your marriage intact (the fact that she hasn’t dumped you a year ago speaks volumes about G’s commitment to ya).

  • 129. Bubba Smith
    April 28th, 2007 at 1:13 am

    Earlier, I mentioned that maybe you’re now *able* to take good advice when it’s offered. You (hopefully) see the bleakness of your situation.

    The question is now: What are you going to do about it?

    You know what you need (money, and a good chunk of it); how are you going to legally get it?

    A couple of unsolicited items:
    Sell the laptop (you can blog at the library.)
    Dump the PDA.
    Get the cheapest cell phone plan you can get (you don’t *NEED* all the nifty 3G features.)
    Get *ONE* cell phone.
    Find a job along one of the easy bus routes from your home.
    www.monster.com - check it out.
    DO NOT DRIVE WITHOUT INSURANCE!!!!! ‘Specially with a broken window.
    Don’t replace the stereo until you have a steady income.
    Talk to your religious leader about your living options.
    Look for that Ramen Cookbook at the Library; borrow it and then return it–It’s FREE! Repeat as necessary.

    Do I really think you’ll take any of these suggestions? No.

  • 130. CadorBolin
    April 28th, 2007 at 1:16 am

    Casey’s Last Stand.

    I’m kind of on the fence regarding if I qualify as a ‘hater’ or not. I know for certain that I hate the whole concept of house flipping and speculation–such activities cause much more harm than good.

    That is terrible that your car was broken into. What terrible misfortune, I know the feeling having your personal possessions getting stolen like that.

    I kind of knew that you wouldn’t be able to clean that pool, that looks like a huge undertaking. It’s easy for others who have experience in these matters to just tell you “just get a pump and a couple of chlorine tablets and poof! the problem is gone”–easier said than done.

  • I wanted to add something to a something I posted earlier (if my prior or current post makes it through moderation). I referenced giving to a charity if you wanted to part with your money so readily. Casey and anyone on this blog spends time worrying about Casey should google a video called Invisible Children. The young children of America are taking the children and war of Uganda on as a project. Watch this film Casey - you have no idea how bad it can be, how wretched and hopeless life can be. Be part of something larger then yourself - you=foreclosures , them=no home at all , you=no stereo , them = no food , you= having to live with inlaws, them=no parents because they died of aids. Watch this video Casey and if it hurts your heart there may actually be hope for you. Our children trying to save children - now that is something to really care about. It’s a hot item on MySpace - how amazing is that?????

  • 132. sisb (sean)
    April 28th, 2007 at 3:10 am

    Casey: what in god’s name have you been doing in the last week? What have you been doing with your time? Obviously you aren’t spending your time wisely.

    You have no choice but to get a job. ANY job.

  • 133. sisb (sean)
    April 28th, 2007 at 3:16 am

    Casey: I do feel badly about your day today and at this point your back is against the wall.

    I will paypal you $20. Hell, you can use it for Macaroni Grill if you’d like. Might as well have one last harrah before you are forced to knuckle down and work like the rest of us.

    I am very serious about my offer. No strings attached. Just email me at […] and I will pay pal you $20.

    Consider it my contribution for the several months I have enjoyed this blog.

  • 134. Grotto-Dwelling Immortal
    April 28th, 2007 at 3:27 am

    I think it is the time for a bit of wisdom. Ponder this poem carefully…perhaps you are ready for it to touch you now.


    By SU TUNG P’O (1036-1101 AD, CHINA)

    The weaker the wine,
    The easier it is to drink two cups.
    The thinner the robe,
    The easier it is to wear it double.
    Ugliness and beauty are opposites,
    But when you’re drunk, one is as good as the other.
    Ugly wives and quarrelsome concubines,
    The older they grow, the more they’re alike.
    Live unknown if you would realize your end.
    Follow the advice of your common sense.
    Avoid the Imperial Audience
    Chamber, the Eastern Flowery Hall.
    The dust of the times and the wind of the Northern Pass.

    One hundred years is a long time,
    But at last it comes to an end.
    Meanwhile it is no greater accomplishment
    To be a rich corpse or a poor one.
    Jewels of jade and pearl are put in the mouths
    Of the illustrious dead
    To conserve their bodies.
    They do them no good, but after a thousand years,
    They feed the robbers of their tombs.
    As for literature, it is its own reward.
    Fortunately fools pay little attention to it.
    A chance for graft
    Makes them blush with joy.
    Good men are their own worst enemies.
    Wine is the best reward of merit.
    In all the world, good and evil,
    Joy and sorrow, are in fact
    Only aspects of the Void.

  • When investing, you need to take into consideration that you can loose. I love the way real estate is (was) looked upon as a risk-free investment.

    Even if you loose your damned car, you can still keep afloat. But you obviously are of the type of person who thinks that quality of life comes with things you can buy.

    I don’t feel sorry for you. It’s people like you who are in the forefront of driving the bubble called civilisation.

  • Most people don’t know how onerous the new bankruptcy laws are. Walking away from a foreclosed home is often no longer possible. The court will force repayment plans now.

    And that’s if you just owned one home and were living in it. If you owned multiple homes and they all got foreclosed, the chances you can walk away from the debt with a bk are slim and none.

  • bankruptcy…. its calling your name my friend

  • In your photos you seem to have alot of luxury items. Why don’t you part with them? Things like your laptop for instance. There’s no reason why you couldn’t sell that and keep track of your online correspondence from a public library for example. This could provide some rent money and save you some money month to month with internet costs. But honestly, I think your absolute best bet at this very moment is to become employed, immediately, then set out to file bankruptcy. You really need to face reality that making someone’s sandwich, while demeaning and not very rewarding, will bring in MONEY which you claim to need badly.

    Also, if I were you, and my career had ended up in such disaster and failure, I would abandon it and try something else permanently, before you make things even worse than they are now.

  • 139. miltons-ghost
    April 28th, 2007 at 5:59 am


    People have been advising you to get a job for 6+ months now. If you took one 6 months ago you wouldn’t be in this situation now.

    So stop with the “good opportunities” and just get a job, the first thing anybody offers you which will pay regular money.

    And when you get paid, give it _all_ to Yulia. You can’t be trusted with money. If you want to buy anything, you have to ask Yulia first.

  • Poor, poor Casey.

  • Hell, most criminals out there will not hesitate to cause $1000+ in damage just to get some loose change in the center console.

    Yeah, good point. Crime sucks, whether it’s white-collar crime (mortgage fraud) or some punk busting out a window to rip off a cheap stereo. Casey’s just a larger, magnifed version of a punk who breaks into cars, only doesn’t realize it. How is this?

    Just like how some punk will do thousands of $ in damage to steal a cheap stereo, real estate “investors” will cause billions of $ in damages to others in their attempts to extract thousands of that “sweet” equity for themselves. If the search for a “bag holder” to catch the hot potato fails, they’ll leave the lender holding the bag, when the best-laid plans of mice and men fail in a quite predictable manner. It’s not like Robert Kiyosaki warned his followers to bail their properties back in 2005, and I see some “greater fools” are STILL buying after then.

    Fortunately, the lender generally pays for “insurance” from loan defaults, so is hedged against this kind of loss from mortgage fraud. Unfortunately, Casey didn’t keep his car insurance current, so now is screwed on that one, going it alone.

    Much like the Modesto cess-pool incident (designed to show Casey’s utter inability to research options, make a plan, then actually carry it out: sorry, but putting a stick in the water doesn’t qualify as carrying out any WORK to fix the problem), thanks for the public acknowledgement that karma IS coming back to extract an ounce of justice in a microcosmic fashion. I fear this is just the opening act for you, too….

  • The Shadow economy is now Casey’s only hope. Anything legit is totally hosed by his horrible credit and his easily Googled criminal CV! However, even the shadow economy has rules, even if unwritten, and require one thing above all others: You gotta keep your mouth shut. And in the long, long list of things that Casey is not capable of doing, keeping quiet is #1 among them, with a bullet. The second most important thing is trust on a micro-personal scale. Otherwise no one lets you know the sweet deal others have cooking, or will advertise your own schtick to potential customers for you.

    As to the idea someone shared of “…just landed a great job with 10k-15k monthly potential
    email me and I will send you some info…” this is EXACTLY what you must run from the rest of your life. Such deals are invariably shady and bogus, and even ATTEMPTING them takes effort.

    Someone said “the mere fact that you’ve got a number of “haters” is evidence that you are able to affect people emotionally.” I completely disagree. Acrid, burning, poisonous smoke in the lungs from a burning fire also will affect people emotionally, but that doesn’t mean they will pay to experience it. They may react to it, but supporting it financially is something else altogether.

    Oh, and most assume you either broke your own window for sympathy (39%) or Cash Call did it (37%). If you do owe the original owner any money (not just for car, but perhaps for sweet stereo or wheels or other personal debt…) isn’t it possible that they just decided to ’self-help’ to satisfy part of that debt? It’s kind of a pisser when you have ticked off so many people in so many places in so many ways that you can’t even get a good idea of where the crap in your life is coming from, huh?

    Someone suggested: “…get a job in tech, which you seem to be good at….” but is that true? I mean on the facts, not on what Casey dreams in his head? He worked as a ‘web designer’ for a long time, and yet, he did not catch on to big bucks. Those who looked at his work said it had security flaws and was sloppy (shocking, eh?) So, I don’t think ‘tech’ is in Casey’s future given the hungry, driven, fun, motivated, knowledgeable young turks he will be competing against. Let’s face it, he had his shot there, and blew it.

    Suggestions continued with: “…consider something in marketing or writing…” but again, he has exhibited NONE of the essential characteristics needed in those pursuits, either. Casey does not have Vision, instead he has unstructured hopes of being wealthy, with no effort. He has not got Artistic temperament, and he has no taste, as evidenced by his few actual rehab attempts. He does not have a driving need to communicate important ideas — even though it would be easy to believe he does from his blog. But the purpose of the blog is attention whoring, plain and simple. What he does have is a huge ego, and no sense of embarrassment. The only thing I can think where that particular combo is of use is in entertainment, and here, Casey is already moderately successful as measured by volume and interest. But it is not convertible to a money stream, and once he has had his moment before the crowd to pack the aircraft directly into the ground, no one will care anymore. Anyone know what criminals Dennis Radar or Jeff Skilling or Mark Hoffman are up to today? Me neither. Want to buy anything from them? Me neither. Care if they obtain some unreasonable dream they might have of future wealth from passive income? Same answer, eh?

    Casey, I see your possible futures. It’s either dishearteningly bleak because you didn’t change, or it’s anonymous because you did. But either way, your days in the spotlight are nearly over, so no need for you to get those highlights touched up, pool boi.

    Proof positive that you jumped the shark? The one thing you had going for you, “iamfacingforeclosure.com”, is now finally as inaccurate and out of step with reality as you have always been personally. “iamfacingprison” is more like it now.

    One poster recently hit the nail directly on the head: “You don’t have money issues. You have character issues.”

    Another poster tried fruitlessly to get Casey’s attention one last time: “Remember that homeless dude at one of “your” properties?…that was YOU…” Well, close, but not quite. That guy’s car was pretty nice, and even had functional windows. Plus, that guy seemed willing to work to earn his keep. And he did not try to keep the house he did not own. So, that homeless guy was better than Casey in all known dimensions.

  • Casey,

    I have enjoyed reading your blog, even when you did not post and and did not allow posts, I found myself checking your blog everyday!

    Your adventure into realestate investing was very interesting. I have owned rentals in the past, it made me feel like a player until the rent did not get paid and the tenents started to ruin the rentals. It was the early 1980’s and inflation was high, interest rate were high and unemployment was high. I had a family and could not afford to wait out the environment.

    My point is, I came to the realization that I was not a player, not that I could’nt be one in the future. That was not the right time.

    When you stare into the abyiss and see yourself , that is when you begin again.

    Good luck

  • Casey-

    Glad to see you blogging again. It is good that you took a break. I am very sorry your car was broken into. But I truly believe you will make a comeback. I am not sure what your plans are now, but don’t be defeated. Think about your “Family” now and focus on getting your home front in order. Once you have a secured place to live things will fall into place! Don’t work on your circumstances but redirect your energy to postive things and positive people

    Meditate on Goodness….

  • When I am pressed on every side by Troubles,I am not Crushed or Broken.When I am Perplexed because I don’t know why things happen as they do,I don’t give up and quit!

    2 Corinthians 4:8 (TLB)

  • 146. The Endgame Is Afoot
    April 28th, 2007 at 6:58 am

    @119 john galt
    Isn’t there a way to charge, say, $1 month to read this blog? How many readers do you have– 1,000, maybe 5,000? I would be happy to pay it. The story of you slowly climbing back will be a long and interesting one.

    Cool idea! I bet as many as 15 or 20 people would sign up for the $1/month plan!

    Big money!

  • 147. The Endgame Is Afoot
    April 28th, 2007 at 7:02 am

    Casey - where did the CD copying money (that was intended to pay rent) go?

    You blew it on an anniversary vacation with G, didn’t you?

    No wonder Y is PO’d.

    But, hey, it’s all good!

  • 148. Ontario Observer
    April 28th, 2007 at 7:12 am

    Whenever I hear Casey Serin, one word association that comes to mind is…Jamba Juice. Maybe you can score doing their commercials?

  • Casey -

    I have followed your saga for the past 9 months all along hoping you’d at least sell one of the houses. But life isn’t always fair as we Americans learn very early on. I will say that if we were all determined by what we did when we were 22 then the world would be a pretty pathetic place. You will grow from all this and eventually you will succeed. Anyone who could attract this kind of following for something as simple as bad real estate investments has a bright future somewhere in the world.

    Get your sh*^%*&^t together, love your family and friends and put one foot in front of the other. You write the end of your life story, not others.

    Good Luck -

  • That picture of you on the last blog entry was great!!!!

    If I were you I would think about a bath, haircut and a shave. You are looking rough.

    Well, no houses left, so your debt should have gone down somewhat.

    I cant tell you enough how much fun I have had here at this blog, but all “good” things must come to an end. It has been my pleasure poking fun, commenting and giving you advise on all thats going on in your life.


  • My Dearest Casey -

    Many years ago, when anon was a young man, he had a dear friend of great wit and considerable talent in the visual arts. He also had an unshakeable ego and a capacity grandiose thinking which (as near as anon could tell) far exceeded his gifts, considerable though they were. While poor anon would trudge along in his turtle-like way, his friend would laze about in the sun hare-like, and then make up for his inactivity with bursts of energy that generally yielded interesting but not-quite-complete results.

    Anon and his friend drifted apart, and the economy of anon’s country took rather a turn for the worse. Anon struggled along, and after many wrong turns and dreary misadventures he managed to find himself not exactly thriving, but at least having a chance of someday climbing up into the middle classes and enjoying a modicum of financial and emotional security.

    One day - perhaps 15 years had passed - anon came across his old friend. During the period of struggle anon’s friend had struggled as well. Far from mere drudgery, he had suffered bankruptcy, been evicted, “couch surfed” and had endured many other unspeakable humiliations. For a period he had “turned tricks”, as they say, to just get by.

    And then what?

    He hit a home run with internet pornography. Not exactly anon’s cup of tea, but apparently there is a vast market of unsatisfied masturbators out there, and anon’s friend had the vision to get in early and capitalize on it.

    So the hare in fact did just fine. He lives a somewhat odd existence, and seems to consume far too many drugs for his own good, but his is quite successful, at least in the way you seem to want to be - lots of money and all that. On the one hand his debts were never up quite as high as yours, but on the other hand he was actually reduced to the rough-trade behaviour your haterz sometimes kid you about facing.

    Not sure where this is all going, old boy, and this third-person stuff is getting boring, so anon will sign off for now. You do need to face reality, but you’ll only do that in your own way and at your own time, won’t you? Or maybe you won’t, in which case you’ll be crushed. Good luck!

    Yours -


  • Casey,

    Quick question, if you don’t mind:

    Whatever happened to the $1,500 to $3,000 you told CashCall that you were going to make this month?

  • So what’s the monthly burn rate now that all the houses are gone? What’s your net worth now?

    It seems to me that you’d be feeling less pressure now than at the peak of things. Didn’t the amount of collections activity drop since the houses were foreclosed?

    You are living with family. I bet they won’t kick you out on the street. But they can make you miserable, so best to find the money, I guess.

  • 154. Overopinionated
    April 28th, 2007 at 9:10 am

    Did you not say this on March 30th (less than a month ago):

    “Some of you on this blog keep telling me I need to get a job (or two or three)… and that I am lazy… and that I don’t want to work.

    Why do you assume?!

    I am working and I am making money. Not a lot, but enough to get by. Not enough to catchup my defaulted loans but enough for food and rent.”

    Then why haven’t you been paying rent?

  • 155. Hater Club
    April 28th, 2007 at 9:27 am

    You got a lot of people feeling sorry for you Snowflake and again the people have given you a lot of great advice. But I can guarantee. Hell…Just put it up on the wall and engrave it in stone. “CASEY WILL P!$$ EVERYONE OFF AGAIN.”

    As for myself…I don’t feel sorry for you at all. I did have sympathy toward you once and I realized my sympathy was wasted on you. And you will no longer do that to me again. You made your bed and you need to deal with it. How much better would your life have been if you had a steady income for the past year. But you refuse to listen and keep preaching how good things are gonna come…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You shoveling the same BS as your Gurus.

    I for one will be sick to my stomach if anyone wastes another dime on you if you decide to hold Beg-a-thon II. Hey Guys…How about throwing that money to the “Debt Kid.” He will take your dime and stretch it into dollars. While Snowflake will just flush it down the toilet without any gratitude. Still can’t believe you didn’t send in the paperwork to CashCall.

    Ohhhh well…It’s All Good

  • 156. Not Timeline Guy - Thoughts
    April 28th, 2007 at 9:57 am

    Limitations -
    Until you spread your wings, you’ll have no idea how far you can walk

    Incompetence -
    When you earnestly believe you can compensate for a lack of skill by doubling your efforts, there’s no end to what you can’t do.

    Potential -
    Not everyone gets to be an astronaut when they grow up.

    Mistakes -
    It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.

    Stupidity -
    Quitters never win, winners never quit, but those who never win AND never quit are idiots.

    Irresponsibility -
    No single raindrop believes it is to blame for the flood.

  • 157. The Time Is Now
    April 28th, 2007 at 9:59 am

    @#3 LYON

    Im sure you think this is a funny post .. frankly the humor is lost on me. What you are suggesting is disgusting … perhaps its best you try first … let us see how it turns out for you.

    Losers like you should not be allowed to post … simple as that.
    Get a life and dont spread your hate and filth here.

    I am a hater too …. but only of you at this point.

  • 158. Not Timeline Guy - ok more Thoughts
    April 28th, 2007 at 10:00 am

    Delusions -
    There is no greater joy than soaring high on the wings of your dreams, except maybe the joy of watching a dreamer who has nowhere to land but in the ocean of reality.

    Defeat -
    For every winner, there are dozens of losers. Odds are you’re one of them.

  • 159. Ser Casey: Pool Boy
    April 28th, 2007 at 10:03 am

    Why don’t you be a Pool Boy? You did such a wonderful job on that sludge pit, I just know it’s your calling.

  • Hey, did you see where some site is offering to buy the properties if the housing panic readers who want to sell? Too bad this guy didn’t come along sooner perhaps Casey could have sold to him.

    http://www.magicbullets.com/fo.....php?t=7127 is where he talks about his offer and http://reitactics.com/HPers-SellNow-Fast-Easy-Fair is where he makes the offer.

    I hope they unload all their dog houses on him. ROFLMAO!

  • Casey, how do you feel about Nigel taking your Foreclosure Avoiders idea?

  • You need to do your taxes. That is one obligation that can really snowball. You need to get those sent out so that you know what you are facing. If you don’t file, the state will asses whatever they feel that you owe, but that takes a while. But if you are moving around a lot, you don’t want to miss that letter. Maybe you should get a PO Box.

    You do sound like you need to get over your depression. I noticed that the debt kid has managed to get zero interest on almost all of his debts. I think that is a good place to direct your energies. I don’t know why you are both not working. It is a good way to take your mind off of your troubles. You seem to be paralyzed by fear of the future. That is no way to live.

  • Casey, new bubble tip/idea for you:

    Seriously think about joining the military, here’s why.

    If you can tough it out for 4 years at around 30k or so, you can leave after you complete your committment and then join in the military contractor bubble that will NOT pop like the real estate one did.

    In 5 years you could be pulling in a sweet 20-30k a month.

  • Look Reasonable men would have a job, two jobs.
    That’s not our casey.

    So here’s the deal:

    Casey is going to sweettalk yulia into one more month
    extension. He’s going to be speeding to check out
    some sweet deal and either wreck, hurt someone or
    get pulledover. The Cops will check his license, he’s got
    an unpaid speeder, and no insurance, so the VDUB is
    going to be impounded.

    While he’s riding the bus, he will eithe forget his iPhone
    on the bus, or it will be stolen by a low-life, so
    Snowflake will be blogging from a library computer
    hitchhiking and riding the bus. I give this 2 weeks.

    Now if he puts on another dancing monkey show,
    he can get some scratch, but it’s got to increase
    over time,

    He has no interest in porn, lets’ see if that changes.
    I’d be willing to pay just for a detailed list
    of facts on his real estate.
    He’s never discussed what the early properties were
    or his stated income.

  • “Today I lost my last property to foreclosure. The worst part is that BOTH the first and second approved the short sale but the first (Countrywide) refused to give the buyer a small extension to close. They had a solid offer for $300,000 on the table!”


    Casey, you once again pull defeat from the jaws of victory. An extension is a joke, they *must* know of your situation, and they would be fools to give you any more time. As demonstrated by your lack of care to the pool, you’ve left these homes unattended, lowered their property values, and left them in danger of squatters. If a squatter moved in, they could create a court case that could take up to a year to sort out. They’d be idiots to leave these houses in your “care” any longer.

  • 166. early retirement
    April 28th, 2007 at 12:08 pm

    This is so sad.

    The question is not “what will you do next?” but “what will you do today?”. One thing today - just one. Then one tomorrow, and then one the next day, etc. At the end of each day you need to be able to say what one concrete thing you have done to move yourself (and your family) forward out of the mess you’ve gotten yourself (and your family) into.

    If you can’t answer that question *every single day*, then you will not ever succeed. I know that sounds harsh, but it is true. Even though I long ago knew it was inevitable, I’m still sorry to see it come to this point.

  • 167. Michael Anderson
    April 28th, 2007 at 12:09 pm

    >>If you are homeless please find an internet cafe or library to post your update.

    Wow. Yeah, entertain us even when you’re desitute.

    And if your arms fall off, type with your nose.

  • *Cough*.

    Text Link Ads.


  • You are using this blog to hide from reality.

    Stop blogging about your misery, and take concrete steps to get out of misery.

    First off, get a job so u can get some money and pay the rent.
    Pay the bills, and move on from this self pity.

    Now that all the houses are gone, it’s time for you to quit this real estate show and get back into the real life.

  • @Andre: Hell, most criminals out there will not hesitate to cause $1000+ in damage just to get some loose change in the center console.

    Yeah.. amazing what some people do when they figure it’s someone else’s money, ain’t it?

  • Here we go again. Get a job at Target or whever for minimum wage, watch as the garnishments eat up all but 3 bucks of your paycheck for the better part of your life. Or, file BK!!! Advice given by alot of the same people that have turned you into the autorities……I think Casey had alot of his questions answered shortly after starting this blog. Some people would like nothing more than to see the above happen. Casey is in a vunerable state right now and the haters suddenly ‘friends’ coaxing him into BK or a job so the vultures can swoop in. I would be careful and exercise every option I had before filing BK or getting a W-2 job. But if I did I would definatley file Bk before a W-2 job. If you want to make money right nowI might consider an ‘under the table job.’ LOL. No I dind’t say that….Just be careful, and keep your friends close and your enemies closer as the GodFather qoute goes…which I think you are doing. Casey is being smarter than many suspect.

  • KC,

    Those are some sweet™ seat covers. Did you buy those with the beg-a-thon money, along with the Ikea furniture? I know it’s hard to pay things like rent, utilities, and car insurance when you’re busy running a business and need to buy things like PDA cell phone service, Internet access, seat covers, vacations, and dining out. But, paying for rent, utilities, and car insurance can give you peace of mind and stability that those other things can’t.

  • 173. Car Stereo Flipper
    April 28th, 2007 at 2:59 pm

    What’s the big deal? Everybody in my neighborhood is breaking into cars to flip car stereos. It’s kind of a gray area of the law like speeding.

    My Smash & Grab Guru’s taught me creative ways to acquire stereo equipment with no money down. As long as I promise to pay back every dirty sub woofer, it’s all good.

  • dude… that’s tough man!

    I hope you pull through!

    If you have any aspirations of ever being a wedding photographer, I could totally set you up down here in Santa Barbara and all over California
    … but then again, if you’re not passionate about it, it wouldn’t really serve a purpose… but it’s fun work and pays decent!

    Hope you get some work coming your way and your marriage pulls through this all ok!

  • Casey, I have a BIG doghouse FREE for you.

    It’s a house, cost u $0


  • Sure it was not cashcall that stole your stereo? They are just trying to recoup the money you STOLE from them…

  • 177. early retirement
    April 28th, 2007 at 3:48 pm

    This is so sad.

    The question is not “what’s next?”, the question is “what specific thing am I going to do *today*?”, and the next day, and the next day, etc. At the end of every day you need to be able to say what concrete step you have *completed* that moves you ahead.

    If you cannot answer that question EVERY SINGLE DAY, then you will not succeed at anything. I know that sounds harsh, but it is the only way you will ever get out of the mess you’ve gotten yourself into.

  • I have such a good idea I almost hesitate to give it to you because you won’t use it.

    Look for a gig as a resident manager of a small apartment building. You will get a free apartment, usually 2 br, and a modest salary. Properties love to hire couples because one can handle the paperwork and leasing and the other can do maintenance and repairs.

    You will learn how to be a landlord; i.e., how hard it can be. You’ll have to deal with collecting rents, fixing toilets, evicting tenants, cleaning and painting, supervising carpet cleaners and tile installers, managing a budget, etc.

    And one or both of you could still have a p/t or even a f/t job (it could happen!) or even get your degrees.

    Look in the want ads under Apartment or sometimes Property Management, or go to your local apartment association or your investors club (how did they let you in, anyway?). You should probably look for a smaller complex since they are less likely to do a full-on background check and also it will be easier to manage. And we know you’re all about that.

  • 179. wealthyboomer
    April 28th, 2007 at 4:20 pm

    US mortgage crisis forces homeowners to take refuge in their cars.

    Creating a new generation of homeless people.


  • http://sacramento.craigslist.org/jjj/

  • Casey,

    Based on your recommendation I went to Chipotle for the first time this afternoon. It’s all good. I got a 3-pound burrito with barbacoa, lime rice and roasted chile corn salsa. Thanks for the tip!

  • 182. Sean Burkett
    April 28th, 2007 at 4:58 pm

    You have people here who care - and even would donate to help you get caught up with rent - BUT - you have never followed any advise here - we all have turned on you - you refuse to do anything positive….

    IF you truly have “sweet deals” in the pipe ask them to front you some cash - as I doubt you will find any handouts here.

  • I bought a new auto insurance policy yesterday for about $550 for six months which required a $180 upfront deposit. I’m grateful that I had enough in my checking account to pay for that.

    My bro the car mechanic / car sales man told me where I can pickup the window for about $50 by checking with VW dismantlers on South Sunrise Blvd.

    I plan on doing that first thing Monday.

    I need a creative solution to paying my sister-in-law rent money for last 2 months and figuring out a way to deal with the 2 month pre-payment the wants.

    For those wondering, the beg-a-thon money and CD job money WAS gonna go for rent but somehow disappeared for some other needed expenses.

    I need to track them expenses better, down to every (clean) penny. That was one of my 2007 goals and I’m still working on implementing it.

  • Hang in there dude! It always seems like when things go wrong it’s all at once, but just hang in there and you’ll get through it.

    I’m looking forward to reading your blog a year from now when this is all behind you and you are well on your way to a successful future.

  • 185. Dread Pirate
    April 28th, 2007 at 5:08 pm

    Re: Left on Red

    “Casey is in a vunerable state right now and the haters suddenly ‘friends’ coaxing him into BK or a job so the vultures can swoop in.”

    By vulture you mean PEOPLE CASEY OWES MONEY TO?

    Not so good with the idea of “obligations” and “ethics” huh?

  • You look like you haven’t bathed in months… take a shower, the stench in your in-laws house must be overwhelming… :roll:

  • How apropos for the purpose of this site. I get bombarded by housing bears and Casey Serin haterz from all corners of the blogosphere because I won’t believe the gloom and doom. The evidence just isn’t there.

  • Casey,

    Don’t fret too much about your living situation. Many folks here have suggested that you move into your car but that’s absurd. Instead, there have been some very fancy and nice looking (no joke) cabana storage sheds coming out lately. These are no Tuffsheds, these are much nicer, they look like small houses.

    Here’s a very nice one for $3,000, yes, a little pricey but it looks comfortable.


    Most municipals will let you set one up without a building permit if it is less than 120 sq. ft.

    If $3K is too much, I saw a decent one at Orchard Hardware with windows also and it was only about $1,500.

    You can probably get by with two or three of these…

    Good luck to you….

  • Casey’s back

  • 190. Akatsukami
    April 28th, 2007 at 5:51 pm


    I would be careful and exercise every option I had before filing BK or getting a W-2 job.

    Except that Serin no longer has any options:

    No houses.
    No money.
    No stereo.
    Effectively, no car.
    Still, no job.
    Shortly, no place to live.
    No hope.

    Let me emphasize that last: no hope.

    Six months ago — yea, even three months ago — moving into one of his houses, getting the dreaded W-2 job, and declaring bankruptcy would have left him with nothing but the walls around him and a few hundred thousand in unsecured debt…but he might have worked his way through that in 15-20 years. Today, he is ruined.

    No hope.

  • Where did the checking account come from. I thought you discontinued doing business with the bank because of the CashCall problem a few weeks back? Gotta be careful if CashCall finds you are rolling in money, because they should be pissed off enough with you not signing that agreement to track down any stray accounts and attach them.
    Of course, you are lucky CashCall doesn’t read this blog.
    This admission of a cash supply also means there was cash available before the break-in to pay for May rent.
    Strikes me, you have a little trouble keeping your lies straight. That’s been the problem with this blog from the start. I still think it’s all fiction.

  • Sorry to hear about that. Oh well, at least from here on out you know that things can only get better for you. The worst is over, now it’s time to move forward. Good luck to you!

  • take the job
    start over slowly

  • You said many times you have several other contracts and jobs, you said the CD was just one of many . . . so were you lying to us or have you spent all those thousands at IKEA too?

  • lost his last home to foreclosure the other day. I feel bad for the guy because I’ve seen plenty of people pick up one of those real estate investment books and think they’ve found the path to eternal wealth. I hope he lands on his feet, but foreclosure is not easy and

  • Serin wrote:

    For those wondering, the beg-a-thon money and CD job money WAS gonna go for rent but somehow disappeared for some other needed expenses.

    It “somehow diasppeared.” You speak as if you have no control over where your money is going.

  • 197. Sprezzatura
    April 28th, 2007 at 7:15 pm

    For those wondering, the beg-a-thon money and CD job money WAS gonna go for rent but somehow disappeared for some other needed expenses.

    What could possibly be more important that KEEPING A ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD?

  • 198. Loads O Money
    April 28th, 2007 at 7:17 pm

    Hey Casey - have you read the Wall Street Journal today ? You know that debt collectors can garnish the money in your bank account - freeze your bank account !

    Why dont you just move to Kyosakistan for 7 years, then come back - when your credit has dropped off.

    Hey - am flying overseas on Monday - what a bummer Casey. One of the problems of a W2 job. They sometimes send me to far off places - all expenses paid. Bummer hey..

    Loads O Money

  • 199. Loads O Money
    April 28th, 2007 at 7:20 pm

    Hey Casey - dont worry about looseing where you live. You could live out of your car. You will be following Booyah Cramer and Money first, then things, then people Suzy Orman.

    I just see great things for you Casey,

    Chin up hey Casey,

    Loads O Money

    April 28th, 2007 at 7:21 pm

    Mr. Serin,

    In regards to your past due balance we have decided to reposess your sweet rimz in addition to the Subs and Stereo. This will equate to 2 weeks worth of cashcall interest payments.

    Original loan amount 10,000
    Remaining balance 14808

    Ca$hcall Collection$

  • 201. Loads O Money
    April 28th, 2007 at 7:28 pm

    Hey Casey - what kind of land lady do you have !

    What about the late fees - is your bird sis not chasing those up !

    Also - how can pre-payment be demanded ! What is in the lease contract Casey that you signed.

    Hey Casey - I remember the first time I phoned a tenant. The kid answered and passed the fone to his Mum and said “Its the landlord”

    Well, I was well chuffed when I heard that. I thought - yes - you are right. I am a land lord. A lord of the land. I immediately went out to buy a red cape and gold crown and gold staff - to rule over my land.

    America is a land of opportunity, and of land lords and of renters.

    Casey - what do you actually do each day. No wonder your birds sis is upset. I bet you told her that the say would be temporary until you get yourself together… Hey - well who is paying for the utilities and the food in that house.

    Casey - why dont you either start a multi-level marketing scheme or a religion ? You could sell pray cloths to help pay the debt.

    Loads O Money

  • 202. Loads O Money
    April 28th, 2007 at 7:32 pm

    Hey - move to Texas

    Real estate in Dallas is great.

    but you need some money -

    you should not move too fast

    Loads O Money

  • 203. Bubba Smith
    April 28th, 2007 at 7:35 pm

    Need to know how to keep track of expenses?

    Easy. WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN! This isn’t rocket science. Use that spreadsheet program. Income in one column, expenses in another, and a running total in still another. You know, like a real checkbook.

    Look, the ONLY “needed” expenses you have are “Food” and “Shelter”. If you include Ikea as a “Needed Expense” you’re wrong. (And by food, I mean food you prepare yourself; not from a juicer at Jamba Juice or a pot of boiling water at Macaroni Grill.)

    And the train, heedless of the cliff ahead though now insured (who wants to bet that Casey is going to try to defraud the insurance company by claiming the car was broken into *after* he bought the insurance???), continues on to the end of the tracks. Wheeeeee!!!!!!

  • 204. Loads O Money
    April 28th, 2007 at 7:35 pm

    Casey - my spam word was manbag ? What is that - you must be bagman right ?

    Casey - can you imagine what the parents of your bird are thinking. They must feel very disrespected that their daughter is being put through this - is not being taken care of properly ?

    Can you imagine how they feel…. they must feel cheated. How will you do right by her parents. What promises did you make to the birds pap ? Are you keep your promises to paps ?

    Have you looked in the Mirror recently ?

    Have you visited the dentist recently ? Or the periodontist ?

    Loads O Money

  • @221

    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. You had $180 for insurance, and are planning on paying another $50 for a window, while you are facing eviction from you SIL’s house if you don’t pay rent in 3 days.

    You are still looking for “creative” solutions to your problems. There is absolutely, positively no possible way for you to LEGALLY raise $1800 (which I understand is equivalent to 4 months rent) in 3 days.

    Money doesn’t disappear unless it is stolen. You SPENT that money on s*** you didn’t need. We all know for a fact that some of it went to IKEA for bookshelves that will soon be useless because I doubt that they will fit with the feng shui of the VDub.

    Tracking expenses isn’t something that one *needs* to do. It is something that sane people just do. It isn’t a goal. It should be an involuntary reflex, like breathing. If I notice that some money is missing that I can’t remember spending, I drop what I’m doing and track down where the money went (which usually takes about 30 seconds for me to check my online bank statement or the receipts in my wallet).

    I would be extremely interested to know how you consistently piss away 24 hours every day without a single positive net dollar to show for it. You whine because the haterz say you don’t do anything all day, yet you can show us no results. Even if, by some act of devine intervention, one of your sweet dealz actually comes to fruition, your wage will be something like $0.05/hour since you have pissed away 6 months of your life to finally earn some money from real estate.

  • 206. Robert Coté
    April 28th, 2007 at 7:55 pm

    I need a creative solution to paying my sister-in-law rent money for last 2 months and figuring out a way to deal with the 2 month pre-payment the wants.

    No, no, no. How many times do you need to hear it before you understand? You need to pay her. Not plan, not intend, not creatively anything.

  • “somehow disappeared for some other needed expenses.”

    Could you be more vague?

    “somehow disappered” SOMEHOW DISAPPEARED? What Casey, did it just vanish into thin air? How can’t you even keep track of 1k? How can by any stretch of imagination can you consider yourself a businessperson? The only people in business who say “somehow disappeared” are frauds.

    Would “some other” be the week long vacation you took recently?

    All this junk you’ve been through and you STILL have your head in the clouds. You need to get real. Life is going to do that for you eventually whether you want it or not.

  • 208. casey4life
    April 28th, 2007 at 8:11 pm

    Casey isn’t going to be at a homeless shelter. Worst comes to worse, he will move back with his parents.

  • You should probably let the car window go for a bit until you get the rent situation straightened out. You’ve got plenty of things to deal with, being homeless shouldn’t be one of them.

    Life is going to be suckin’ for a while, but it won’t be forever. Deal with things.


    I wish you well, man.

  • Casey:

    In regards your #221:

    Stop it.

    Knock it off, okay?

    This is the same BS we’ve been hearing you tell yourself for months.

    You paid the first installment on yer Jetta insurance, and that’s ALL you’re EVER gonna pay…we all know that.

    You might or might not get the chop-shop window for 50 bucks, but then you’ll get hosed by the mechanic because you ain’t mechanically inclined,(and there are some peculiar little tools needed for that job, which you DON’T have).

    Oh, and kid, if the guy is a bit “shady”, don’t be surprised if one morning yer “mobile home” comes up missing…someone needed a VW automatic transmission, and Chopper not only knew where to get one, but he had a spare key…that’s how THAT racket works,(in case you hadn’t figured that out).

    The Beg-a-Bucks were spent mostly on Ikea furniture and seatcovers for the VeeDub…You know it and we know it.

    You figured your in-laws would pack sand, because of the honor you were doing ‘em by deigning to live among them, huh?

    So knock off the lying.

    Looky here, me Hobbit, your life, as you have known it, is OVER, see?

    It’s done…kaput…finished.

    Whatever form it takes after this, the “you” that has been telling yerself, and the world at large, these mendacious fairy-tales isn’t going to be a part of it.

    You said it yourself in your last post:

    “Something’s Gotta Give!”

    YOU are what is gonna give, kid.

    The world is what it is, it ain’t going to change…so you’re going to have to.

    Stop lying to yourself about all the great things that are coming your way…the stuff you’re going to do.

    Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.

    You couldn’t even clean a swimming pool…
    you want to own apartment buildings?

    You’re going to repay the loans and account for the charity that you’ve received?
    You won’t even get a job.

    You’re going to track your expenses?
    You didn’t even file your taxes on time.

    You’re going to be honest with us?
    You won’t even stop lying to yourself.

    Had crazy dreams, didja little buckaroo?

    Watch ‘em DIE, kiddo… that’s one of the things that has to happen before you grow up.

    And that is what has “gotta give”:

    Your childhood.

    It’s waaay past due.

    Why d’you think I’ve been calling you “kid” since I showed up here?

    Is there a MAN named Casey in the house?

    ASW: squeeze

    (Don’t forget those taxes!)

  • I hope she stays with you . If she knew you were dealing dirty and hung around then she needs to go down with you. Better or worse

  • Is your face red and flushed from crying?

    Time for another beg-a-thon. This is almost working on me.

  • I need a creative solution to paying my sister-in-law rent money for last 2 months

    Um. Scroll up. You’ll see dozens and dozens and dozens of creative solutions. You must have skipped them somehow. They all involve getting a job. For you, that would be creative.

  • Okay, Casey, let me guess where you paid most of your expenses…. $400 for cell phone (you were probably a month or 2 behind on this one, right?), $100 for internet/cable, another $100-$200 for jamba, gas, starbucks….

    Just curious, are u going to get a job or not?

  • 215. jozsibacsi
    April 28th, 2007 at 9:41 pm

    You wrote, “I need a creative solution to paying my sister-in-law rent money for last 2 months and figuring out a way to deal with the 2 month pre-payment the wants.
    For those wondering, the beg-a-thon money and CD job money WAS gonna go for rent but somehow disappeared for some other needed expenses.
    I need to track them expenses better, down to every (clean) penny. That was one of my 2007 goals and I’m still working on implemening it.”

    Why not see if your old tech job is available. You were making about 50 k a year, right? Any job at this point would show a good faith effort to take care of your responsibilities. Yeah, you’re going to have to rejoin the “rat race,” for a while, but isn’t that better than “the definite possibility of a firm maybe” income you have had lately?
    Second suggestion: you have Microsoft Money so keep track of every single expenditure. Write everything down in a notepad if you have to. Money has some tools for keeping track of daily expenditures and creating budgets.
    Third, keep a time log of your activities for the week, add up all the time you spend on the blog, how much time earning income, etc. I suspect that way too much time is being spent on this blog relative to any money you have made off it.

  • As recently uncovered at ExUrb, Casey’s Jetta was broken into last night. This photo seems to symbolize Casey’s current situation. UPDATE: As most of us know by now, Casey later provided further details: http://www.iamfacingforeclosur.....no-stereo/ Our question for Casey Serin: Did you file a police report?

  • What happened to the $20 that Nacho sent you? That was to be used for groceries the next day and a receipt shown here.

  • 218. Johnny Friendly
    April 28th, 2007 at 9:56 pm

    Good luck, man.

    You tried to mine for gold, there’s nothing wrong with that.

    And you lost, so there’s nothing wrong with that, either. You’re young.

    I lost a house to foreclosure in the *last* California housing collapse (early 90s). I wasn’t speculating; it was my home. But buying is a risk. That’s why I only buy in cash today.

    It took TEN YEARS for my credit to clear. So, when you’re in your mid/late thirties, you may be able to have credit again . Who knows, laws change.

    Good luck man.

  • 219. Sean Burkett
    April 28th, 2007 at 10:01 pm

    Casey - the buzzword bandit!

  • latest post (he’s alive) to get a glimpse how tough it’s gonna get on a personal level for millions of people during the crash.

  • 221. QNEsy Millionaire
    April 28th, 2007 at 10:32 pm

    I need a creative solution to paying my sister-in-law rent money for last 2 months and figuring out a way to deal with the 2 month pre-payment the wants.
    Collect cans with homeless bob
    Donate blood
    Donate plasma
    Sperm bank (scary thought!) more caseys!
    Sell drugs
    Donate your body to science

  • Man that sucks. My car was broker into two weeks ago. The d**kheads smashed my window ($150), stole my $400 alpine stereo, my $500 GPS. They even took my $30 cell phone charger. This happened inside a gated community, but - get this - there are a lot of recently out of work mortgage brokers in my area (I have a bedroom view of one of the Hi-rise HQ of one of the top subprime lenders). Hmmm.

    Check this out - mortgage guy caught stealing copper wire. Must be getting difficult to do cash back at close…


  • I need to track them expenses better, down to every (clean) penny. That was one of my 2007 goals and I’m still working on implementing it.

    You have a PDA, 2 laptops, and presumably pencils and paper. What system do you envision for tracking your daily expenses and income? How long will it take to design and implement this system?

  • 224. Amused Onlooker
    April 28th, 2007 at 10:56 pm

    “For those wondering, the beg-a-thon money and CD job money WAS gonna go for rent but somehow disappeared for some other needed expenses.”

    WHERE WHERE WHERE? Tell us. We gave you that money!
    Come on, this is such a joke. You are a parody of yourself.

  • Hello Casey:

    Your troubles aside, I applaud you for having the balls to go out there and give it your best shot. The problems you encountered appear to have come more from exuberance and inexperience.

    F*** all the haters, the self appointed self righteous, who will NEVER be more than worker bees waiting to kiss the queen bee’s a** for the next promotion.

    1) You will learn from this experience. 2) You will be better the next time out of the gate. 3) We will be reading about your success in the future.

    In time, you will look back at this as the best thing that ever happened to you!

  • At this point in the housing crash, HP recommends everyone see “The Pursuit of Happyness” [IMG ] Just read Casey Serin’s latest post (he’s alive) to get a glimpse how tough it’s gonna get on a personal level for millions of people during the crash.

  • Looks like you should have spent more time paying bills or actually _working_ than blabbering about draining the pool or BLOGGING.

  • Looks like you should have been paying your bills and working rather than blogging and complaining about draining the pool…..a pump is $25-40 at home depot or OSH if that’s your primary concern.

    Get off your computer and work.

  • Your 12″ subs were stolen. At least now you won’t be irking EVERYONE else around you with mindless BOOM BOOM BOOM at 20hz. OK, the thieves will still piss everyone around them off, but you’re conscience can now rest easy.

  • I find it interesting how everyone says bankruptcy time Casey as if it’s his choice. I seriously doubt a judge will do this if he gets any history at all of how Casey came to be in the situation he is in. Not so easy nowadays to just have it all wiped away. Bankruptcy at this point would be a luxury for him - I worked in foreclosure for a mortgage lender and in two years people get loans again after a C-7…. subprime rates maybe but they can get loans. A C-13 would be far more noble if he could even get that.
    If I were Casey I don’t know how anxious I would be to show up in a courtroom for any reason. If it’s true that DOJ has him in their sights you can bet money that he’s in the judge’s databases. I’d lay low and try to create liquid assets to stay afloat as long as I could. I suspect that’s a bit too sane for Casey - he seems to enjoy the drama and I’m betting he actually thinks that all this will somehow magically disappear. Truth be I’d be hauling a** to Mexico because even if he gets out of going to jail IRS is going be stalking him for a very, very long time - so even if a big book deal happened they are gonna be there wanting those back taxes. I suspect after all is said and done a normal job will look like heaven to Casey. Time to man up Casey - you went for the gold and it didn’t work out - at least you had the balls to try- now have the brains and common sense to move on.

  • “For those wondering, the beg-a-thon money and CD job money WAS gonna go for rent but somehow disappeared for some other needed expenses.”

    C’mon Casey, a shopping trip to Ikea and a vacation are NOT needed expenses. They are frivolous.

    Man, I want so much to see you turn it around sometimes but you prove to me that it’s just not worth the energy. No wonder I hang with the realists. At least I can get an honest answer from them.

    Whatever dude. You will never change. How many times have I seen you write a comment like “I need to (insert goal here) better.”

    Guess the so-called haters are right about you.

  • Hey,

    I’m currently running a $50 giveaway contest over at ThePiggyBanker.com. All you need to enter is a blog, and 2 minutes.

    Check it out at http://www.thepiggybanker.com/.....bankercom/


  • hair products. Ron Popeil is supposedly involved, along with Ryan Seacrest whom Nigel got to know intimately backstage at the 2002 Winter Olympics. This will expand on Swabco’s already succesful line of home cranial pubic implant kits. [IMG ] http://www.iamfacingforeclosur.....no-stereo/

  • 234. Arthur Wankspittle
    April 29th, 2007 at 1:49 am

    To SacRealtor: “If Casey calls the police they will find out he has no insurance and tow the car away.”

    Sorry about that, it’s different where I am. You can own a car and keep it on private land without insurance. You just can’t use it on public roads. I was assuming it was 1. similar in CA and 2. that the car was on a private parking lot.

  • “I need a creative solution to paying my sister-in-law rent money for last 2 months”

    How about another beg-a-thon?

  • When you say “marital problems” do you mean you have seen divorce papers yet or just threats?

  • an idea how widespread the subprime collapse is. They post news from all parts of the country. Lots of people are getting hosed, losing homes, in debt way past anything they can hope to repay. Meanwhile, in Sacramento, Casey Serin’s little bubble has imploded catastrophically for him. He’s lost all his houses, is about to get evicted, has no money, and his car just got broken into and burgled. The subprime crisis is expected to worsen, says the chief executive of Freddie Mac. That

  • 238. Ursofullofit
    April 29th, 2007 at 4:27 am

    Catch the BS here Ladies and Gents:

    “I bought a new auto insurance policy yesterday for about $550 for six months which required a $180 upfront deposit. I’m grateful that I had enough in my checking account to pay for that.”

    Didn’t you only have $40 a week ago? Where do you get this money? Also, read this as “I bought a cheap policy that I will try to claim this break-in on by calling the police a week from now. Once I get the car fixed and an insurance slip I can show the cops I will not make any payments on the rest of the policy. Sweet - a new stereo for $180.”

    “My bro the car mechanic / car sales man told me where I can pickup the window for about $50 by checking with VW dismantlers on South Sunrise Blvd.

    I plan on doing that first thing Monday.”

    Not a chance in the world this will happen snowflake. You will find some excuse. Besides, won’t you be looking for new accomodation for Tuesday?

    “I need a creative solution to paying my sister-in-law rent money for last 2 months and figuring out a way to deal with the 2 month pre-payment the wants.”

    Since no one is going to lend you money, this can only mean another beg-a-thon. I for one will not give you a cent.

    “For those wondering, the beg-a-thon money and CD job money WAS gonna go for rent but somehow disappeared for some other needed expenses.”

    Yeah, like the week long vacation you took with G. You’re unbelievable. I really hope you get your a kicked on Tuesday.

    “I need to track them expenses better, down to every (clean) penny. That was one of my 2007 goals and I’m still working on implementing it.”

    You had a spreadsheet. You can buy Quicken for about $40. All of this could be done instantly.

    You’re just lazy.

    “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

  • BTW I agree with Blown Mortage. “I feel bad for the guy because I’ve seen plenty of people pick up one of those real estate investment books and think they’ve found the path to eternal wealth.”

  • Ah the hubris of the great real estate `investors’ gets taken down a few hundred notches. So many of us warned fools like yourself that this would be your fate but no, Trump told you otherwise. Or was it the other scamster, the RichDad PoorDad shyster?

    My advice would be to change your name and move to a foreign country as you’ve provided enough info on this site to get at least ten years in prison for fraud. Let alone the fact that no one would hire you for anything other than a retail sales position with a track record of stupidity, deceipt, hubris and fraud.

    Try Mexico :)

  • Hey Monkeyboy;
    Why ain’t my pool cleaned up yet?!

  • Casey

    Use your god given skills to solve this short term problem. How many flippers have you met that are in trouble? Call one of them and tell them you found a short term renter for one of their properties. Explain that the renter will cover all of there carry costs and also fix up the house.

    If anyone has any interest, sign a lease immediately. Move in and work your magic. You should get a finders fee of one months rent. Take one of your rubber checks and exchange it for one of the good checks and you have instant cash.

    Now monetize your site.
    Since you told the individual you would help fix and flip you could start work immediately. I would hire an illegal contractor and tell him to remove everything that isn’t set in cement to the garage. Have him stack the appliances and cabinets neatly. Next sell everything at a garage sale. Take the cash and relax. Tell the contractor that he can get paid by going over to Yullias house. When he gets there call the cops and say he threatened you. The guy gets deported, problem solved.

    Tell the flipper you made a few mistakes but are learning. See if he will let you do this to a couple of more houses. He shouldn’t be mad; you tried to make it work its just business.

    Now get to work

  • Debt Kid (#99),

    Would you consider putting a tip jar on your site? i’d love to contribute a little something to help you on your honorable approach towards rebuilding your life.


  • Casey, I feel bad for you. I really do. You need to file for bankruptcy now and move on. It didn’t work out for you this time, but you are young and you’ve no doubt gained alot of experience with this whole fiasco. No doubt you are wiser now than you were when you first jumped into this whole housing game. File for bankruptcy and get a job in your field. Build wealth incrementally and if the investing bug bites you again in 10 years (you’ll only be in your 30’s) maybe you will remember the lessons you learned today and be smarter about it.

  • 245. James_Marks
    April 29th, 2007 at 9:19 am

    Now that someone stole your property (say, $400 for your stereo and subs), what do you think banks and lenders feel about you stealing $2,200,000 from them?

    Be honest.

  • Car-ma, baby! It is really weird, but somehow crooked people always have problems like car burglaries.

    Casey Serin, poster child of the mortgage fraud epidemic. I hope that you have learned that a business plan based on fraud is doomed.

  • “For those wondering, the beg-a-thon money and CD job money WAS gonna go for rent but somehow disappeared for some other needed expenses”

    “somehow disappeared” huh?
    And you are still considering yourself a deal maker? Get a freaking job already! One that doesn’t require much responsibility. And stop dreaming. Once you grow up (job will do that to you eventually) you can start dreaming again, but not now.
    Drop the “i’m committed to succeeding as an investor” BS. THIS IS BS AND YOU KNOW IT! Drop the get rich quick crap. Drop the “Casey is a writer not a reader” crap. Read REAL books instead, not the “get rick quick”/”make feel good” kind.
    If you follow this advice, then maybe, just maybe, over time, you can become a man. If not, you are bound to remain a ambitious but stupid kid that you are, until you end up in jail or something.

  • Casey,

    1) Good try with the pool. But yeah, that’s a professionals job now.

    2) Sorry about the car. One time I was visiting Austin, and when I woke up Sunday morning to drive back to Houston, I found a large, 1-foot rock that apparently was chunked at my windshield and landed on my hood. Good thing insurance paid for it all.

    3) Macaroni grill, jamba juice, Ikea, etc. are not things you should be spending on if at all possible. Otherwise, you may be faced with the dilemma of having a difficult time paying rent, which is more important. Consider working around the house. Try offering to paint it (they buy the paint) - you’ll increase the value of their house, get your hands dirty in RE, and possibly improve your relationship.

    Focus and organize.

    Good luck.

  • What do you know. I’m here twice in one week instead of once. Because I wanted to give you this URL.
    check this out Casey. This is more in line with your beliefs.

    PS. You spend alot of money on drugs right?
    Most all of the money that passes your fingers is spent on coke and pot. Ya think?
    I think.

  • 250. The Time Is Now
    April 29th, 2007 at 1:35 pm

    @# 222 ….

    What do you mean the evidence isnt there. Are you frickin nuts or do you live in LA LA LAND ALSO …. 1 in ever 775 households in foreclosure .. ARE YOU SIMPLY STUPID … Oh thats right .. your young and you know everything.

    You keep showing how utterly retarded you are …. This is a major problem when one in every 775 households in the US is facing foreclosure … yeah … its doom and gloom .. Will it pass . yes .. .. but Im telling you this is a major problem and more than likely the American Tax Payer will have to bail out the system … just because you dont get it .. doesnt make it any less of a problem …..

  • 251. Pay.Per.View
    April 29th, 2007 at 5:44 pm

    “For those wondering, the beg-a-thon money and CD job money WAS gonna go for rent but somehow disappeared for some other needed expenses.”
    :wtf:?????????????? SOMEHOW? DISAPEARED?????
    “I need to track them expenses better, down to every (clean) penny. That was one of my 2007 goals and I’m still working on implementing it.
    I need to track them expenses better, down to every (clean) penny. That was one of my 2007 goals and I’m still working on implementing it.
    I need to track them expenses better, down to every (clean) penny. That was one of my 2007 goals and I’m still working on implementing it.
    I need to track them expenses better, down to every (clean) penny. That was one of my 2007 goals and I’m still working on implementing it. ”

    ad nauseum. That’s all we ever hear from you. How yer ‘plannin’ to think about considering your options to do better…’

    you are a broken record. I can’t believe you don’t even know where the beg-a-thon money went. I can’t believe you didn’t give it to sister in law for at least partial rent payment. If you can still speak your native language, I’d jump ship from the usa, abandon all hope of rescuing this clusterf*ck and just starting over.

    you can’t do any worse.

  • 252. Chuzzlewit
    April 29th, 2007 at 5:49 pm

    “Today I lost my last property to foreclosure.”

    I dunno, bud.. I hung in there as long as I could as a passive watcher… but I’m crossing over now… Please tell us all, in what way exactly, were any of those properties were ever “yours”?

    You have been worked over by commercial lenders. You were just a victim of advertising. Stop this blog and stop it all, you child.

  • 253. unbelievable
    April 29th, 2007 at 6:38 pm

    I am not sure why anyone bothers to give you advice anymore Casey. You have never listened to good advice. Anything you try now will be too little, too late.

  • 254. Borat's brother Bilo
    April 29th, 2007 at 7:36 pm

    Casey when i had $$$ problems a friend gave me some wise advice.

    He asked me what do you do when you have a toothache?

    go to the dentist.

    what do you do when you have no $$$?

    get a job

  • Dude, new seat covers?

    Of all the dumb things to waste your money on, how’d you pick that?

  • hey i was one of the persons tht broke in ur car. we saw ur car with the stearo unscrewed it then took it and did the trunk. you got jacked and we all had gloves on so theres no evidence. you got robed. the ski mask way. you just left it there in the open so we took it you know wht im saying? and this isnt my comp so checking the i.p. address wont work either.


    When it rains, it pours. You’re like a real life Sad Sack.

    Thanks for the laugh today.

    Look at the bright side… it can’t get worse than this. Everything has to go up from here.

  • In all honesty I’m sorry to hear that it seems like life is kicking you while you’re down.

    You’re in a tough spot and what will define you is how you handle it.

  • “but the job was too much for me to handle.”

    You are a Riot !!! On my hunting website I have an investment section and thats how I found this site. I’ve probably have 4-5 hours min. into reading and watching video clips of your’s over the last month or so.

    You are way past just getting a job. Unfortunately I think you’re to lazy to make it work in the deals you want to do. I’ve learned alot from what you’ve done. Most of all I’ve learned with a little work you could ver come some of your issues.

    I negative cashflowed 2 houses but I had a job to cover it. I put less into my 401K thinking that the house market is the way to go.

    I never took a course, never paid for advice, but started buying houses 2 years ago and used common sence. I’ve flipped several and am upgrading and cash flowing them.

    I’m still buying homes and paying off the ones I’m keeping.

    “TO MUCH TO HANDLE” ?!?!?!? come on man, here is how it works : get a pump, put it in the pool and letthe pump do the work. Then get the Bleach compound and clean it out. LAZY is the word you were looking for.

    I hope you make it, but if you do, it’s not because of smarts and hard work, it will be luck. GOOD “Luck” Mi Amigo !!!


  • 260. oozing_santorum
    April 29th, 2007 at 10:49 pm

    Try reading Final Exit. It is all about Self-Deliverance.

  • Look at the bright side: you’re young and still have another chance.

    If you had tried this in ‘98 or 2000, you would have cashed in big…There will be more cycles.

    The Big Decline is just starting now.

  • I need a creative solution to paying my sister-in-law rent money for last 2 months and figuring out a way to deal with the 2 month pre-payment the wants.

    No, you need a source of income. Stop talking about “creative solutions.” Cash flow is not something “creative.”

    For those wondering, the beg-a-thon money and CD job money WAS gonna go for rent but somehow disappeared for some other needed expenses.

    I need to track them expenses better, down to every (clean) penny. That was one of my 2007 goals and I’m still working on implementing it.

    Stop talking like it’s some huge business endeavor. Put all your money in one place. Dont take any out without having a specific, planned purpose. Write it down when you do it. Even better, match it against the list of things you need.

    You don’t need a complicated “solution” to implement. You need a sheet of paper and a pencil. Stop hiding behind the purported difficulty of such a simple task.


  • 263. thought u would want to read this
    April 29th, 2007 at 11:57 pm

    Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images
    Former ‘Survivor’ winner Richard Hatch failed to pay taxes on his $1 million dollar prize from the show and is now serving a 51-month prison sentence.

  • 264. So Long Dumbo
    April 30th, 2007 at 2:45 am

    “I need a creative solution to paying my sister-in-law rent money for last 2 months and figuring out a way to deal with the 2 month pre-payment the wants.”

    There is no creative solution, unless you consider the world’s oldest profession to be creative.

  • 265. Michael Cooke
    April 30th, 2007 at 2:51 am


    Wow I feel really bad for you. These are rough times for you. I hope you pull out of it. That SUCKS your car was broken into. Wow - the hits just keep coming.

    I would have held off on your auto insurance and risked it for 5-6 months though.

    I hope things turn around for you. 8(. I am facing forclosure under keyword “forclosure” is making it’s way up the google rankings. It will be number one soon enough. That’s a plus.

  • 266. Casey_Supporter
    April 30th, 2007 at 3:09 am

    Casey. You need to find God. Accept God and you will accept everlasting love. You don’t need real estate, you don’t need sweet deals or jamba juice. You need the love of our Father and his Son. Please go to confession then please turn yourself in so you can repent. When you are released, turn towards Christ and believe in Him as he believes in you.

  • “It’s good to take a week off.”

    Off from what? What did you do in that week? Apparently, you didn’t:

    1. Pay your auto insurance
    2. Pay your Rent
    3. Clean the mosquito-infested pool/spa
    4. Get a job

    Glad to see you needed a “vacation” from doing NOTHING.

    Welcome to REALITY. It’s a B*TCH, ain’t it?

    Welcome to our world.

  • “They broke the passenger window, ripped out the stereo and took the box of 12 inch subwoofers from the trunk.”

    karma’s a b**** aint it.

  • “People who don’t make mistakes, don’t make much of anything else either.”
    If you want to be Champion, get up off the canvas and Fight One More Round. (you are really only at about the 7 or 8 count right now.)
    You wanted to be a RealEstate Consulatant? There are probably Banks & Real Estate Title Companies & Realtors & owners etc etc, that don’t want to get scammed. Hire yourself & your story out to them as a Loss Prevention Advisor. Show them how you scammed the system and what they can do to avoid that happening to them. Put on the White Hat and turn your knowledge of the flaws in the system that allow a 24 year-old guy to get in waaaay over his head and lose a lot of people’s money.
    It may help mitigate your sentencing later.

  • - move to Santa Monica…

    - i understand the taxpayer ‘tards in that California city give $1,500-per-month, one-block-from-the-beach apartments to the homeless - maybe you can sublet and restart your ‘empire’?

  • 271. unbelievable
    April 30th, 2007 at 5:35 am


    Casey is moderating “instant” comments

  • Its all good. Good things are coming.

  • Ref#33.
    Jill you are a dope.

  • You’re getting some incredible blog traffic here. With this kind of stats, you might be able to make a living off your blogs.

    You’re young and good looking, too. Pretty soon we may be seeing you on “Dancing with the Stars”

  • What are you doing in the pool there? I looked at some of your other pictures… when you say its “too much for you to handle” is that with the STICK that you brought to clean it with???? Are you serious right now?

  • 276. Pete Zarria
    April 30th, 2007 at 8:08 am

    As the world turns… what will come up next in this saga. Handle the necessities Casey. Meaning get a job to pay your basic needs. The rest can wait. You invest with discretionary income , not money needed to live.

  • You needed a new company car anyways.

    Another win for Team Casey!

  • Hi CS:

    I just wanted to say “good luck” on your short sale. I am hoping that you can keep your wonderful real estate career going. If you can just sell the first home and ride out the bubble, I know everything will work out fine. I am also going to follow in your steps. I am opening a Jamba Juice franchise and I hope that you can come and give a seminar about real estate. I wish you luck.

  • Hi everyone!

    I am not quite an early riser™ but I intended to be™. I will fill you in on the passed™ few days goings on. It has been very interesting and in some way enlightyening. I beleive that good things are very near™ and that I might have found a way out of this mess™ and a new start so I can repay every dirty penney™.

    I started Thursday to take a long hard look at alot™ of the advise™ that has been posted here over the last few months. Maybe it was because I thought I could find a way out of the foreclosures/short sale mess or maybe it was my own stubbornness, but I failed to see the true wisdom being offered here. I am blessed™ to have had so many of you offer solid advise™ and honest heartfelt words of encouragement and wisdom. I am now past all of the haters™ here and I am in a new frame of mind.

    I looked at all of the advise™ and prioritized it in a meaningful way so that i could start with the most important tips and work down from their™.

    So, on Thursday I went to Whole Earth Foods and bought a day’s supply of organic, carbon neutral, non-animal tested, soy-based Ramen Noodles to begin my journey. On my way home I thought that some ground beef might make the noodles a bitt more tasty so I go that to™. After preparing the Ramen according to the package directions, I cooked the ground beef and dined. Afterward I could feel the nutrients surging into my sinewy frame and I began to meditate. I decided to tackle the broken window in the Jetta first since I now had insurance. It was all good. I must have meditated™ for quite awhile™ becuase when I oke up it was dark.

    I wasn’t sire what time the junkyard closed, but I new™ I should hurry (great peace™ of advise™: don’t be late). When i got to the junkyard there weren’t any people their™ but I just figured that it was a Thursday so maybe business was slow (perhaps I could help them with a new business plan that would get them instant results and improve their bottom line?).

    The entrance gate seemed to be a bit stiff, but I found that with a good hard shove from my shoulder I could pop it open almost immediately. As I went looking around I found it hard to locate the exact parts in the dark and I couldn’t tell what time it was because I don’t where™ a watch.

    All of a sudden, I heard a loud noise and then in a flash, a dog grabbed my arm. It was a large german shephard with big teeth. A neighbor must have left their gate open and this canine escaped!

    After a few exciting minutes I was able to free myself and run out of the junkyard. I fully intend to contact the owner and let him know about his dangerous neighbors and maybe he can do something about it so it doesn’t impact his patrons.

    Anyway, I now have several large wounds in me left arem that are getting very red and swollen. Someone told me thta is a natural healing process™ and I shouldn’t be concerned. I feel blessed that the human body is so capable of regenerating itself from injury. I have nothing to fear about this natural process.

    Any way, after I returned home from my unsuccessful attempt at gatting a new window I continued my meditation™ and emerged from my level III state about 10:30 Friday morning. I was very hungry so I cooked som emore ground beef but I couldn’t remember where I put the ramen. Just as I turned on the stove I remembered my modified vegan™ lifestyle and quickly shaped the ground beef to look like carrots. It was very tasty and I think the pseudo beta carrotine will do my body good.

    I spent the rest of the day installing CMS accounting management software modules 1, 2, 3 and 9 to help me get my finances organised™. A friend of mine works for a large CPA firm in Sac and let me “borrow” the installation discs (these modules alone totalled 27 disks) to make an “archival copy” of the software. (I read the fair use and licensing agreement and I am comfortable that since I am mostly using this as an archival backup I will not be violating any portion of the copyright).

    I am currenly having difficulty getting ahead of the learning curve™ as this software is very complex. My chart of accounts on the general ledger could well be in excess of 2,500 accounts. I hope to have it fully operational by Memorial Day.

    Since I did not yet have a vehicle, I called Dave in Davis to see if I could once again help him evaluate the BioBunny™. Dave said yes, I could evaluate it for the weekend, but he was in the Mexican Food used oil phase, and I could not use any oil from Chinese foor restaurants. I told him that was sweet™ and I thought it was all good™.

    I picked up the Bio Bunny™ and immediately started out on amission to fing a fillup. It took almost 3 hours to find a restauranteur who spoke enough english to convince them to let me have their used oil. Finally with a full tank I was road-ready again.

    I was off to the Verizon store because my new Binford 9000 web based internet/video/real time web sync server-phone was not configured correctly. I picked it up last week while this site was down and I consistently couldn’t get above 3.9 giga bits per second throughput to the T1 node I have leased.

    The tech rep suggested increasing the phone’s memory to 8 Gigabytes. That would use up all but $39 in my checking account, but he said if I did thta he could reduce my monthly rate to $699, with unlimited minutes. I think that was a good choice because one of the many featured of the phone is real time pinging of new posts and since it is waterproof I can moderate in the shower. That alone should increase my efficiency by about 30%.

    I will complete the details of my weekend later as I have to spend the rest of the day researching which newspapaer subscription plan (and which paper) would be best so that I can start studying the classified ads to see about starting to get the process of beginning to perform the initial phase of a lengthy eliminations process of starting to look for a job.

    I already know that a W-2 job is out, so I will make a note™ to only scour the portions of the paper that I ultiately select for those listing of the most promising professional paths that I should select.

    I am considering a subscription to either the LA Times (huge circulation numbers) USA today (color), Chicago Sun Times (delicious writing), SF Chronicle (kindof™ a long commute) or maybe the Roseville/Antelope Observer. Someone said their™ might be another paper in the Sacramento area, but I was talking to a guy who said he heard their™ wasn’t for about 5 years now.

    What are your thoughts?

  • 280. Richard Wicks
    April 30th, 2007 at 10:05 am

    You didn’t even drain the pool.

  • “For those wondering, the beg-a-thon money and CD job money WAS gonna go for rent but somehow disappeared for some other needed expenses….I need to track them expenses better, down to every (clean) penny. That was one of my 2007 goals and I’m still working on implementing it.”

    What can be more important than paying your rent? You dont consider rent as a needed expense? Your goal for 2007 is to effictively track your finances? Well, its 5 months into 2007, almost half way through the year, and now you’ve decided that you’re going to start working on tracking your finances? Pffff

    I dont care about your situation. I’m just here to watch the show. Entertain me!

  • Wow! This market is rough. It seems like they the lender would have given you an extension to keep the home out of foreclosure. Hang in there. Wayne

  • You took another week-long vacation? No wonder your sis-in-law is mad at you. I’d go state’s witness if I were her and saw you buying s*** from Ikea instead of paying me rent.

  • 284. Jaquesoff Schmirnoff
    April 30th, 2007 at 10:20 am

    We warned you about the pitfalls of making yourself a public figure, you called us haters. We told you that you need to start making steady income, perhaps even a w2 job, you called us haters. We told you to take care of your properties, and to consider living in one of the properties, you called us haters. Next time, think about the great advice we’ve given you, and put it in action. I’m sorry that you didn’t listen to us, but you have nobody to blame but yourself for the situation you are in today.

  • 285. Property Flopper
    April 30th, 2007 at 10:22 am

    > For those wondering, the beg-a-thon money and CD job > money WAS gonna go for rent but somehow disappeared > for some other needed expenses.

    Wow, that just says it all. Any questions on why Casey is in his predicament? Anyone?

  • 286. Richard Wicks
    April 30th, 2007 at 10:33 am

    Casey, listen to some sound advice.

    Think of your household as a business. Would a CEO of a business that is obviously unable to pay off it’s debts be begging for money on the Internet, and stressing out over their debt, being kept awake at nights, spending all of his money trying to delay an inevitable bankruptcy? Of course they wouldn’t.

    Do you think the lenders wouldn’t do the same exact thing if they owed you money?

    Quit being a sucker and declare bankruptcy. You can’t pay it off.

  • Casey,

    I hope you realize that the only asset you current have of any substantial value is this blog and your current situation. Stop this blog, or the next version of it, and you´ve given away the last chance you´ll have of getting out of debt for a long time….and possibly jail.

    Many have suggested, although halfheartedly, another blogname that matches your new situation. They are kind of funny BUT you should seriously keep your blogging going even if it´s a matter of changing blogsite names. Plus you can forward your current blog to the new one.

    You really need to keep the adventures of Casey Serin going if you ever want to make it. Stop now and the ride is over. No comeback story. No paying back every dirty penny. Just a 24 yo kid who quit when things got tough….and that´s a story that everyone´s heard.

  • 288. unbelievable
    April 30th, 2007 at 11:28 am

    The reason everyone is a realist/hater is because you never answer questions


  • should have kept those google ads up…it doesn’t make sense why you didn’t…you are trying to help others avoid foreclosure and help with real estate…relevant ads help!!!

  • The house directly behind mine went to foreclosure this past weekend. A young couple with 3 kids, pulled out every penny of equity, pissed it away on vehicles and stuff they couldn’t afford, and for some reason I feel bad for them. In fact, I feel bad for anyone that loses their home.

    The difference between them and you, Casey, is you never lived in any of your properties. No memories, no attachments, so it should be easy for you to move on.

    The fact is you don’t want to work, and yet you want a lifestyle that 1% of the population has. Your not a celebrity type, your not supremely intelligent, or creative so realize that your just like the rest of us and get a job.

    The fact that you can’t even accomplish opening the mail on a daily basis shows that you have no head for business or you believe your “too good” to do average office work.

    I would suggest you look in dumpsters for cans to meet your financial obligations. Its very sad that you have wasted so much time and energy.

  • 292. Finnishguy
    April 30th, 2007 at 1:05 pm

    What’s next?

    One vote for divorce and depression.

    Get it over with, and start again. You are still young, and life goes on one way or another.

  • 293. Craig Rabinowitz
    April 30th, 2007 at 1:28 pm

    I’m a long time viewer, but this is my first post. I was kind of worried you had done something foolish since your last post.

    You had a lot of guts to go into real estate. It was something I myself would’ve been too timid to try. However, you bit off WAY MORE than you could chew. I’d have just done one property at a time rather than trying six simultaneously. I’d have also continued to work full-time until your real estate ventures got off the ground. Nobody gets rich quick. Overnight fortunes often take years to materialize. Of course hindsight is 20/20 and there’s no use Monday morning quarterbacking.

    Shame about the Modesto property. I kind of liked the place from the pictures. Kind of modest but nice. Of course I’m all the way on the East Coast and have no idea what Modesto is like or the neighborhood in which this house is located. Your Jetta being broken into doesn’t assuage my concerns about the quality of life in that neighborhood. I bet it was beautiful back in the day.

    I did, however, learn a lot from the other posters how to maintain a pool and the perils of simply draining it. I guess since the pool is concrete, you are in less danger of destroying it than the other types described. I would best leave a big job like the one you’re facing to the experts.

    I thought you had hit bottom last week, but boy, you have managed to fall even further. Grab a branch on the way down before you fall further into the abyss. Maybe this is as bad as it’s going to get. Hopefully things will improve from here on out. Take action. Get a job, file BK, talk to an attorney concerning any legal problems you may be facing, and be a man.

  • I would really appreciate (and I believe your readers would as well) a blog entry explaining why you didn’t seek bankruptcy protection. While I do not know the details of your financial situation, bankruptcy could have provided an opportunity for you to avoid foreclosure and sell the homes under bankruptcy court superivision. Did you get legal advice to learn what your options are (this is a question I really would like to see answered)?

    And if you did not get legal advice to learn about your available options, why not?

  • Got a job yet, slacker? GET A HAIRCUT!

  • 296. Creative Solutions
    April 30th, 2007 at 2:34 pm


    I will ship this van to yuilios house. You can live in her driveway. I will rent it to you for 5 bucks a day. You can pay in cash, 100 beer cans or 50 laps around the block. Rent is due by 10:00 every night or the van gets moved.

    I will throw in a bag of Meow mix and a recipe for grass soup if you act quickly.

    This is a serious offer.

  • 297. Nadia Belemi
    April 30th, 2007 at 2:36 pm

    So, tell us when you’re planning to start thinking about getting a W-2 job.

  • 298. Creative Solutions
    April 30th, 2007 at 2:44 pm

    Time Line guy

    That last post was artwork.

  • 299. Property Flopper
    April 30th, 2007 at 3:54 pm

    So - why did you pull down the “Y won’t kick me out” post? Afraid she’d see it?

    Dude - think before acting. Don’t put out a post like that unless you mean it. It was saved, along with comments. Not sure who has that much time on their hands, but someone pulled it and posted it to exurbanation, possibly to other sites.

    Y will see it. Don’t expect the free ride to continue.

  • “F*** all the haters, the self appointed self righteous, who will NEVER be more than worker bees waiting to kiss the queen bee’s a** for the next promotion. ”

    I love these posts. They always assume all of the “haters” are working w-2 jobs. Even if they were they’d still be lightyears ahead of Casey.

    Many of us are investors and/or business owners. The difference is, unlike Casey, we can manage it.

  • What happened to the blog posting that was there this morning, and apparently deleted. The one in which you talked about possibly living in your car?

    The one in which you came up with another one-in-a-million reason for doing so, notably that some woman in the UK did it and ended up with a book deal.

    The one in which you once again showed that you are completely irrational, suggesting that being in a really horrible situation was actually an opportunity because somebody, halfway around the world, managed to turn it into something good and ignoring all the people who are living in their cars who are just… living in their cars.

    Don’t get me wrong. Jim Cramer lived in his car early on too. He did it because he didn’t have a penny and needed to save up some money from his first low-paying journalism job in order to get a place to live. That can happen. But note the difference: He had a job, income (however small) and a plan. You have no job, no income, and no plan, just a lot of wishful thinking. (BTW, Cramer — like most traders — is somewhat ADD, just as many of us believe you are. Yet he manages to force himself to focus when he needs to. You should too.)

    You’re at a point where you can’t depend on the wishful thinking to pan out. Like Cramer when he first got out of school, you need income and a plan.


  • 302. Darren Keogh
    April 30th, 2007 at 3:58 pm

    LOL…You need to find God…lol maybe his hiding out in modesto…lol with his check book all would be sweet..could even consider some heavenly deals

  • Follow up ideas:

    To try and track expenses better™ I went to Borders and bought some books on C++ programming. I know it sounds like an expense I shouldn’t incur right now but I am looking at it as an investment in my future. I beleive that if I channel my 9 to 5™ efforts back into my computer skill set.

    Once I decide whick of the nine books to prioritize into first place on the reading list (I may not be able to get to that this week because I am still networking my team of highly skilled professionals™) I will begin reading. After that, I am envisioning making some sort of an arithmetic version of a pad of paper.

    Stay with me on the technical details. It would consist of rows and columns that could be filled in with numbers (in my case expenses) and labels for essentials™ (such entertainment, cable TV, stereo equipment, web hosting, etc.) along with the ability to do simple arithmetic, like addition, subtraction etc. If I can make this work, I feel it will be a very lucrative endeavour. I think that the computational world is on the verge of needing something like this.

    I have already begun making a list of names for it (since I am a big picture™ person, the marketing isde must ever be overlooked or it will falter and the product will never materialize).

    Here are some suggestions:

    Note-a-calc™ (I think that one sounds to™ complex)
    Handy scratch™
    Calc-u-lose (Like cellulose fibers, but it calculates? get it?)

    Anyway, I will have much more free time to work on naming my invention soon. Many of the members of my team™ have chimed in with suggestions, but I have asked for the sake of avoiding any copyright or trademrk infringements that they submit them in a sealed envelope that will be opened later. In the mean time, I have placed them on the top of my mail pile which signifies their importance in being on th every top. Once again, I beleive in the “touch it once” philosophy of organisation™.

    I feel blessed to have been struck with such an idea of greta importance. I think that my row and column concept will be a hit. $384 for tose books was alot™ but in the end, I could make thousands off of my efforts.

    Today I saw a new number on caller ID (instinctively I pressed “ignore” on my cellphone). After the voicemail message was recorded I retreived it (along with 19 from Cashcall™ this morning alone). This was from my broker, ExcelsiorTrade™. It seems that since my stock has been going down I was receiving a margin call.

    I am not really sure exactly what a margin call is, but it sounded like I either have to bring in more money or I have to sell some of my stock. Since I am down I do not want to sell (buy low and sell high, right?), and after going to Borders I am in no position to put any more money in the account. So I wonder if I can just let this go maybe 30 days late and then call an negotiate some sort of a schedule to put the money back in in installments. Since they only charge $0.99 per trade they don’t sound like they have alot™ of overhead so I am sure I can reach some reasonable person to work out a deal. I know what you are saying, I should have read what I was signing and I should have had a beter understanding of what buying on margin is, but it was an impulse buy (Amy the realtor™ told me abut it and I just pulled the trigger). I will make a note™ to do better due dilligense™ in future deals.

    I will post a picture of my new Binford 9000 web based internet/video/real time web sync server-phone shortly. The problem I am having this afternoon is getting the right resolution set. The maximum resolution is like 11.8 Giga Pixels (it was originally developed to have applications in outdoor advertising, underwater photography and geophysics), but at that resolutions, it will swamp my server. At maximum resolutions, it will produce a 30 x 55 image (that’s meters) in true 256 bit color. Once I get the resolution issues resolved I will post a picture.

    Anyway, I took a roadtrip this weekend to clear my head. I have been swamped and overwhelmed so It felt good to get a way™ from the rat-race. I drove the Bio Bunny™ to the Stockton Asparagus Festival (what could be more modified vegan™ than a festival celebrating a vegtable?). It was very fun to see all of the arts and crafts, the displays (Pulte Homes and K&B Homes had especially impressive displays; note to self: their product looks superior, maybe I should buy one and attempt a flip with one of my new hard money sources?). I fully intended™ to sample some of the asparagus dishes, but I accidentally™ got in the wrong food line and wound up in the “Asparagus Beef Sandwich” line.

    It was a tasty and wholesome blend of tri-tip and asparagus (modofoed vegan™, right?. Later in the day I was hungry again and I thought I would try a fire roasted corm on the cob. Again, I misjudged™ the line and wound up next door at the Korean BBQ booth where I enjoyed Korean BBQ beef on a skewer. I figured itas all good™ bcause I had intended™ to eat the corn, and didn’t fully appreicate™ that the line I was in didn’t offer vegtables. At least their™ was alot™ of protein!

    The one booth I did get right was for fruit smoothies. The sign advertised “Nutricious, delicious hormone free, free-range berry smoothies”. I Admit that at $8.00 it seemed a little steep, but since I was paying cash their™ was no way to incur a $30 overdraft fee™. Sweet™!

    At the end of the day I was very tired and decided to drive home. Because I was unfamiliar with Highway 99 (I had only drive it twice to visit the Modesto property™ months after I purchased it (so I could see what it actually looked like), I made a wrong turn after dark near Mack Road. I didn’t get back home till after 11:00PM and missed one of my networking meetings. Now I am sure some of my highly trained professional team members™ will be disappointed that I didn’t fully respect they’re™ time. I made a note™ to appologise no later than Thursday. G™ was mad that I didn’t take her and that I didn’t call. I explained that in my haste to get out the door I forgot to take the phone manual with me and I could not use the retinca scan or fingerprint biometric features to unlock the phone. I had 36 voice mail messages and 29 unanswered calls. I have to get more organised™.

    At any rate, I spent the balance of this afternoon reading the dust jackets of my new library of C++ books to decide which one I should put on the top of my reading list.

    Any thought on other C++ programming resources?

  • “have that money in certified form” ???
    Bounce a check or two on the sis-in-law?

  • @ timeline guy,

    you should win a pulitzer

  • 306. James_Marks
    April 30th, 2007 at 5:36 pm

    TimeLine Guy:

    “Just as I turned on the stove I remembered my modified vegan™ lifestyle and quickly shaped the ground beef to look like carrots.”

    This single paragraph… is simply genius. Sheer, bloody genius.

  • 307. CaseyCaseyCasey...
    April 30th, 2007 at 5:53 pm


    I’m not a hater — nor am I a cheerleader. I’m just an observer.

    And what I have noticed is that many people (including yours truly) go through some tough times in life every now and then. Sometimes it’s self-inflicted; other times it’s just sh*tty luck. Or even a combination thereof.

    Obviously this is one of these times for you.

    Seriously, man… just find the strength from within and do whatever you can do (legally and honorably, of course) to pull yourself out of this mess.

    This is the kind of stuff that builds character and helps you grow and become a better person. Learn from this, and use these lessons for the rest of your life. And don’t make the same mistakes again.

    Live and learn.

    It will take a lot of effort and determination on your part, but you can pull through this if you really want to. Find your gut, son.

    God speed!

  • “For those wondering, the beg-a-thon money and CD job money WAS gonna go for rent but somehow disappeared for some other needed expenses.
    I need to track them expenses better, down to every (clean) penny. That was one of my 2007 goals and I’m still working on implementing it. ”

    I’ve been half-heartedly hoping you could pull yourself out of the mess you got into. But after reading the above quote I have no sympathy any longer. You have less follow-through than anyone I’ve ever heard of.

    Anyone who gives money to you is a complete retard. You don’t keep your word. Time and again you’ve squandered and misallocated the funds that people have graciously donated to you.

    You, Casey Serin, have a big ‘L’ branded on your forehead. Your attitude stinks and you think success should just automatically come to you. You think you’re too good to work hard, lead a modest life, and save money like normal people. Well you’re going to live a modest life pretty soon, like it or not.

    PS: I hope you get mauled repeatedly in prison.

  • Post #334….

    Get a life. I can’t believe that you have not been paying attention. CS is going to sell the houses once he has fixed up everything in them. Geez. Frigin idiot!

  • “it can’t get worse than this”

    Yeah, I think it could.

    1) Get kicked out of your SIL’s.
    2) Get served with divorce papers
    3) Get arrested for mortgage fraud
    4) Go to jail for a few years
    5) Have to eat seriously non-vegan jail food and share a room with “Tiny”.


    Don’t listen to the HATERS.

    Your a creative guy. Get out there and go for it man, use your powers YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  • Thinker: Casey, what is your plan?

    Casey: I was creative in getting into this mess, and now I have to be 10 times as creative to get out.

    Thinker: Yeah! Bravo! That’s the way to think!

    Audience: Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

    Wait a minute, wasn’t this part of your video with RK?

    So sorry!

    Casey, let’s get back to realism.
    I’m sorry to be rude, but your creativity blows.
    Get a job.

  • 313. been there
    April 30th, 2007 at 6:41 pm

    Casey - you are one of the best PR people I’ve ever come across - that’s your business - not real estate! Anybody can make money in a hot real estate market - you are a born promoter - there’s a whole lot more money in that business right now. What you need to do for a career is to figure out how to harness that talent - you will I’m sure.

    As for now, you need to get rid of the the debt overhang that will bury you for years. You obviously can’t afford an attorney to help you out in filing for BK - spend your time now figuring out how to do that on your own. The list of people who have gone broke at least once and then made it big is endless - myself included.

    For money now - hustle around and find some freelance IT work - you’re smart enough to do that if you put your mind to it.

    I’ll be watching you.

  • How to track your expenses:

    1. Get a bank account with a debit card.
    2. Every time you spend money with the debit card, keep the receipt.
    3. Once a day, enter all of your receipts into Quicken (or the equivalent). It takes about 10 minutes.
    4. After a couple of weeks you start picking up on where you spend your money. Then you can decide how you want to adjust your spending habits.
    5. (THE BONUS ROUND): Enter your debts into Quicken. So you can track how much you owe and how long it will take you to pay off your debts. Then you can schedule your payments and make sure your monthly (fixed) expenses are paid each month before you start trying to spend money on frivolous things.

  • 315. Creative Home Solution
    April 30th, 2007 at 7:01 pm

    Hey CS:

    How about this? You’d need to find a place to park it, however, it would give you much needed living space.


  • 316. Great Homeless Options
    April 30th, 2007 at 7:25 pm

    Here are some more “alternative” housing ideas for you:

    Really, check these out:

    Once you purchase something, go to the listing of NOD homes in the Sac area, find those that are sitting empty and park yourself in the driveway…. you can offer the soon-to-be-foreclosed owner of the home(s) “security” services in exchange electricity and water.

  • Sorry to see what happened to you.

  • 318. Astro Zombie
    April 30th, 2007 at 7:47 pm

    Casey - what about the job? Seriously I think you should get a day job at your market value ($35k - $50k) and then get a night job to bring in some daily cash flow (deliver pizza). Don’t laugh, 10 years ago I was delivering pizza and now I make $250k a year (though it is a loser w-2 job).

  • 319. miltons-ghost
    April 30th, 2007 at 8:02 pm

    I think Casey will be evicted while he sleeps in.

  • 320. It's All Good
    April 30th, 2007 at 8:18 pm

    Maybe the person who stole your stereo that that since everybody is doing it, it’s all good.

    You know, a little shady but they Intend to put it back when they make it rich.

    It’s all good!

  • Knock knock.

    Casey: Who is there?


    Casey: FB who?


    Casey: What, who is there?


    Casey: Who is that?



  • 322. TrailerKing
    April 30th, 2007 at 8:21 pm

    Remember Casey’s claim to fame? The number 10 ranking for a google search of the word “foreclosure?”

    Go to google and do a search for “Real Estate Loser” …. guess what comes up as number 1?

    Casey, get two jobs, one as an on-site manager of a small apartment building and one which utilizes your obvious talents in web design and development. One will give you a place to live and the other will give you a steady income. You need both right now. File BK if you need to, save your marriage, try to avoid jail, and start building a solid financial foundation. In two or three years you could have a solid marriage, better credit, and the knowledge of what managing income producing real estate real estate is really about. Right now you know the lingo, but you don’t know what you’re doing. You’ll be ready when the real estate cycle comes around in about 2010 or 2011.

    Best of luck, you don’t want to be the #1 “real estate loser” for the rest of your life.

  • You know Casey, I was just reading your post from earlier today that you’ve since deleted and I must say, it was probably a smart idea to take it down.

    Here’s the thing, and ignore it at your own peril. A woman with a professional job (i.e., Yulia) is a woman with plenty of practical girlfriends. Other women who work hard and take care of their families and don’t have a whole lot of patience for deadbeat men constantly in search of “sweet deals”. And if you think Yulia’s friends aren’t reading IAFF every day - or that they don’t know about it - you’re truly out of your mind.

    Women really, really, REALLY don’t like to be embarrassed in front of friends. And I guarantee that you’re doing just that - embarrassing her. Yulia’s entire social circle knows all about her loser brother-in-law, and they’re after her every day to do something about it.

    Just a factor you may not have considered before. Don’t underestimate it.

  • So shouldn’t you change the name of your website to ihavebeenforeclosed.com?

  • FBI is right around the corner :-)

    It’s all good!

  • Hey Casey,
    Don’t despair, you are very young and you have your whole life ahead of you.

    Please find a good job, file BK; start finding simple pleasures in life.
    Life is a journey. Everything here is for the reason.
    I know it feels crappy, but time heals it all. Just give it a day, then another day; take one day at a time.

    Good luck.

  • Now is the time to cut the silly stuff and do something BLATANTLY illegal. Import some drugs. Rob a bank. Steel a car.

    You’ve had your share of bad luck. It’s all gravy from here!

  • Casey, why did you delete today’s post about living in a van down by the river?


  • 329. James Pepper
    May 1st, 2007 at 12:26 am


    How ironic. In a few months it will be the litle subwoofer mounted in your a** that is getting broken in to.

    Get a job, or this blog will get real boring real fast.

    And I concur - if TimeLineGuy(TM) is not already making a living writing comedy, he should consider it. Try sending stuff to The Onion.

  • Karma is a b**** isn’t it?

  • 331. Cow_tipping
    May 1st, 2007 at 8:20 am

    You think one of the people you priced out caught up with your new residence ???
    Cos sure as hell you have no clue as to how to hide your license plate in pics of this POS.

  • Hi C. Don’t worry. We have been through the ringer too. Lost jobs, home, cars, etc. But we still have each other our health, and make a great living.

    Still alive. Just finished MBA. You will survive. The bankruptcy idea above may not be a bad deal. If corporations can do it, why not you. You could be back in business using your experience in a few months. All history wiped out in 7 years. Also why not write a book on “What Not to do in Real Estate”. That could be real lucrative. No pun intended, think about it. God bless you.

  • Not sure what to say Casey without being facitious.

    Get your taxes done. Declare BK, get a job and try to save your marrage. You may actually be better off with the forclosures instead of short sales. At least you don’t have huge tax bills for the forgiven debt (income).

    Make a 10 year plan. You just lost a decade, but you are still alive. Get over it.

  • has been foreclosed on

  • Oh , what about the book deal? Did I miss an update? Let me go back and check . As for something’s gotta give? Start with macaroni grill, jama juice, and stop begging for donations.

    I know I sound harsh, but you deserve everything that’s happened to you, you’re too lucky to still be talking about and snapping digital photos.

    Yes, you can live in a car if you can afford to, I’ve heard a few people who’ve done that recently for a few months. But one YOU the smart businessman lives in a car, your funny story is over with.

  • I haven’t read all the posts and comments here so perhaps this has been suggested before, but perhaps one of the famous real estate “gurus” would agree to take Casey on and mentor him in exchange for all the publicity. It couldn’t hurt to contact some of them and ask. Americans love a good comeback story.

  • Casey serin = Odd todd - Humour + Enormous debts


  • JUSTICE! Car broken into right after his insurance is cancelled from non-payment (should’ve thought of that when he sipped Jamba Juice) Something’s gotta give! (Hint : A divorce or suicide may work!) Posted in Funny, Money, Logic/Debate, Lifestyle | No Comments »

  • Casey Serin could have explained to Carl how foolish this “working” thing is. According to Casey, Carl is dooming himself to retire in poverty by the working/saving/investing thang. Of course Casey had to borrow money to pay the rent; fortunately he found a sucker to cough it up and has now retreated to Tahoe on a “business trip”: After getting overwhelmed with trying to put together an action plan for the next few months I decided to take a random trip to one of my favorite

  • “Twas in the Central Valley that he won his fame. Casey Serin, he wanted passive income. Casey Serin, chugging wheatgrass shots with glee. Casey Serin, how can he be so dumb? Thinking that no work will bring him money for free. View the original post here

  • my friend… man up and declare BK.

  • Calla Way, Sacramento, CA (Sold Jan-2006) Burdett Way, Sacramento CA (foreclosed Mar-2007) Guadalajara Dr, Rio Rancho NM (foreclosed Mar-2007) Sonora Ave, Albuquerque, NM (Sold Jun-06) Muncy Dr, Modesto CA (foreclosed Apr-2007) W 10250 N, Highland UT (Wrapped, Unwrapped, Wrapped?) Larchmont Dr, North Highlands CA (Foreclosed 07-Feb-2007) Angleridge Rd, Dallas TX (Foreclosed Nov-2006)