April 12th, 2007   12:33 am

It’s Official: Foreclosure Book Coming

With my experience trying to stop foreclosure and all the exposure on my foreclosure story - it’s only natural.

Yes, the time has come for me to write a foreclosure book! The funding, the team and the connections are all coming together. I’ve been blessed with this opportunity to turn my “failure” into a success and help a lot of people in the process…

Can’t share any more at this point. But sign-up for my mailing list and be the first to hear major announcements.

By the way, look for me on ABC News tonight (unless it gets rescheduled again).


  • Casey,

    I know you’re writing a book; when are you going to create a resume? If you post it online, I might even be able to get some nice firms that pay $60K/year to look at it.

  • ABC News Tonight!?!? Man, I gotta give it to ya! You’re certainly making the rounds in the media. This week is Sanjaya, next week it’s Casey!

    So you’re thinking of writing a book. That’s what we’ve all been telling you to do, except for the fact that you won’t have the ending yet. Do your research and make sure you maximize the offers before you sign on the dotted line with a publisher. Remember, you tend to jump into things, and this will be a good opportunity to show the world that you’ve approached this properly.

    Another idea….. make sure you collect photos from all of your media appearances so you can have a photo section in the middle of the book.

    Your story is indeed an interesting one, but only YOU have the power to make the ending ethical and good.

  • natural… and hilarious.

  • Uh oh…. PRLinkleetch is going to be all over you for residuals on your book. You’d better be sure you can get out of that contract!

  • By the way, my book on preventing foreclosure would be very, very short:

    Make your payments on time every time.

    The end.

  • Book deal. Wow.

    I’m gonna be living in my office trying to pay my debts, and you’re getting a book deal.



  • Congratulations on making a book.
    Would the book give advice about ways of getting out of foreclosure and how the author prevented his house from foreclosure?

  • By the way, you do realize that one thing that’s keeping the banks from coming after you is that you have nothing to come after, right?

    If you do actually write a book (I’d recommend getting a ghost writer) and sell it and make a ton of money, then you make yourself a giant target for the lenders that got hosed and the investors who bought your fraudulent loans.

    By the way, which publisher are you selling your book to? Are you getting an advance for it? Or are you simply writing a book and then planning to shop it around?

  • book? seriously?

  • Is the title of the book “The Complete Idiots Guide on How to Foreclose on 6 + Properties?”

    I guess PT Barnum was correct. You found yours.

  • foreclosure book — great idea. i think i could write one based on what you have learned.

    1. stop making mortgage payments
    2. ignore requests to pay
    3. get “Notice of Default” but don’t open mail
    4. “Foreclosure Sale” note gets stapled to front door
    5. Sale occurs and you have to go live with relatives
    6. it’s okay, “it’s all good”

    it seems to me, you haven’t really done anything in this foreclosure process. it has all happened TO you.

  • but casey real authors dont have to pay for the book to be printed.

  • Congrats Casey! Look forward to hearing more about the book.


  • 14. SubPrime Nation
    April 12th, 2007 at 4:17 am

    As someone who has written a book (currently available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble.com, Walmart.com, Overstock.com, and on the shelf in some bookstores) I
    can state, with assurance, that you don’t possess the drive or the work ethic to actually get a book written.

    It’s not as easy as it sounds.

  • 15. Loads O Money
    April 12th, 2007 at 4:18 am

    Hey Casey,

    That’s great news. There’s a minor problem though. Writing a book requires quite a bit of work. When will it be complete ?

    Loads o Money

  • 16. SubPrime Nation
    April 12th, 2007 at 4:19 am

    “…The funding, the team and the connections are all coming together….”

    My publisher provided all of the above; evidently, you are
    hooking-up with another scam, probably some “self-publishing concept.”

  • 17. doosh bauge
    April 12th, 2007 at 4:21 am

    So is the book titled: “whatever I say, do the opposite, because I’m a looooser that ceased the day!”?

  • I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • 19. RichDadDumbCasey
    April 12th, 2007 at 4:37 am

    Remember James Frey:

    YOU LIE ONCE IN THIS BOOK, AND IT WILL BE EXPOSED. You will not only lose credibility (of which you’ll need every drop of, as who really wants to be the guy who got rich off of being incredibly stupid), but lose sales, and have the rest of your life be a living hell.

    Seeing that you have no problem defrauding lenders and lying to the media, I think it’ll be a grand time when your publishers lynch you for duping them into releasing a “non-fiction” book packed full of your waffle-like facts

    People still spit, literally SPIT at Frey when he’s sulking around NYC. Do you want people to openly assault and degrade you for the rest of your life?

    This cannot be said enough: You lie in this book ONCE and it WILL be exposed.

  • okay….here’s where I’m out of here. Count this repeat viewer and commenter gone.

    It’s plainly obvious that this site is no longer in any way related to an honest attempt on your part to “get saved” as you put in the header, or to address the problems you’ve created for yourself in an honest and meaningful way.

    Instead, this site is now a homage to Casey the media star…the Paris Hilton of cash back financing.

    I’m tired of offering sound advice or comments that in my estimation might spur constructive thinking about the reality of your situation. And I now know that I will be able to see what happens in the book.

    By the way, I believe there are laws on the books (OJ Simpson is snared in them now) that prevent you from profiting from the publicity associated with criminal acts. If I were you, I’d be very cautious before couting any on royalties as income.

    I’m outta here…..

  • 21. DC EConomist
    April 12th, 2007 at 5:04 am

    We know about you on ABC news.

    Can’t tell us the details? This is what gets people upset and haterish towards you. For once, just tell us what’s going on.

    Funding? You shouldn’t be paying to write a book.
    The Team? What team? Ghostwriter?

    Your whole story is on wikipedia, don’t you get that?

  • you have as much to add in a book to help people get out of foreclosure as the menedez brothers do in advising people how to get away with murder. give it up casey, there will be no book and (especially after the corporate credit scam that shows your unrepentant and malicious intent) you are almost certainly going to be prosecuted. what you really need to do is start thinking about how to accessorize with an orange jumpsuit. maybe even learn how to make a murse from a pillowcase.

  • 23. Quick Question
    April 12th, 2007 at 5:08 am

    BS. Not only do I not think you have the follow through to write a whole book. I don’t think you have anything to write that is worth reading. Yes I do read some of IAFF, but it is entertainment and you know it. Stop, the crazy and grow up.

    However, I wish you the best of luck with the book. Be sure then if money starts coming in you start to pay of your debt. None of this “i won’t pay because it won’t change anything.”

  • Your life, thus far, needs to be foreclosed. Your tenacity in holding on to your fantasy life of being a self made real estate mogul is fascinating.

    This “book deal” is just delaying the inevitable.

    A word of advice: Don’t blow the advance all in one place. They usually count against the royalties. (In other words, you will still *owe* money to the publisher until you’ve paid back the advance via the sales of the book. After you’ve sold enough copies to cover the advance, do you make any income.)

    Oh. Will you have a book tour? And sell copies out of the back of your sweeeet jetta with rims?

    I’m certainly *not* buying a copy.

    Occasionally I feel bad for being so critical about you. I really want you to succeed, which means giving up this pipe dream of yours and getting a job, filing for BK after foreclosure, etc.
    But your unwillingness to do so is just so infuriating. It’s like your own personal real time version of the “Twilight Zone.”

    Dude. You’re Prometheus. And we’re the vultures that return every night to feast on your entrails. Actually, I’m wrong, you’re Sisyphus, rolling that big rock of yours up that hill, only to have it roll right back down again. Prometheus actually did something useful for humanity — he gave us fire (according to Greek Mythology). You, on the other hand… provide great entertainment value at your own expense.

    Ciao Bella!

  • Since the best bit of this site is (and has always been) the comments, what possible reason would anyone have to buy a book that presumably won’t be featuring them? I mean, it’s not as if you’ve actually come up with any solutions to your foreclosure problem!

    Unless of course you’re planning to share your royalties with the people who are effectively your co-writers. In which case, please let me know where to submit my invoice.

  • I anticipate this being some sort of self-published drivel with a bunch of guru speak intertwined. You will probably be selling it on this site and maybe a few other places. If it was a real book with a real publisher, they would be giving you money - you would not have to come up with ‘funding’.

    How can you help anybody? You have not avoided foreclosure and you don’t learn from your mistakes. As always, the question is ‘What do you bring to the table besides colossal failure?’. What will differentiate your book from the many others by SUCCESSFUL people that are already on the market?

  • You do realise:

    1. All proceeds from the book will be due to your creditors?
    2. The fastest and easiest way to monetise this blog is Google Adsense?
    3. People generally buy books to learn how to succed- not the other way around
    4. Buying anything with no money down means more interest to pay and thus more risk of having zero profits?
    5. The higher the interest you pay on any loan, the lower the chances of any investment made with it breaking even?
    6. Credit card debt is the fastest way into financial travail?
    7. Once all your properties have been foreclosed, this blog is pointless, the story’s over and your audience will move on?
    8. You’re eventually going to have to learn to earn the old fashioned way?
    9. If you’ve learned nothing from all this it’s going to happen again?
    10. Not everyone hates you- they just see you more clearly than you see yourself: “The eye sees not itself but by reflection in other things”- Shakespeare.

  • I’m speechless. Why buy your book when everyone can come here and read all the dirty details for free?

  • Will this book include your personal background, namely how you attempted to run a pyramid scheme on the Internet in 1997?

    For anyone who’s interested in this… Go on groups.google.com and search for the following keywords: Casey Serin Easy Cash

    Go ahead Casey, let this comment through. It’s finally time to man up and face the facts.

  • 30. Brian Thorp
    April 12th, 2007 at 6:06 am

    Awesome. Absolutely awesome. Don’t be afraid to let a bidding war break out for the movie rights. And be humble enough to let the starring role in the movie go to some up and coming Hollywood kid. May your next house be purchased with cash.

  • Sure,

    another scam book


  • 32. CallTheSewagePlant
    April 12th, 2007 at 6:11 am

    You are a liar Casey. Pure and simple. I am calling you out right now.

    You are a liar.

    Casey, you’re also in real trouble. You have your head up your colon and think you are on top of the world, but you are in trouble.


    Casey, they’re not a lender. They are not interested in protecting their reputation.

    You can’t put them in lender ignore mode.

    You’ll have lots of time to write your book in prison.

    And Casey, I am seriously in the process of using the IRS snitch site to turn you in. I truly hope that I play a part in you going to jail.

  • So, if I try to fly to Mars using a pair of feathers from a hummingbird, and fail miserably, breaking every bone in my body, I can write a book about how to fly to Mars using a pair of feathers from a hummingbird?

    You are beyond pathethic. A con artist of the highest magnitude. But the funniest thing is - you seem to be completely unaware of this fact.

  • Sweet deal

  • 35. Helping Caseys Notoriety
    April 12th, 2007 at 6:21 am

    Knock Knock Knock!! It’s PRLink and NLL to discuss royalties. Did you get that straightened out Casey, or is that another dangling chad?

  • is this a “how to book”?….the only advice I think you can give is how to put yourself into such a bad financial position that you have to file for foreclosure…

  • I hate to sound stupid but……. don’t you still have that contract with the Real Estate Ladies where you have to turn over the proceeds of your story to them?

  • 38. AmIReadingThisRight?
    April 12th, 2007 at 6:33 am


    Please don’t let my comment drift by. It is serious and needs a serious answer.

    How can you write a book about foreclosures when you have never been able to stop one? I am not being a goof. I am serious. What do you have to offer? How to put a house into foreclosure? I am being serious. It’s the only thing you have managed to do, and I think anyone can do that.

    Seriously, you haven’t stopped a foreclosure. You haven’t done anything that anyone else couldn’t do. I don’t see where your book is going.

    And, isn’t any money earned from this book just going to be garnashied by the people you owe money to?

  • dude,

    You can’t even write a frigging blog. How are you going to write a book. And even if you did, who would buy it??????

    Although, Russ Whitney s@cks, and he has written a few books.

  • Good, that’s a start. I hope you have a writer who will do most of the writing, since your grammar and spelling is worse than me (yes, I am an immigrant too).

    Guess the old saying is true, those who can’t, teach.

    Will this be a real book that gets published? Is this what the corporation is for? I hope the theme is in term more of a humor and not about “what not to do”, but your choice. The reason I say that is you aren’t qualified to tell other how to avoid foreclosure. But if the theme is how you handle foreclosure, then I think it’s all good. (tic).

    And most important, WHEN will it be published?

  • What fourth-rate press is publishing it? What fifth-rate ghostwrite did they assign to you? What is your advance? (this is the real test of if the publishing house is “serious” about your book or not.)

  • 42. Jaquesoff Schmirnoff
    April 12th, 2007 at 6:45 am

    I’m sure it will sell as many copies as Sqwark.com

  • Haven’t you already written the book?

    On this website?

    Who would buy a book about foreclosure written by someone who lost 5 out of nine properties to foreclosure…

    When you were under serious threat of foreclosure, your loss rate ran at nearly 100%!

    I’m sorry that this is the grand plan revealed if, you’d gotten back into the game and made some sweet deals and were at least fifty - fifty success wise, that I could respect.

    Write the book.

    But you’re going to have to make it the book of books before I’d consider it or before anyone should consider it.

  • Oh yeah - I’m sure I won’t be the only one mentioning this, but how big a cut do the PRLinkBiz ladies get?

    Or, depending on how the lawyers interpret that contract, how big a cut are they graciously going to let you have?

    Your “team” and “connections” do know about this, don’t they?

  • It’s official, but ‘coming together’ ?

    Is this you announcing something that isn’t actually sorted out yet again?

  • 46. Please Explain
    April 12th, 2007 at 6:53 am

    Casey what about that contract you signed with PrklinBz? How are you going to get around that. I’m sure they are going to come after you with that agreement since you signed all your rights away.

  • 47. Dumbfounded
    April 12th, 2007 at 6:54 am

    Buy a book from you? BwaaaaHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

    I’ve been reading your train wreck site because it’s free. The only reason I’m still hanging around is to see you arrested. If you do not get serious jail time, I will be totally disappointed in our criminal justice system.

  • I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • sweet!

  • 50. PRLinkWench
    April 12th, 2007 at 7:10 am

    If you write this book, I will hound you to the ends of the earth. We have a signed contract. We own you!

  • You too can get into hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, just read my book!

  • Well Casey, I suspect you will use the money or IE be forced to pay off the creditors once they sue you when they find out and the rest can go towards your legal fund. At least guys like Frank Abagnale did their time before writing about their crime!

    Also, lets hope you don’t get convicted, criminals can no longer profit from their crimes and I think you’ve admitted enough to freeze any money from this book until a court decides otherwise.

  • 53. rob Dawg (fka:Robert Coté)
    April 12th, 2007 at 7:18 am

    Casey, get a different post-ghost writer and better bait.

    Subtract out all the content you’ll need permission to republish, subtract out all the lawsuits if you name names, subtract out all the obstacles the PRBlinkies are preparing and what’s left? Heck, any lawyer that review and clears the way is sure to eat any advance and then some. You are using an experience lawyer right? I’m surprised he/she let you taint the ongoing negotiations with this little announcement. And hey, nothing like flying under the radar by preannouncing a tell-all book of how you beat the system.

  • 54. Uzbecki Durok
    April 12th, 2007 at 7:22 am

    So Casey, how much money are you borrowing to get your “book” published? We know from long experience that every time you do “business”, you get taken.

  • 55. Book club at Folsom
    April 12th, 2007 at 7:23 am


    I’m betting that you finish the book in prision. Maybe you could have pictures with your cellmate , Bubba, as a foldout in the book.

    You have given any prosecuter enough information to “slam dunk” you to the slammer.

  • Casey, I am interested in learning more! Are you going to be authoring this book yourself, or will it be ghost authored by another? How will the book be distributed? Are we talking about a printed book that is placed in nation-wide bookstores, or would this be an eBook for $4.95 available from your website? What does the writing and printing schedule look like?

    If this is a print book through a regular publisher, what is your advance and royalty schedule? What sort of time line has your editor given you?

  • 57. early_rizer_tracker_guy
    April 12th, 2007 at 7:28 am

    you’re not pud. and pud sucks at everything anyway.

  • Good for you Casey, but I’ll pass on the foreclosure book.

    The day you write a guide to buying a Man Purse, or a Juicer recipe guide; let me know. I’ll buy those books in a hurry.

    But I’m glad to see you’re working on a project.

  • With your sterling track record of procrastination the book will never be finished.

  • 60. Roberto Culosaki
    April 12th, 2007 at 7:44 am

    Hey Casey,

    OMFG. You have not even officially been foreclosed on your last property and you want to write a book now? If you do get pinched, the Judge is going to laugh you right into a jail cell for even attempting to profit off your escapades before it’s even over with.

    You have some major balls connected to a hollow space inside your head that lacks any brain.

    This is the ultimate in STUPID, buddy.

  • Casey,
    I thought you weren’t going to release tidbits of what’s happening without being able to release the full story because people would just make up rumours to fill in the blanks? There are quite a lot of blanks here….

  • step 1: go to snake oil seminars that give psueodo good advice, ignore the good advice about not over extending yourself therby putting yourself in enormous amounts of debt.

    step 2: write book about above experience

    step 3: Profit???

  • Title of book…?

    “Win-win : A guide to successful foreclosure” by Casey Serin

  • 64. Mark Smoler
    April 12th, 2007 at 7:58 am

    You write a book? On what? How not to succeed. You still haven’t helped yourself, how do you expect to help others?

    You think you have ‘haters’ now, just wait. People who know your story will be as outraged as they were with OJ and his book.

    The fact that you can’t write intelligibly, (there is proof all over this blog), also makes this idea seam silly.

    But, it’s all good. Poof, now you’re a writer. You will be able to claim to be a business owner, investor, entrepreneur and now writer. Never mind that you have less money, class, intelligence, edjucation, work ethic or common sense than the average high school kid who flips burgers at the local fast food joint. It’s all good!

    Have you looked into the federal laws about profiting from book deals that come from describing illegal actions? It’s all good!

  • wow this is just comical.

  • 66. J. Murse Manbagger
    April 12th, 2007 at 8:06 am

    Alright, now I’m becoming a hater. You had about 200 comments on your last post and you didn’t respond to any of them. Now you have assembled a team to write a book about foreclosures? This site is really starting to stink. I’m not signing up to be on your email list…I can just imagine you selling that list to anyone who comes along with enough for a Jamba Juice.

    I think I’ll just stop back once a month to see if this site is still up. On to EN…

    -J. Murse Handbagger

    asw: loose as in, you just loosed another reader

  • 67. Voice of Reason in a World Gone Mad
    April 12th, 2007 at 8:07 am

    Great. Another distraction.

    I sure hope you have a good editor.

  • 68. desperate_girl15
    April 12th, 2007 at 8:07 am

    Looking for you on ABC? I’ll be looking for you in Folsom. Behind bars.

  • 69. Property Flopper
    April 12th, 2007 at 8:08 am

    Uh, yeah… People usually want a book on how to AVOID foreclosure, something you’ve failed to do. IF (and it’s a big if) you managed to write it (likely have someone write it for you), I see this ending up on the Barnes and Nobel “bargin bin” table really quick.

  • Good job Casey, you may yet pull this off. Here’s hoping you use the book advance to pay off those debts, and not spend them on Jamba Juice.

  • What benefit would a reader facing foreclosure recieve from reading your book? You have been sucessful (if you want to call it that) at stoping foreclosure on only 1 property. I am not trying to be a “hater” however you could have sat back and done nothing and you would still be in the same situation you are in right now……

  • Casey,
    You are a failure; a complete failure in every part of RE investing. You are an expert on How to Fail in Real Estate. Why would anybody buy this book? The answer is because there is a lot of failures and suckers like you who will purchase your book.

    “How to loose money in real estate and then convince suckers to buy your book”

  • Casey,

    Arent’t there enought books about failures out there.

  • 74. Harper Collins
    April 12th, 2007 at 8:28 am

    Dear Mr. Serin,

    Attached are a few paragraphs from your recently submitted manuscript. We ask that you review them and then respond as to why we would want to pulish such material.


    Haper Collins

    It was a dark and stormey knight. uh shawt rang owt and the made screemed. Thet is how I began my lief in amerca. I saw it as th lend of oppertnty but in the end all it was was a bad dreem.

    My entention was too get rich qick and flip somes housing but buy using lair loans I acidntly robed banks. It was a dark thyme in my lief going thru the fourclosures but i lerned alot from it. My entnetion was two hellp other peple avoid the meny mistaeks thet I maid along the way to qick riches.

    Nobody shud pay there hard ernd mony on they kinds of guru semnar thet I did. They our werthless becaus they dont tel you of the meny pitfals that can await you.

    (man this righting is tedeus. I need to find a busnes pertnr who can do it four me. Righting 250 paiges is relly hard werk.)

    Ill submit moer later after I wrest some.



  • Where are youTimelineGuy? I’m your biggest fan!

    Anti-spam word: stated

  • 76. This is Hilarious
    April 12th, 2007 at 8:33 am

    This entry by Casey should be sure to get the hate mail going. The funniest thing of all …. in spite of all the “haters” on here , that want desperately for Ole’ Casey to go down in flames. They won’t be able to help themselves and will be one of the first ones in line to buy this stupid book. Casey looks like he is going to be a millionaire yet on all of these poster’s dime .

  • Psychiatrist’s have a term for those that gloat over the crime they commit, without emotion of remorse and shame.

    You thrust your 22 caliber chest out, proud as an expectant father that someone will attempt to capitalize off of your stupidity and greed, and that ABC will parade you as a fool in front of the nation. In early times, you would have been dressed as a court jester, so that all could laugh at your idiocy. Have you no remorse, no shame?

  • 78. Real Estate Speculator
    April 12th, 2007 at 8:40 am

    Only in America that you can have this kind of opportunity. Good luck to your new gig.

  • dude,

    why not get a JOB first, then write a book?

  • A book about what???? You’ve told your story here and you’ve got no lessons learned to share. You are an idiot.

  • 81. someone who knows better
    April 12th, 2007 at 8:48 am


    A head’s up, Casey: when you write a book there is a little thing called a DEADLINE.

    I suggest you look up the definition of that word.

    Oh, and better learn to open your mail, too.

    One other suggestion: if by some Godforsaken reason you a)happen to get your act together and actually write a book and b) it actually gets published, don’t get all excited and spend any advance checks right away. In the event your book doesn’t sell, that may be the only money you see out of the deal……….and then you would be back to being broke.

    On a side note, if somehow you do end up being brought up on criminal charges for your fraud, don’t count on this book. In the United States you are not allowed to profit from your criminal activites by writing books, etc.

  • Book, Great idea.

    Why not write it on a postcard. You can list everything you know and still have two sides blank.


    Write book: 2 years
    Edit book : 2 years
    Print book: 1 year
    Sell book: 1 year sell 7 books
    Compost remaining books: 1 day.

    Who is your market:

    Broke people willing to pay a 24 year old broke punk 25 bucks to learn how to go broke.

    Don’t bother with a job. The state already has plans for you when you get out. You are going to be on the business end of a broom cleaning streets.

    Hater level 5
    Laugh level 9
    disgust level 10
    pathetic meter 11
    sympathy level 2

  • “The Casey Serin Story: How a narcissistic purse-toting scam artist with a compulsive gambling problem got himself in debt and then failed to get out of it, because he couldn’t pay it back, but couldn’t declare bankruptcy because he couldn’t afford a decent attorney and was worried that having committing fraud might be a problem in court.”

    Yeah, that sounds like a best-seller.

    Or is it going to be a self-help book?

    “How to go from Zero net worth to negative $2.2 million without even trying.”

    I sure hope you’re having it ghost-written by someone who knows how to both write AND spell.

  • No thanks. I already know how to pay my mortgage. I don’t need a 24 year old scatterbrain to tell me what will happen if I don’t do that.

    If you want to write a best-seller, write a book on how to get away with committing mortgage fraud — the liar loans, the cash back, all that stuff. Americans love to read about how they might get away with crimes and they worship people who give the middle finger to the law. Since you ruined yourself instead of letting the law ruin you, readers will also be able to fantasize about how they would have done a much better job because 95% of them are smarter than you.

    Be sure to finish the book before any charges are filed.

  • Hey Casey,

    If I were you… I would’ve declared BK first before signing this book deal (as it is, the value of this, if any, may be considered an asset that could be siezed to pay off your debts).

    Oh well, another great opportunity that’s going to slip through your fingers… Enjoy!!

  • Let me guess, you pay someone to write it. You pay someone to publish it and then wait for the royalty payments to start flowing in.

    They can see you coming and probably even search you out now.

  • 87. Good Riddance
    April 12th, 2007 at 9:12 am

    Yeah, a book. That sounds like a good plan - all that writing, self discipline, meeting deadlines, working with printers/publishers - it will be a HUGE success, because we all know how good you are at the details.

    Now you can talk about your fraud in print! I’ll be sure to have a copy sent directly to the FBI.

  • 88. Mrs. GameOver
    April 12th, 2007 at 9:12 am

    Wow Casey. Your utter stupidy astounds me. My husband has been posting for a while, and I can’t keep quiet any longer.

    Your last post about why people dislike you so much. Gee, I wonder why. Maybe because we are all working, paying our bills and following through with our responsibilities. You don’t do anything. You have been getting good advice for months but dismiss all of it. You take money that does not belong to you and spend it on luxuries. My husband and I have never gone on a nice vacation together. Why you ask? Because we have kids and we don’t have extra money to go. You-you just say what the hell. We don’t have the money-let’s go to Hawaii anyway. Yeah I know you saved money by staying with someone, blah, blah, blah. YOU NEVER SHOULD HAVE GONE! I would love the internet on my cell phone. Why don’t I? Because it is a LUXURY-a LUXURY you cannot afford. Maybe if you were making money on the website one could argue that you need it for moderation purposes. But you aren’t making money on it.

    Why people don’t like you is simple. It is because you are in a perpetual mushroom trip cloud. You never had any intention of paying this money back. You never had a plan to do it. You never got a job. You never did anything.

    And now you are going to write a book? With what advice in it? How to bounce on a ball, where the nearest Jamba Juice is, how to let mail pile up? What advice do you possibly have? You have learned nothing. You did nothing to try to prevent this.

    Absolutely amazing Casey.

  • Will you write it, or are you getting it ghostwritten?

  • “Cease The Day - How to get out of foreclosure” by Casey Serin

  • 3 quick questions:

    Will the person ghost-writing your blog also be authoring the book?

    Why doesn’t your ghost-writer comment on comments anymore?

    What do you do with all your free time now that you have someone approving comments and a ghost-writer for new posts?

  • How is it that you are going to write a book?

    Based on your work ethic, that should only take you about 50 years…

  • There is one book I would by™ related to this site.
    Anything from Timeline Guy™

    Oh, and first you bunch of loosers.™

  • 94. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    April 12th, 2007 at 9:26 am

    I read your story here, so why should I buy your book?

  • I have the following question about writing a foreclosure book: Do you have an offer from a publisher (a simple yes or no would be fine, I don’t need the details).
    What are the details on the book and how soon do you have to produce the first draft? (number of pages, expected subjects covered, first draft provided by January 1, 2008).
    Can you produce the book in that time frame? I assume you would have to write 2-3 pages per day in material. Having done a little bit of writing 2-3 pages can take 2-3 hours to get a rough draft down (not counting the additional 2-3 hours of edit, redraft and re-edit to make the text readable).

    Most writers that are struggling to get their first “Yes” letter from anyone are still working day jobs to make ends meet until their first story gets bought. I can’t see anyone giving you a large advance since you are such an unproven commodity.

  • What does this remind me of? William Hung.

  • Before That: Monetize website
    Two Weeks ago: Use website as resource for people facing foreclosure.
    Last week: Use website as a clearing house on short sales
    This week: Write book on foreclosure.

    I still don’t see the whole solving the short term money thing coming together yet.
    Maybe a publishing house will give you an advance after you produce a couple chapters of material so they can evaluate your material and decide if you have something they think they can sell.

  • You have now officially jumped the shark.


  • Casey, do you find it odd you’re ‘famous’ for being a failure? You made no comeback because you have exited the real estate business, the only ‘business’ you have is making light of your failures, which I myself would be too ashamed to do. I’m interested to see how you justify just letting the property sit there without renters. Why did you not pick up a hammer yourself. If you ran out of money you at least have sweat equity and some rent money you could have used to keep things going.

  • 100. No Harm No Foul
    April 12th, 2007 at 10:06 am

    The only reason anyone comes to this site is to read the comments. Absolutely no one has any interest in what you have to say, so maybe you could downgrade your latest ambition from hardback to maybe just writing a comic book?

    Ok, it is slightly funny to listen to you talk about how you plan a financial comeback. Do you realize that litterally every child under the age of 10 has a greater chance of succeeding than you do simply because when they enter adult life they will at least have zero debt?

  • 101. $30 Is Nothing
    April 12th, 2007 at 10:08 am


    I hope it sells well - your lenders need and will appreciate getting the money! Maybe they’ll leave you with enough to buy a Jamba Juice.

    The only thing keeping you from getting slammed with lawsuits is your lack of money. A book could change that whole game and keep us entertained for a while longer.

  • dude,

    your book could be your resume.

    Then you will never get a job or maybe you will because no one will read your book (bullsh@t)





    Get one.

  • 103. Roberto Culosaki
    April 12th, 2007 at 10:24 am

    I think George W. maybe getting antsy for losing his status as number 1 when you put the word “failure” in to Google and hit “i’m feeling lucky” when Casey replaces him.

    I am sure someone will be writing a book about Casey and make the ca$h off the story, leaving ole’ snowflake with nothing but the world of pain.

  • Go Casey… one day there will be a movie. We don’t want you to be the bad guy, so keep doing what is right.

  • “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…”

    “As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect.”

    And, probably most appropriate for Casey and his obsessive quest for…what exactly? fame? fortune? salvation through cash back gurus?……”Call me Ishmael.”

    Or, maybe even…”Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.”

    Best of luck Casey - some of the best stuff written by Eastern Europeans over the past century was penned from prison, after all!

    (and, quick note on the topic of ‘education’ - reading any of the books quoted above might have kept you from making some of these mistakes you blog about. You may be right that a college education isn’t mandatory, but a good book never hurts!)

    Can you name the last five (non investment) books you have read?

  • I don’t think I would buy this book. I pay my bills on time. I am realistic as far as how much I can afford. I avoid foreclosure. Done.

    I would buy a book reprinting and expounding on all the great advice and information on time management, property law, responsible money habits etc. etc. the wisest of the commenters have left here in the past.

  • I said this months ago.

    Read about James Frey’s “A Million Little Pieces” and what happended to him.

    You don’t want this and this is exactly where you’re headed.

    More publicity = more haters.

    Don’t say we didn’t tell you so.

  • 108. moe, larry and....
    April 12th, 2007 at 10:54 am

    Can you imagine what the book jacket and the Amazon summary will say in order to advertise the book?

    “Casey Serin, at the age of 24, managed to establish himself, internationally via his website, as a conniving, deceitful hustler whose incompetence resulted in his utter failure. Everyone who became associated with him sustained economic damage themselves, resulting in harm even to their own reputations. Now YOU can do the same by buying this book!!

  • Congratulations on the book deal! I hope you have a strategy for keeping the vultures and loan sharks from getting access to the proceeds from the book deal.

  • Casey,

    There is this scam out on the internet and on fliers at college campuses. It says something to the effect of earn $500-$5,000 a day from your home. All it asks is for is $25-$35 for business training pack containing CD’s marketing and business models. You send the money and when you open the package you find out that the business model is thus: “Photo copy all the crap in this package, pack it into envelopes, put out fliers and emails offering instructions on how to make $500-$5,000 a day for $25-$35 then mail them a copy of this package.”

    Sounds like Casey’s current scam, his book how to survive foreclosure, at the back of the book it says “Write a book about your misfortune and sell it to idiots”.

    PS: Are you going to write the book or have someone else like a financial professional write it then go around the country pretending it’s your work?

  • 111. Arthur Wankspittle
    April 12th, 2007 at 11:11 am

    It’s all been said but, hey, I like this car-crash internet stuff.
    You have no chance of getting anything written and completed to a deadline.
    Even if you make money from it, it will belong to you creditors or will be confiscated as being proceeds from criminal activity.
    What can you write to help people in foreclosure? Read this and do exactly the opposite?
    What will it be called? Dummies guide to foreclosure? $2.2 Million Debt Real Estate Mentor? Loose Millions Selling Real Estate?
    Presumably (with apologies to Douglas Adams) it will have large friendly letters on the front saying “It’s all good”.

    Face it Casey, you were scammed by real estate scaminars, you don’t know what you are doing and you have some sort of personality disorder or gambling type addiction. You do not seem to understand that when you borrow money, 1. it costs money to borrow money and 2. the people who lend it you want it back sometime.

    Just answer one question: How would you define failure?

  • 112. mynameisearl
    April 12th, 2007 at 11:11 am

    Interesting, so you are profiting from crime? Or as you say your mistakes. I will be less of a hater if you actually complete something you start.

  • CS, you’ve become a waste of time.

  • 114. Sean Burkett
    April 12th, 2007 at 11:27 am

    Just like all the real estate material - rent it from the library -

    better yet - just read the blog - you have nothing else to add. You primed the pump too long - no new info.

    I was pulling for you until the stock stupidity and the cooperate credit shenanigans.

    Book is a waste of time and effort and I am sure you will get a scammer to get you to finance the printing and distribution.


  • 115. Your Mother
    April 12th, 2007 at 11:27 am

    1. You obviously have a ghost-writer for this blog.

    2. You are trolling for comments to keep post count high

    3.. You have jumped the shark. Again.

  • 116. jackie_treehorn
    April 12th, 2007 at 11:31 am

    Is this a vanity publisher deal? Do you have to pay THEM to publish your book?

    Casey, I have a feeling someone is trying to rip you off again.

  • Good for you, Casey. The best way to silence a lot of the hate you get is to monetize your publicity and use the proceeds to pay off some of the debts you owe. You probably won’t make the whole $600K (or whatever) back, especially considering that it’s likely your book will be ghostwritten, but at least you can pay back some of your debts and be on the way to digging yourself out of this hole.

  • 118. Loads O Money
    April 12th, 2007 at 11:36 am

    Hey Casey - why dont you have people from this blog with proven real estate experience write a chapter each. That way - you get a book and you havent done any work - your bloggers have. They get to see their name in print.

    Sign me up,

    Loads O Money

  • 119. lawnmower man
    April 12th, 2007 at 11:53 am

    Where is the “funding” coming from, Casey?

  • 120. Big D (that's Dallas by the way)
    April 12th, 2007 at 11:59 am

    Okay Casey….

    Write a book. But Don’t Make it a “how to avoid foreclosure” book.

    Make it the story of how you screwed up royally…. make it interesting, like a tell-all.

    People might by that for the entertainment value. Same reason I come to this site.

  • 121. James Pepper
    April 12th, 2007 at 12:06 pm

    You remind me of an old business associate of mine.

    Full of ideas, full of inspiration and great business plans…

    Two months in you get bored, having sucked in a load of well-meaning people, suckered by your energy and verbose enthusiasm with very little substance backing it up.

    He is now twice bankrupt. I however still earn over $20′000 pa of your nirvana, passive income, from the customer base I managed to salvage from his witless opportunism.

    You should be a salesman, providing lots of bluster up front and passing on long-term customer support to people with longer attention spans.

    You are a disaster.

  • Even if Casey sold 10 million copys and made $50 mil of it, the next day Sheldon Lavene from Rio Ranche propertys would call him and Casey would buy $50 mil worth of property and be broke again, then Casey would state $500 mil income on his loan app and get 50 more mil in worthless property.

  • If K writes a book about avoiding foreclosure, it will be categorized under fiction.

  • In this case, and only this case, I say don’t listen to the haters. Your story is worth a fair amount of money, and assuming you can sort out the PRlink business, you could sell it off for a fair amount of cash.

    Also good job getting some new advertisers up top. People *will* advertise on any site that has a decent amount of readers.

    You may salvage this yet.

    Go Casey go!

  • I find all of the “haters” here to be very naive. You are so angry at Casey, but fail to realize that the largest corporations pull the same stunts:

    1) A former vendor for Walmart said that they never paid on time, and always tried to negotiate down the bill.

    2) I worked for a small company who relied on payments from a major entertainment company. The entertainment company would often wait until lawyers were involved before paying a dime of the contracted amount. They often would contract out work, and when it was completed, would withhold payments until the smaller company went bankrupt, or was willing to take a lesser amount.

    3) Most major companies don’t use their own money to do anything. It’s all about leverage. Use someone else’s money to make even more money.

    You should all be taking advantage of these opportunities. It’s what makes capitalism what it is.

  • Congrats on your book deal. Mind telling us what your advance is?

    I imagine your advance, as a first-time relatively no-name author, is $30,000 or less. Probably more like $5,000–$10,000. Which is just a couple of months’ income. Yet a book takes a good year and a half to get to market, unless it’s a super-rush job. So don’t think you can just kick back. You need some more irons in the fire!

    Then again, the way you negotiate, you probably have to pay them to publish.

    Good luck getting any big dough after the advance, by the way. I don’t foresee a foreclosure title burning up the bestseller lists. You’ve got a niche product and your market is broke.

    Actually, a memoir would be more salable, in my opinion. People are more interested in the train wreck. Did you give your publisher rights to that?

    Publishing contracts can be tricky. I do hope you had an agent or a lawyer look at it.

  • 127. Hater Club
    April 12th, 2007 at 1:16 pm

    BLAHH BLAHHHH BLAHH…Hey Snowflake. Remember that time in life when you were 100% certain that you were going to pay every dirty penny. RIIIIIIGHT!!!!

    And keep bringing the publicity…The Hater community seems to keep growing stronger with each interview. Ohhhh and snowflake. I’ll give you a clue on how to give this blog a positive feel. The day you realize why people “hate” you. Then you’ll lose the hate. It’s soooo simple yet you’ll never get it. That’s why you are our special person who’s entitled to do everything he wants. Our sweet wittle Snowflake…MY PRECIOUS!!!!

  • First of all,

    I hate American Idol. I mean…..come on! I have the best bod around….

    Well, anyway,

    Wow, Casey, a foreclosure book. Well, I might be needing that since my plan of winning AI fell through. I knew I shouldn’t have bought all those speculative houses before I won.

    Crap. Now I’m stuck with all these payments and no way to pay. I can’t wait for your book to come out.

    How far along are you in writing it? Is it almost done? Is there anyway I can get a promotional copy before it hits the market? I need it NOW!

    Great information from the man that knows.

    Well, I guess there’s always weddings and funerals.

    All the best,


  • 129. Virgin with the ocassional In N Out
    April 12th, 2007 at 1:27 pm

    I think it’s great Casey. You will need a project to work on while in jail.

    Is this going to be a coloring book. a pop-up book, perhaps a coffe table book featuring photos of each of your foreclosed properties.

    Books are easy, even a caveman can do it.

  • Who’d you find to write it for you? We all know you’re too lazy to do it yourself. Going through the mail in a timely fashion seems to be too much work for you, writing an entire book? I don’t buy it.

  • If indeed a book is available, I’ll borrow it for free from the library.
    Up yours.

  • I have to give you credit you do not give up.You may not listen and have a mind of your own.Im sure we do not know what goes on other than this blog. Good luck with things!!


  • 133. Flabbergasted
    April 12th, 2007 at 1:44 pm

    The funding? You mean you are doing self publishing-which means no real media outlets will review the book or have you on their shows referencing the book. Apart from the Chicken Soup guy who is the one in a million that all the self publishers laud, it really is a bad way to go. I am the author of two personal finance books published by a major New York publisher, so I am not inventing things here. My literary agent said that self publishing is a very bad way to go and it is nearly impossible to get a self published book picked up by a serious publisher after the fact - and no Barnes & Noble etc. will carry your book (though amazon.com will).

    And as far as your content goes - what could a person in trouble learn from you? you didn’t learn anything because you failed right the way through. Yours is not a success story. You can’t show that you pulled out of the nose dive - you crashed into the ground and you are not qualified to teach someone based on what you did.

  • The editors should provide wheatgrass shots from Jamba Juice and meals from Macaroni Grill as incentives for Casey to turn in the manuscript on time. Hopefully they won’t have to go as far as to hire a CashCall representative to “encourage” him to finish his manuscript.

  • Loosing for Dummies
    Sweet deals for Dummies
    Facing Foreclosure for Dummies
    Homemade JambaJuice for Dummies
    Semi-vegan food for Dummies
    Liar loans for Dummies

    a whole collection coming !!!

  • 136. SFBubbleBuyer
    April 12th, 2007 at 1:58 pm


    I’m going to give you the best advice you’ll get.

    Leave the country.

    Go someplace that doesn’t kick people out after being shiftless bums for 6 months, and go someplace that doesn’t have an extradition treaty.

    Never come back.

  • Casey Serin faces the world.

    “Back cover”

    Casey Serin shows the world how to face all of its problems head on and how to solve them head on. Listen to how he developed the “Dear in the Head light” strategy to face foreclosure. His concentration and devotion are un paralleled. Read how discipline led him to his status as a foreclosure Guru.

    Casey is so good at foreclosures that he can show even a grandmother with no debt that she to can loose her house in a couple of months. Casey shows the art of contract renegotiation. He reveals the secret to structuring an empire is opening the mail.

    Casey shows how hard it really is not to work. He reveals the secret to buying “with no money down” a dial a bride. He explains the importance delegating everything to people who have the incompetence needed in today’s business world.

    You should read this book if you really want to know the secrets to getting foreclosed. It is much harder than you think.

  • 138. early_rizer_tracker_guy
    April 12th, 2007 at 2:23 pm

    Doug asked: “I have the following question about writing a foreclosure book: Do you have an offer from a publisher (a simple yes or no would be fine, I don’t need the details).”

    When has Casey ever given a simple Yes or No answer. It’s just not possible for him. He’ll weasel, mumble somethin’ vague, talk in concentric loops, he’s mentally ill. Deeply mentally Ill.

  • 139. Chris Johnson
    April 12th, 2007 at 2:26 pm

    By “helping people” you mean your creditors, if you by small chance make any money on this book? Because what help have you offered other people in foreclosure, specifically? Other than a heartfelt “Yeah, I’m there too, man…” You’re so hilariously delusional!

    Do they still use the phrase “delusions of grandeur”?

  • 140. Voice of Reason in a World Gone Mad
    April 12th, 2007 at 2:37 pm

    Ya know, the quality and humor of the comments makes far better reading than Snowflake’s posts.

    I’d sooner buy a compendium of the comments here, with a special guest introduction by Tibetan Monk.

  • why dont you allow the comments to post immediately and just delete the ones that are inappropriate as they’re posted? it’s annoying to see 100 comments post at one time because you cant respond to anyone.

  • 142. doosh bauge
    April 12th, 2007 at 3:29 pm


    you, maam, are a coward, you will not answer any questions.

    You, maam, are a failure, you even failed in making $$ of this blog.

    lets spell that for you, ma’am, f-a-i-l-u-r-e….

    go casey!

  • My Dearest Casey -

    So glad to hear you are joining the lit’rary set! I have no doubt it will be a smash, my boy, an absolute smash. Between your mad-cap dashing about the country fending off financial doom, debating the finer points of financial prestidigitation with the “K-C-hatas”, and polishing off colon-blasting amounts of this “wheatgrass” substance, poor anon can barely believe you’re still upright! And publishing a book! Once again, old chum, I can only say: bravo!

    Like many of your more sceptical pen-pals I long ago gave you up for dead - but I tune in here and not only find you still tap-tap-tapping away at the humourless, indignant chorus of “get-a-job-aren’t-you-ashamed” kill-joys, you’re actually holding your own! Thriving, in a Mr. Micawber-ish kind of way. High google ratings and all that, and prime-time exposure with some of Americas most wanted - that spooky Suze Orman, for example. How many of your critics have gone mano-a-mano with her, I ask? None, I’m guessing.

    Mind you, it may well be a peculiar artefact of the odd-ball makeup of your personality that allows you to carry on so, and not some actual moral conviction, but whatever. Perhaps you’ve unwittingly made the best choice – to go through life as a sort of mental “freak of nature”, the psychological equivalent of a fellow who thinks nothing of camping out on bed of nails or eating handfuls of tarantulas or what have you, simply because it causes him so little discomfort and amuses those around him.

    I stand amazed,


    PS - My “anti-spam” word was “blueball” - as one of the great, early fans of this sublime work of art I was touched!

  • CS

    You da man!

    I am not surprised that you got a book deal because you have so much to share with the world and all of us can be edified by your commentary.

    Remember - tell the IRS that you are insolvent and they will not be able to get you, you will get a “fresh start”. They will not hound you for tax on your debt forgiveness!


    ASW is “it’s a girl!”

  • Way to go Casey!!

    Will this be fiction or non-fiction?

  • 146. NotoriusPIA
    April 12th, 2007 at 4:30 pm

    After having connected the relevant data points I can see from my Casey Data Histogram (CDH) that currently the average life cycle for Casey fantasies is down to seven days. When they get down to one day we know it’ll be time for an intervention. This is indicative of the behavior of one whose mental murse™ is tightening.

    The big breakdown will occur when the final fantasy explodes and the will to manufacture more of them seizes™ to exist. It’s only natural™.

  • 147. Milton's Ghost
    April 12th, 2007 at 4:33 pm

    This is clearly not getting you out of trouble. This is not even delaying the inevitable. This is accelerating it.

    Get a Job, man. A Job. Get one. Now.

  • By any chance Casey, are you using LULU.com to self publish the book?

    Anybody can make a book nowadays (It’s like making an album), but can you actually sell it?

  • 149. Sac Realtor
    April 12th, 2007 at 4:48 pm


    Congratulations on the book deal. Start sucking up to Oprah now since you will want to get on her book club (don’t jump on the couch).

    I’m sure that others will have more ideas but I’ve thought of some chapters for the book.

    Why Making Mortgage Payments is for Loosers

    Great Vegan Resipies with Meat

    How to replace all Your Furnature with Blue Balls

    The guide to selecting the Perfect Man Bag

    Corporate Credit the solution to Every Problem

    Begging on a BLOG (better than a Will Work for Food Sign)

    Jamba Juice Yum

    The Casey Way to Loose Millions in Real Estate

  • I’ve been reading this blog for quite some time, but I’ve never been compelled to comment until now.

    Today came the realization that I am truly a Hater. and as a Hater, I also realize that the Haters are the only ones who keep this blog active.

    Eventually Casey will monetize this blog, and he will have the last laugh on all of the Haters as they fund his trips to Jamba Juice, and make him rich.

    Haters, you do not have to take this! You have the power to alter this potential future. Do you really want to see Casey succeed? I once did, but my eyes have finally been opened to what a complete and utter leech on society he is.

    I will never visit this site again, after this post. I will take my valuable traffic elsewhere.

    I urge all of you other Haters (and even his supporters) to follow me off of this blog. only when Casey’s traffic has dropped to zero will he EVER realize the mistakes he has made.

  • Jade, #78

    Wow. What can I say? I have been busy thring to get to the things I was going to get around to™. The haters™ kind of have me down, and my spel checker™ is acting up (see #77 above).

    I fully intend™ to post again soon. It is reely hard trieng to look up spelling words. but stand buy.™

  • People -

    Casey has been scammed again, this time by a vanity publisher that you pay to publish a book.


    1. Ignore creditors.
    2. Spend money you don’t have.
    3. Sleep half the day.
    4. Refuse to work.
    5. Repeat 8 times.

  • 154. You'll Never Finish It
    April 12th, 2007 at 6:13 pm

    Don’t have to worry about you writing a book. You’ll never finish it since obviously you don’t want to do a lick of work.

  • 155. finally have to post
    April 12th, 2007 at 6:27 pm

    This whole blog is just a complicated piece of performance art, right? Because if it’s not, I’d be worried that “Casey” (were he a real person and not a creation of the artist) was using the credit of his newly founded corporation to finance his living expenses while he wrote this book about avoiding foreclosure or maximizing foreclosure or whatever the topic is. And that would be the height of folly–completely ludicrous. And that couldn’t be true, could it? Please tell me no . . .

  • 156. dc economist
    April 12th, 2007 at 6:35 pm

    Homey said it.

    I’m now saying it.

    Turn. Yourself. In.

  • 157. SoManyFools
    April 12th, 2007 at 6:58 pm

    Good luck Casey…
    It will be sweet if you cash in for a million…
    80% of the people on here will blow a gasket with their hate, probably slap their wives, yell at their kids and kick their dogs cause that’s just who they are…

  • LT (148)-

    The purpose here has always been to strategically delay moderation so that posters cannot begin or sustain a dialogue among themselves. That way, the topic of conversation remains all Casey, all the time. It’s also why- after all the hoopla and hype- this blog really kinda sucks.

    It also allows Casey to selectively respond only to questions of his choosing. Challenging questions, such as ones that address the missing Utah payment or the issue of Casey’s compulsive gambling…well, those never get answered.

    It also explains the gnawing, unsatisfied feeling so many here walk away with. The dissatisfaction is so intense that it fuels a universe of hater sites (like EN) and traffic ho’s (like Nigella).

  • [IMG]A few months back, I posted about Casey Serin’s I Am Facing Foreclosure blog. It’s an interesting, if sometimes infuriating read. While reading through the comments on Casey’s latest post, announcing his book deal, I followed a link to what I think is an even better blog. Debt Kid, as he calls himself, is 23 and owes $334,442 in unsecured debt as a result of some pretty terrible stock and currency trading moves. Think Nick Leeson on a smaller, personal scale.

  • Once again, you’re getting involved in a field you do not understand.

    Here’s how you write a nonfiction book: You draft a proposal. You find an agent–and not just some jerk who claims to be a literary agent, but a professional who has a proven track record of representing successful authors. Without taking a penny from you, the agent shops your book around, and earns a commission only if the book is sold to a publisher. The author then receives an advance and is contractually obligated to write a book. When the manuscript is complete, the publisher then puts its people to work–typically, people with W-2 jobs who specialize in editing, proofreading, copyediting, design, production, distribution, and publicity.

    If you’re doing it some other way–seeking “funding,” putting together some unecessary “team”–then you are probably being conned, and you simply are not dealing with the legitimate publishing world.

  • Yes, the guy who’s 100 times worse than Karyn will now write a book. It’d be interesting the read, but the best way to learn from his mistake is not to buy his book. It doesn’t matter if the publisher or himself is the greater profitteer of the book, the fact is, he

  • it would suck you write your book and get to page 100, then you run out of money and need a job, then the book FINALLY gets out with a deal, but……doesnt sell that much. that would suck soo bad. caseys book sales. (115 in sales) just like if you put out a cd. it will problly go lead or double copper wood.

    flipflopper will flop his first book. i just hope you recylce all the pages after it doesnt work out. ( pg 2. fowarded by manbag…..what the bag has to say about casey)

  • 163. Lost Cause
    April 12th, 2007 at 9:48 pm

    Blades of Wheat Grass.

  • Nigel should have bought the web site and sold ads while Casey continued to run amok and pine and dream and cite, because it’s post-modern and apparently all they can hope for, best case scenario.

  • Serin, you really do give immigrants a bad name.

    Up to this point, i’ve lurked and read your blog w/ both amusement and amazement at the sheer stupidity of your follies and the delusion musings of your warped mind. But with this so-called book deal, you make it very hard for people NOT to hate you. Actually I think hate is not the right word. More like loathe and despise.

    You are some piece of work.

  • 166. Arthur Wankspittle
    April 13th, 2007 at 1:40 am

    Came up with another title for your book:
    Kamikaze Real Estate Investing

    You could follow it up with Kamikaze Vegan Recipes and Kamikaze Accounting for Entrepreneurs

  • 167. conniving little twit
    April 14th, 2007 at 6:53 am

    Ideas for titles.

    “How to screw the lender and get away with it”

    “How to get cash back and make it look like I got screwed”

    “How to foreclose on several properties in less than 1 year.”

    “How to fail miserably and live to brag about it”

    “How to strip equity and hand the over-priced property back to the bank”

    “How to be lazy in one fell swoop.”

    “How to cheat the system and make it look like you’ve been cheated.”

    ” How to be a white collar criminal and avoid going to jail”

    “How to pretend to be a real estate investor even if you never succeed in investing in real estate.”

    “How to use liar loans even though they are only for commission income people”

    “How to screw the system and get away with it”

    “How to lie and sound convincing, even if you get caught in the lie”

    “How to scam your way to prosperity”

    “How to be a pseudo big shot without paying any dues.”

    “How to pretend you know more than anyone else, even if you are the biggest loser on the planet”

    “How to give banks the shaft, before they give you the shaft”

    “How to buy houses with cash back and not make payments”

    “How to fail but convince yourself you are succeeding.”

    “How to blame the system for your failures and get away with it”

    “How to be incorrigble with real estate and successfully fail”

    “How to call it a fix and flip without doing either” narrative by charlsem s****

  • 168. i like reyl estate
    April 14th, 2007 at 10:40 am

    good job with book deal Casey turning a negative into a positive. remember use the medis blitz to hype the book to sell its a good concept and should be discussed, its media at its finest, make sure you get good agressive legal counsel with prior expierence executing book deals with other authors, oh and by the way this blog is pretty good

  • 169. lucy winters
    April 14th, 2007 at 10:11 pm

    Casey, this book is great news. I know some of the “Haters” will think this idea a little unrealistic, but Casey I think you should be looking to expand your media profile. I think a TV show, where you talk to people about their debt and their experiences, could be a real winner. You could be the “Oprah” of debt talk shows.

  • Honestly I believe that his site will actually grow because of something Casey Serin has promised to many people. Casey is determined to create a comeback story for himself. Casey actually was thinking about writing a book, but stopped. No one is going to want to buy a book about his failures. Plus we could just log on to his blog and read all about it. Now, people love a great success and comeback story. I personally thing Casey need to take a year or two off from

  • blog continue to bring him internet fame? Honestly I believe that his site will actually grow because of something Casey Serin has promised to many people. Casey is determined to create a comeback story for himself. Casey actually was thinking about writing a book, but stopped. No one is going to want to buy a book about his failures. Plus we could just log on to his blog and read all about it. Now, people love a great success and comeback story. I personally thing Casey need to take a year or two off from

  • Stern (a German Magazine) ABC News Nightline NPR.org (National Public Radio) USA Today New York Magazine: News and Features He doesn’t mind all these negativity, in fact this negative popularity has given him countless opportunities, media exposures and great connections. His life story is one great example of how something so negative can be positive. Oh well,  not completely positive…a lot are still waiting for his so called uphill climb to success.  This makes everyone