March 30th, 2007   12:20 pm

Who Says I Don’t Work?

Doing a tech job

This is a shot of our living room where I’m working on a tech job for a local real estate professional. I’m putting together and reproducing a large order of training CDs. Getting paid this Sunday. In fact I pulled an all-nighter to finish up.

This is an example of technical consulting jobs that I have been doing this whole time to make some money. I’m also doing a little bit of web development and design work. Basically I’ve been putting my tech background to use.

Some of you on this blog keep telling me I need to get a job (or two or three)… and that I am lazy… and that I don’t want to work.

Why do you assume?!

It’s probably because I’m not talking about my work that much. And probably because some of you are trying to decide what type of work or structure is best for me.

Well, I am working and I am making money. Not a lot, but enough to get by. Not enough to catchup my defaulted loans but enough for food and rent. This is buying me some time to restart our investing business and get on financially healthy grounds.


Yes, I’m working.

Yes, I’m making some money.

Yes, I’m trying to be responsible.

No, I’m not a lazy bum.

No, It’s not a W-2 job (why does it matter?)

No, I don’t know how I can come up with thousands of dollars to bring my loans current or if it’s even possible or even worth doing at this stage of the game.

Yes, I am considering repayment plans, settlement, debt management and possibly even bankruptcy.

Yes, we’re working on our taxes (though we’ll need an extension).

Yes, we have plans to monetize this blog soon by providing a service.

Any other questions from the “haters”? (Sorry, I meant “realists”…)


  • I have a question, how are you going to continue your “work” when the Cachcall cronies and the Sheriff’s office come to your sister in law’s house and take everything of value?

  • 2. Yougottabekiddingme
    March 30th, 2007 at 12:30 pm

    I think that’s the point - you DO have huge, huge debts hanging arond your neck. You ARE basically mooching off relatives to even have a place to live. A “W-2″ job would be a regular,steady paycheck. That’s the difference.

    Not a “work when something drops into your lap and earn a little money for some restaurant tonight”, but “earn money every day”.

    My goodness, man - you’re living like a college student. Earning money from time to time to buy his pizza and beer.

    I don’t think it’s so much the “W-2″ status that everyone is trying to get you to understand as it is the regular, steady employment and regular, steady income.

    When someone screws up their adult financial responsibilities as badly as you have (and frankly, few screw it up quite this bad!) it is irresponsible behavior to continue working odd jobs as they come to you when you are capable of full-time work. If odd-jobbing is what you are capable of, then G-d bless you. But if you are capable of doing better, it is irresponsible for you to refuse to do it just because you don’t want to.

    Suck it up - you’ve dug yourself such a hole that you can ill afford to continueto delude yourself that a college-student lifestyle is the same thing as responsible,adult behavior.

  • You say:
    “Well, I am working and I am making money. Not a lot, but enough to get by. Not enough to catchup my defaulted loans but enough for food and rent. This is buying us time to restart our investing business and get on financially healthy grounds.”

    Here are some questions: Are you paying ANY amount of money from your income to ANY of your lenders or are you still in ‘lender ignore mode’? Should ALL of your creditors just eat the entire loss? How can you talk about restarting some ‘investing’ business (btw, what is that?) if you are not paying ANYTHING TO ANYBODY? What are healthy financial grounds in your mind - not paying anyone? Having cash in a mason jar? What does that mean because you are in about as unhealthy situation as is possible.

    Please answer, this is not a hater question.

    Bartender, Jobu Needs a Refill

    asw: sweet

  • dude,

    Now you need to do that amount of WORK times 10

  • 5. Roberto Culosaki
    March 30th, 2007 at 12:45 pm

    Hola Casey, it’s Rico Padre-

    You are in the CD burning business now? You know, AMWAY is a better place to sell training materials. Maybe you should make a training manual with your anti-spam slogans and make some millions!

    Don’t let the haters get you down, buddy. You screwed the neighbor’s pooch and now gotta tell them to piss off!

    You are only one forclosure away from GURU status!

    -Roberto & Kimberlita

  • 6. innocentbystander
    March 30th, 2007 at 12:45 pm

    What did you do with Casey? Clearly Casey did not write this blog entry. If nothing else Casey is not mean spirited. The person that wrote this clearly is.

  • Eight months too late.

  • Yes, this post is being forwarded to the IRS to use against you.
    Yes, I realize I won’t get a reward for turning you in.
    No, I don’t care about money.
    Yes, I realize you didn’t write this entry.
    Yes, I know who did.
    Yes, he sucks and I won’t be visiting his hate page anymore.

  • 9. Borat's Neighbor
    March 30th, 2007 at 12:56 pm

    Seems like an envelope stuffing -type job. Did you have to pay to get started?

  • OK,

    Now I feel guilty. I wan’t 100% truthful™ with the firt part of the post. In actuality, I have Mozilla and Limewire and those are CDs that I sell at the Galt flea markey every Tuesday and Friday. I have a Sweet™ labeling setup that can make almost 100% original looking labels. I also print the inserts for the Jewel Cases and I sell them for $5 each. It is very entreprenurial™ and I make over $4 per CD.

    I also found an algorythm that allows me to make “archival copies” of DVDs. I use Netflix to get my supply and then I can create “nearly new” DVDs for the Flea Market to™. These have a higher profit margin because the total cost is like $2, but I can sell new releases (some even before the film is out of the theater (I have a digital camcorder) for $9 ($12 for in-theater preview copies).

    G™ is not very happy because she doesn’t think it is ethical, but I told her it is a way to begin paying every dirty penny back™.

    I ran into Darnell yesterday when I was at a late night business meeting™ with some new associates (still building a team!™). He seemed pretty cool, but he’s like really big and works out alot™ He’s like 6′-4″ and way muscular. In between songs at the meeting place he advised™ me to get rid of my bag™, and the Blue Ball™. He said they made me look like a “girly man”. I explained that the Blue Ball™ was actually good for anaerobic muscle tne and the bag™ was quite useful.

    He told be he’d pound me through the floor if I didn’t take the bag off, so I handed it to one of my new associates. She said she ould keep an eye on it. Darnell was right about Mocha, she is very attractive, but she seemed to be dressed in a very provocative manner. I quietly old her that I thought that maybe one of her blouse buttons had accidentally come undone, but she seemed to take offens and told be that she had cut them off herself. I didn’t want to mention that you could see part of her underwear above the top od her pants for fear she would take offense at that.

    But being th emodified Christian™ that I am, I made a mental note to pray for her salvation one I got home.

    Anyway, Darnell had some pretty interesting Ideas on how I could get maximum potential out of the Modesto property before the foreclosure sal at the end of next month. He talked about a refining process that could generate several thousand dollars worth of vertically marketed consumables that could be made in about 3 days and would only cost about $100 to manufacture. He wrote down a couple of websites that have step by step directions so I may check that out.

    Anyway, now I fell better getting that off of my chest. It’s allgood™

  • 11. Dread Pirate
    March 30th, 2007 at 1:03 pm

    Lame. This is an odd job. You only just got this “job” - and now you’re trying to pretend that it’s only one of many things you’ve got going. Yeah right.

    “Yes, I’m trying to be responsible.

    No, I’m not a lazy bum. ”

    Whoops! You accidentally got those the wrong way round.

    You’re like a 5 year old. You do less than the absolute bare minimum, and expect everybody to kiss your a** for doing that much. You come across like a spoiled little brat who needs to learn that life doesn’t revolve around him.

    “Yes I lied, cheated, ripped off other people, blame everyone else and do absolutely nothing to atone for what I’ve done wrong. But I’m slightly UNHAPPY! Haven’t I suffered enough? What about MMMMEEEEE!!!”

    You’re pathetic.

  • Somebody said I sound “mean spirited” on this entry. Yes, I’m usually a pretty nice easy-going person (”It’s all good” remember?)… but sometimes the “haters” get under my skin. Judging me and criticizing left and right not knowing the situation. Or maybe I needed to vent a little after the live call.

  • 13. TrainWreckWatcher
    March 30th, 2007 at 1:10 pm

    I suppose operating a CD duplicator in your living room for a few dollars is probably about the only job you could qualify for now anyways. Your credit is ruined, your reputation is mud, and you have thrashed any future professional opportunities you may have had by being such an attention w**** .

    Restart your investing business

    What business? What did you invest?

    You never had and will never have a business, you are not a businessman, you are a fraud. You invested nothing, you lied on your loan applications and deliberately deceived the lenders by filling out applications in rapid succession so the lenders would be unaware of what you were doing. You did this deliberately with the intent to defraud and you admit that you knew beforehand that this was the case. You blame this on ignorance, but you have stated that you had to do rapid fire loan apps to get them all approved which means you knew it was fraudulent.

    You have attempted multiple frauds, not just this one. Your actions speak louder than your words Casey Serin. You are a disgusting waste of space and you deserve to be incarcerated.

    You had better report all that debt forgiveness to the IRS, I am not the only one who is going to make sure that they are well aware of it. You will go down, you have angered too many people with what you have done.

    Call me a hater, thats what I am. I hate lazy people like you that think you are better than everyone else and try to screw the system. I hate people who try to profit from crime at the expense of society. I hate con men who try to pass themselves off as victims of circumstance. I hate ignorant little twerps who pretend to know what they are doing but then claim ignorance when the repercussions of their stupidity slap them in the face.

    You are all of the above.

  • Also, maybe some of you don’t realize that paying only $10 towards a credit line that is $5,000 behind payments is a waste of money. Nigel did a good job explaining this point.

    The lenders are going to continue the collection process unless I catchup the loan. Even to get on a payment plan they require me to make at least one full minimum payment. Have you seen how big my minimum payments are?

    I called CashCall on Thursday and have a recording of the call. I may post that soon. That should illustrate my point.

  • 15. Dude change the channel already
    March 30th, 2007 at 1:15 pm

    …this blog has so jumped the shark

    ASW: winwin (for exurban nation that is)

    We now return the rest of you to your regularly scheduled life

  • Wow - bitter, angry, defensive. The end is in sight and the stress is understandably taking its toll.

    Casey - you’re right, people assume you do nothing because you usually post content-free fluff pieces. The better blogs give you a view into the blogger’s daily life - you don’t do that. You have an interesting human story to tell - 20-something kid, in a deep hole financially, trying to make rent money by doing odd jobs, trying to find his niche in life, etc…

    Try telling that story.

  • What sort of income are you pulling in doing this kind of stuff?

    Now that all of your properties either have been, or are being foreclosed, do you know/have any idea what the next step is (either on your part or that of your creditors)? Will they just accept it, walk away (with the properties) and let you get on with your life (with a s**** credit score)?

  • But Casey, wouldn’t it make you feel better, MORALLY, if you were to pay SOMETHING on that debt? And we all know you won’t be filing BK because then the fraud would be scrutinized.

    And why would you need to vent about the live call? I thought you and I had an enjoyable conversation. There was some lighthearted joking around combined with some serious discussion about your troubles.

    I don’t understand why you’d need to vent about it. Did I offend you in some way?

  • IKEA makes good, sturdy and cheap tables don’t they? Looking at your office I had a wave of nostalgia of my college days. Alas, I wasted my youth on education and now have to console myself with my real job and my beautiful house and with my 6 figure income.
    This wouldn’t be a “cash only” job where you *gasp* don’t pay income taxes like the rest of us suckers?

  • nigel, how long do you think you can maintain this charade? and does it make you happy?


    chimpCasey, if you have been working jobs like this all along, all you have to do is say so and the get-a-job folks will turn down the heat (though most still will insist you should seek fulltime work). Since you have been so shady in the past, we have no reason to believe you aren’t continuing to be shady with your income. Posts like this will help disabuse your readers of that notion.

    Also, don’t worry about being mean, I’d rather see you stick up for yourself than smile and keep telling us its all good, fight back murse boy.

  • I am a hater, but this isn’t a hater post. Just a general observation and a question or two. The CD labels look dull. Maybe that’s what was specified to you (or maybe they were provided for you), but that would have been a good opportunity to upsell the people wanting the CDs into paying for some light graphic design work (even if that only means using the CD label software you get free with the labels)–and of course, paying more for color printing (more than enough to cover the cost of ink). Would this be feasible?

    Where did you get the nifty CD duplicator thingy?

  • 23. rob Dawg (fka:Robert Coté)
    March 30th, 2007 at 1:42 pm

    We want the real Casey back. This pale imitation is too bitter and twisted. You need to understand. Your 2006 taxes are due April 17th. You can get an extension for the filing not the taxes due. Based on the emails and other comments on my never award winning blog there’s a bidding war as to who gets your case file Tuesday morning April 18th. Oh, it ain’t your living room is it? And CashCall is just drooling over the nice tower CD duplicator. Besides that many CDs is just weird to do yourself. Cheaper to master and order however many you need with a 48hr turn. but then when did you ever do the smart thing? For that matter when did Casey?

  • No, I did not buy that DVD/CD duplicator… that was provided for the job.

  • In fact… I will even do this to illustrate my point. I only have $40 in my checking account right now. So I’m going to call CashCall and see if they will take my $40. Will report on what they say soon.

  • 26. Voice of Reason in a World Gone Mad
    March 30th, 2007 at 1:52 pm

    Don’t forget to STRIKE OUT the NM property on the right column………it’s normal font right now.

    ASW: winwin

  • If you were working all the time you would have posted pictures by now. Making money to buy food was never what all the “hating” was about. I think even your critics would acknowledge your need to eat. The anger comes from the fact that you don’t pay your debts.

    At this point you are basically refusing to earn enough money to pay anything to anybody because it is a “waste”. It’s not a waste, it’s your side of an agreement- you get a loan, or services, or goods in exchange for payment. You have accepted the goods, you need to pay for them. So much for the whole dirty penny b.s.

    I wouldn’t be offended if you made a million dollars tommorrow. I would be offended if you didn’t use it to pay the obligations that you have made (which is more than likely what you would do).

    The fact that you even speak about re-starting any type of busines is ridiculous and affirms that you need to be indicted. If for no other reason than to place a felony conviction on your record and make it that much more difficult for you to try to pass yourself off as a legitimate business man in the future. Quite simply, your record indicates that you are not an honorable man in business and you cannot be trusted.

  • “So I’m going to call CashCall and see if they will take my $40. ” “Will report on what they say soon.”

    Come on, save us the stupid drama wait and see approach. You can tell Nigel is writing these entries.

  • [i]Also, maybe some of you don’t realize that paying only $10 towards a credit line that is $5,000 behind payments is a waste of money.[/i]

    You’re right Casey, it is a waste of time. Which is why regular people in your situation either 1) negotiate a settlement with their creditors, which requires a regular, steady job, or 2) declare BK. What is your plan? To score big with one of your schemes and pay it all back.

    I wish I could live in your world.

  • Are you sure it is a waste of time to send in small payments to all of your creditors? Maybe you should get some real legal advice on this. I have heard that they have to accept the payment, even though they will tell you not to send it. And this can change the options that are legally available to the creditor. But I am not really sure on this…but it sounds like it would be valuable to make small payments in that case.

  • 31. Fan from Ontario Canada
    March 30th, 2007 at 2:22 pm

    I have $30.00 in my checking account. You’re rich!

    BTW, You’d be amazed at how I can make 30 bucks stretch…

    I’m gonna phone you up soon so we can chat…

    March 30th, 2007 at 2:27 pm

    And THAT picture is supposed to prove that you’re working?

    ASW: how sweet it is

  • PS — Get out of the real estate industry — including making training DVDs. I hope that they pay you. The market is imploding.

    Make some real money starting a chain of soup kitchens. Then you can buy all of the real estate that you want when the market reaches bottom in another 3-5 years. You do not have the wherewithal to survive the current downturn.

  • 34. Fan from Ontario Canada
    March 30th, 2007 at 2:31 pm

    @ #30

    I am sure that Casey if he did RE through a proper corporation setup could have (a) prevented much of this mess from affecting him personally and (b) would have the real income to pay off all the hound-dawg collectors like CashCall. BTW, I hate Gary Coleman that little punk.

  • I’ve been following you for some time, but this is my first post. I want to say that I’ve enjoyed your honesty, your patience with your fans, your spirit to keep fighting, and your desire to teach others from your mistakes. I don’t have much of a question in my mind that you will become successful some day from the lessons you are learning today.

    Warm regards,

  • 36. RogerSmith8080
    March 30th, 2007 at 2:38 pm

    Investing company!?!

    Who it their right mind would take investment advice from you?
    I would sooner pay a monkey to throw darts at a Wall Street Journal stock page then take advice from you. Seriously man, what Bizarro World did come from that you think you can keep up this behavior? Get a real job, a 9 to 5 W2 one just for a little while; call it making a penance if you will. When people screw up in hockey they get put in a penalty box, a 495 FICA score is the grown up worlds version of penalty. Maybe after 3-5 years of steady work, paying bills and debts you can go out and make another run at it.

    Seriously you need to spend some time in the penalty box, maybe if you actually worked and really learned how difficult it was to earn $100,000 you would appreciate and respect money more and realize the damage you have inflicted. Maybe if you had to actually work for money or even work for Venture Capital instead of filling out bogus liar loans you would have worked harder to see that project succeeded.

  • Hey Casey,

    If you ever have another $2.2 mil, you could buy this 3664 sq ft house in Newport Coast on a 10,000 sq ft lot. But what do you have?

  • Casey, be honest with yourself for a moment.
    Duplicating CDs and assembling training materials is not a tech job! And it is not a real estate job either. At best it is a light manufacturing line job. Have you figured out how much you are earning per hour? Did you figure in the taxes (fed, state, SS) that you owe on this income?

  • #40 Most small corporations getting loans
    require the principals to personally guarantee
    the debts. I have an adviser who through a small family
    business owns $300 Million in property.
    His banks require him to personally guarantee everything.
    i’ve worked in small business, 10 man shops, and
    seen the bosses/owners have to personally sign
    for even the company credit card.

  • 40. Defrocked Archbishop
    March 30th, 2007 at 2:52 pm

    This appears to be a rather manual-labor-type job — not that there is anything wrong with that; I certainly did my share of such work as a young man, and any job is better than no job. But the funny thing is the way Casey describes it as a “technical consulting job.” It looks very much like one of those “work at home stuffing envelopes” type jobs that you always get spam for, only maybe with CDs. If so, I fail to see how this type of work would constitute “consulting.” It’s like calling a janitor a “master of the custodial arts” or dubbing a garbageman a “sanitation engineer.” I advise you to call a spade a spade; you’ll get more respect in the end.

    It is certainly gratifying to see young Master Serin doing SOME kind of work — ANY kind of work. Nevertheless, I can’t help but imagine this isn’t even a paid job, but probably a spammy “work at home” scam where you to “buy your own materials and make a fortune selling such-and-such after easy assembly.” He probably bummed a few hundred bucks off of somebody and bought an “enterpreneurial startup kit” (with FREE “confidential sales strategy briefing”, March and April only!!).” The “payment” for such jobs theoretically come when the “entrepreneur” (read: desperate, lazy-a** sucker) sells his own s*** on ebay or via spam or some-such pie-in-the-sky bullshit that NEVER comes to pass. Why do I see this as such a likely possibility here…

  • 41. Silver Bullet
    March 30th, 2007 at 2:56 pm

    You define envelope stuffing as technical consulting.

    God help the investment advice world.

  • Casey,

    I am hoping you wont mind a light-hearted question… I really love your curtains, would you share where they can be purchased? Or if you do not remember, what the color is called?

  • Casey Casey Casey! Just when I think that there is hope, you do a post like this. Do you really expect a congratulations for doing something that you should be doing anyway? Do you really expect to get credit for working? Let’s all give Casey a round of applause for getting off his a** and getting a job.

    If you REALLY want to show the haters (realists) something, get that last house out of foreclosure, move your family in it, and start a new life without borrowing anymore money. Let me guess, you dont want to move to Modesto. Oh, or its too late, or my NEW job is here. Cmon buddy, stop this madness!!!! Its arrogant posts like this that take the last bit of sympathizers out of your camp. Had you at least come up with a plan to save one house to live in, I venture to say that you could have solicited the help from your blog! I thought that you were creative. Find a way to save that last house!!!

  • 44. Michael Cooke
    March 30th, 2007 at 3:09 pm

    LoL! 8D

    Right on Casey, you tell them … 8)

  • 45. Gary Mab A Boute
    March 30th, 2007 at 3:17 pm

    So the Utah trip was about selling the website, eh?

    This new “voice” of KC is just straight up lame.

    Out that, b***** .


  • The thing that is really urking is that you bought a bunch of properties at full market value, lost all of them, and actually think that you are an investor???? There is ways to buy properties at full market value and still make a ton of money, but obviously you don’t know how to that. You forced appreciation on residential properties in California when the market was going down!!!! Are you fricking serious??? As an investor you are suppose to study trends and everyone knew what the heck was going on in California. That is why states like Utah, places in Denver, Oregon ,and New Mexico are reeping the rewards. And what actually kills me the most is that you agreed to buy a property that had $1,000 negative cashflow. One thing you are not at the present moment is an investor Casey. $1000 Negative cashflow on a residential home?????? I could see if it was a multiunit apartment with a tremendous upside, but you took a home with a renter in it that had a $1000 negative cashflow??? That is when I lost it and said this dude has no clue on how to invest in homes. Ask anyone in the country would they take a single family home with $1000 negative cash flow. I don’t want your advice. You couldn’t give anyone advice on investing. I am not a hater either my friend. Usually for people to hate on you, you would have to be doing something Great. I liked you in the beginning and even phoned you to encourage you. You say that you are young and this and that but you and I are the same age, and for you to be acting as if you are an investor for buying properties at full price, forcing appreciation on residential homes, and than ultimately facing foreclosure on all of them, is really wrong because you actually have people thinking that you are an investor.

  • Casey,

    Again, no one is telling you that you have to get a W2 job. People don’t hate you because you lack a W2 job. I know it’s easiest to polarize the situation that way, because it gives you a nice escape route: “They only hate me because I have something they lack, which is freedom from a 9-5 job.”

    People “hate” you because you knowingly broke the law numerous times and overstated your income, often receiving illegal cash back deals, AND (this last part is important) are making no real effort to pay any of the fraudlent money back.

    If you were scraping and clawing, fighting for every penny you could find, people would be on your side, cheering you on. Think about that for a minute. You could trot out your same song and dance (”I didn’t know what I was doing was wrong, poor me, all of my guru and team members told me it was okay…”) but try your damndest to get out of your hole, bust your a** each and every day, and you’d have legions of fans.

    Burning some CDs and stuffing envelopes isn’t busting your a** . I’m sorry, it isn’t. Working two or three jobs is busting your a** . Negotiating payment plans for your ginormous sprawling debt is busting your a** . Posting here daily and moderating comments is busting your a** . You should be doing all of the above, every day, and still lie awake at night, trying to think of a way to do more.

  • 48. innocentbystander
    March 30th, 2007 at 3:29 pm

    @ #14, 28: Casey

    You just proved my point. You are clearly not Casey. Casey would never write that kind of nonsense. WHAT DID YOU DO WITH CASEY???

  • Casey,

    People are upset because they see that their cash cow-ATM homes are crashing to earth price-wise and they need a person to vent on. You refuse to drown in depression and the debtor drones resent it. They clearly miss the bigger picture. You are young and they are old, bitter and gladly enslaved. I would bet anything they are paying off HUGE equity loans that are now negativedly amortised. Ignore them. So many millions of people were screwed during this housing ponzi madness that your credit picture is not all that unaverage. Ignore them.

  • Why do we assume? Why do we assume?! Because the only other consulting gig you mentioned was with Chris, months ago, and if you hadn’t posted that it wasn’t really panning out and that you didn’t have money to make payments to your creditors, then we would have ASSUMED you were still working for him.

    You’ve posted (once) what you did one day. Did you mention doing consulting work? Nah. Most people, whether consulting or working a so-called W2 job, work every weekday.

    I can’t believe you’re getting on your high horse because you’ve completed one consulting job. You’ve been doing them all the way through? How come you haven’t been paying your creditors if you have income?

  • Wow - Nigel (oops - I mean Casey) worked late and made money. I hope you rewarded yourself for doing so.

    I worked until 3 last night on a client deliverable. I don’t have a 9-5 job - more like an 8-7 job. But you know what? I have $40,000 in my checking account, not $40. And I went to college …blah.. blah…

    The tone here is nasty & ugly, just like at DHC - hhmmm?????

  • 52. Captain Nemo
    March 30th, 2007 at 3:53 pm

    Did anyone note who the customer is and the product? “Training CDs” for a “real estate professional”?

    The customer is obviously just another real estate guru getting people to shell out for “training” on how to be an “investor” just like Casey.

    In fact, I wonder if the “real estate professional” is not Casey’s “money partner”. Casey: deny it if this is not true.

    asw: itsallgood

  • What’s all this talk about Nigel buying this blog? Did I miss something? I don’t read the “fan blog” very closely, so maybe somebody can fill me in.

  • I guess a lot of the haters are finding in Casey what they hate most in themselves. Procrastination, indecision, crushed dreams.

    Hey, what if Casey would have been black? Would he have gotten the same amount strong comments?

  • 55. university grad
    March 30th, 2007 at 4:10 pm

    See Casey? This is why you do not want to get into money problems in the USA. Every two-bit Republican out there will think it’s his god-given duty to air his gender fears about your “murse”. Oh, and tell you how to live, too.

    Perhaps if you’d read more real literature before starting your experience, you would have met the capitalist skinflints in the writings of Dickens, Dostoyevsky, and Hardy. Time for a literature class or two, hmm…???

    I graduated university almost 20 years ago. I carry a small backpack around most places because it’s handy and convenient ( a great place to keep literature, borrowed free from the library ). No one ever calls my backpack a “murse”.

    I also never tried to start any pie-in-the-sky market-timed “businesses”, although I did lose a small bundle in the dot com crash. That crash was my warning about the RE bubble. I took a very dim view of the kinds of financial shenanigans fueling the bubble. Experts were sounding the alarm years ago. Few listened.

    Today, I have much the same attitude about work that you do. “Steady jobs” bore me. The big difference is that my debts are small and manageable and I have an excellent credit score.

    Discharge this s*** dude, (BK) and go back to enjoying being a hopeless dreamer.

    asw: leverage.

    Funny, because one thing you could learn at a university is that leverage can work just as well against you as for you.

  • Casey,

    That is nice IKEA furniture you have there.

    I am afraid your next job will be making license plates.

  • @14 Casey: but sometimes the “haters” get under my skin. Judging me and criticizing left and right not knowing the situation. Or maybe I needed to vent a little after the live call.

    First off, you’ve been asking to be judged since day one of this blog. That’s why you put it up. That’s why you’ve documented this whole drama in great detail - to be judged. The problem is, you want to be judged favorably and you’re all bent out of shape because people aren’t doing that. But don’t come off like you don’t want people to have opinions about what you’re doing: of course you do!

    If you want to stop the negative judgments, here’s what you do: take down the blog. Boom, they’re done. Over. That’s all you have to do. The only reason at all to keep IAFF running at this point is to get attention - to be judged. So stop whining and get used to it.

    Second, you were treated pretty well on that call, buddy. I listened to - and later read - the whole thing. Yes, you were criticized. Harshly. But know what? Not unfairly. Not unreasonably. You weren’t ridiculed or insulted, only confronted where it hurts with rational questions. You weren’t even hit with too many hardball pitches. You got off way light, in contrast to how it could have gone.

    But again - you wanted a “Celebrate Casey” call. Just like you want a blog full of people confirming that you’re the witty, intelligent, shrewd young go-getter that deep down you know you are. Fortunately, the real adult world doesn’t work that way - when you choose to live in a fishbowl, you don’t get to choose how hard people tap the glass.

    @58: Casey: However, the part where I advice the client and provide higher level services (consulting) are as follows

    That’s “advise”, not “advice”. They’re totally different words. Advice is a noun; advise is a verb. To “advice the client” means about the same as to “car the pedestrian”.

    Just trying to be helpful - communication skills are important, especially when you’re trying to present a respectable appearance. Wouldn’t you agree?

  • Fearless Leader — “I am the Decider.”

    Real Estate Investor — “I am the Delegator.”

  • 59. girly rizer
    March 30th, 2007 at 4:31 pm

    Like the man said, it’s cheaper to let the pros run off your discs. Why the home base setup?

    It isn’t because you’re illegally duping content now is it? The real boys don’t touch pirate projects. The Serins OTOH are just desperate enough by now.

    It was cute to label your project “training video” but you left the waveforms of whatever you’re mastering on the screen. Looks like some “second income” Serin style.

    Stop trying to beat the system before the system beats you. Besides working with the system gets a lot more done. A lot more wealth is made that way.

    But what do you know? Never got a real education, never saw how business really works in a real world setting amongst REAL players. Nope, just a lame publik skool ejukayshun, working for a while as a rabbit at an equally lame non-profit and from this Mr. Serin concludes that the real world of real work is for real lo(o)sers.

    This of course is your real punishment. Wasting the remainder of your days pushing a large rock up a large hill and looking all the more tired and worn out for it.

  • “This is a shot of our living room…..”

    excuse me? whose living room?????

    should be… “This is a shot of another room in my relative’s house. I already rent two bedrooms (got a break on the second bedroom rent by agreeing to take out the trash)(by the way–how’s that going?)

    I gotta think that if you keep expanding in that house, you’re soon going to totally wear out your welcome and find yourself out on your own….

    From your tone, it seems like the tension is sure building…

    So…how did the cash call conversation go? did they take the $40.00?

    I hope you realize you can’t keep hiding from these debts, and at some point “real” repayment plans will get put in place…most likely as a result of a court order….

  • So many of the comments here are hilarious because the writers make it so obvious what their motivation is. I find myself ticking off categories as I read through the comments: Yup, that one clearly has not veered off the GOP script for life, that one has a job he absolutely loathes, that one has not had a date since his bepimpled high school days BUT gosh darnit they never miss a payment!

  • Dude,

    I’m usually in the mocker camp, because I think if you one the lotto, you’d probably find a way to owe more than you received.

    But at this point I’m starting to feel bad for you. If you think copying CDs on a machines somebody else bought for you counts as technical consulting, you’re in rough shape.

    Honestly dude, just don’t do anything rash. The United Way has set up 211 as a nationwide social service hotline, so if you need to talk to a counsellor or a therapist for a low/sliding scale fee, give them a call and ask for a referral. If you’re really feeling bad, give 1-800-Suicide a ring. Not that I expect it to come to that, but with a month to go before you’re completely out of houses, and maybe 2 months before you’re completely out of an audience, things could get a little rough.

    But at least it looks like you’re finally using a chair instead of an exercise ball, so maybe you’re making progress.

    Good luck! You’ll need it.

  • @ #62 Just another immigrant

    Stop trolling!! The only one allowed to bait is Casey. That is one of the benefits of it being HIS blog. Besides, even he is more subtle than that. LOL

  • 64. innocentbystander
    March 30th, 2007 at 4:48 pm

    Susan == Nigel.

    It’s pretty blatant. You can stop now.

  • Has anyone considered that the reason that Mr. Serin does not have a technical job, is because he can’t get one. I bet most tech. companies “google” people before they hire them. I can’t see anyone hiring him after a look at this blog or various other sources.

  • 66. LoadsOBrains
    March 30th, 2007 at 5:01 pm

    Nigel needs to be a thing of the past. Hes worthless.

    Casey get back to being you. This latest crap is sure to lose the rest of your audience.

    Nigel … get lost.

  • Casey, if you want to stay in the real estate business I advise you to move north to Oregon. The day is soon coming when the average Californian cannot afford to move to Oregon. In general terms the tables are turning on the CA and OR real estate price situation.

  • 125% Return Guaranteed…That’s right my friend. That is what you’ll have in your checking account if you post your income taxes. I will turn that $40 in your checking account into $90. That’s right my boy. Let’s say that together….SWWWEEEEEEEEEETT.

    It’s all good, It’s all good, It’s all good, It’s all good.

  • I especially love the “She must be a He” as though that is the ultimate insult. It is as though they all use the same play book. But please do not stop your entertaining speculation! My son is teething and I need some diversion, smooch.

  • Casey, if you want to make the fast easy money, eventually you will discover the stock market. No maintenance, no renters, etc. You want to buy- push the button. You want to sell-just as easy. You want some time off- go ahead. It’s very easy to make money and to lose money in the markets. If you keep the odds in your favor you come out ahead. The odds are against you winning with real estate in CA, and they will be that way for a long time.

  • 71. Tony Soprano
    March 30th, 2007 at 5:21 pm

    Hey, how come the writing style changed? Yes, we notice things like that….

    Ok Casey, here is your chance. Remember what we talked about before….

    1. Did you sell the blog/domain name?

    2. Is Nigel helping you moderate the blog?

    Now remember our deal!

    It’s already posted over “there”

  • 72. passthebubbly
    March 30th, 2007 at 5:25 pm

    The program running on your laptop looks a lot like Audacity, the freeware music editor.

    Audacity is mostly used to edit and mix music people have downloaded — usually illegally, but in the context I’m about to bring up it doesn’t matter. It’s not the best at that, but paying $400 for Abelton Live or whatever kinda defeats the purpose when you’re running a pirate shop.

    Casey, does your “technical consulting job” involve burning all those CDs with copyrighted music for resale? Even if the CDs have other material on them, such as RE guru slides and stuff, if they’re accompanied by copyrighted music you didn’t pay for that’s ill-eagle. And the RIAA *does* care about piracy at that level.

    But then, obeying the law has never been a priority to you, so excuse me while I go yell at my wall.

  • I’m blown away, Casey.

    I mean, really.

    You say you pulled an “all nighter”, as if it was some sort of extraodinary feat. Guess what. Real people in the real world usually have 12 hour workdays. Last month I had 3 all-nighters. Two months ago I worked almost 72 hours in a row. Same thing for most people here. When you have a goal, little things like “all nighters” aren’t even worth mentioning. Just so that you know, most people just went to sleep that night and came back the following day.

    You say.

    “No, I don’t know how I can come up with thousands of dollars to bring my loans current or if it’s even possible or even worth doing at this stage of the game.”

    Bingo! You never had any plans of repaying any dirty pennies. How does being a Christian go with not paying back your debts?

    Seriously, Casey. You are a joke.

  • 74. wealthyboomer
    March 30th, 2007 at 5:39 pm

    Did you know that you can have ALL your debts paid for you.

    Since you ‘TITHE’, Tim Lahaye in one of his books not only says that all your debts will be paid, but he goes on to say that if they are not…then HE WILL PAY THEM FOR YOU.

    At least with that kind of statement, you can send him all your bills to be paid, and have a lawyer take up your cause if he does not pay it.

  • Casey.. keep your head up… all these people are sheep and followed the mold to be safe safe safe. I was in your shoes. $156K in credit card debts and 4 million in properties just going down down down. When you hit rock bottom, you forget fear, you forget criticism, and you finally are free to go for whatever you want to make it out. And then you get rich. It happens over and over and over again for those who perservere. I always tried to get rich by playing it safe. I hit rock bottom and I mean rock bottom. Now I’m out of debt, started businesses and my businesses have taken off. Never give up, but hurry your a** up!

  • Casey,

    The title for your book should be ” How to Fail On Everything and Drink Jamba Juice”


  • Another question, Casey:

    You stole hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    How many CDs do you have to burn in order to pay back every dirty penny?

    If I were you, I’d start now.

    sc is the answer to my question, actually. “MILLIONS”.

  • 78. From Flipper to Ripper
    March 30th, 2007 at 5:55 pm

    Wow Casey,
    You have gone from house flipper to DVD ripper.

    That is quite the impressive project manager resume, I especially like the black and white label design. I can see the right man and woman were called in for the J.O.B.

    Am I to understand correctly, that the older, sick gentleman that you borrowed the $3000 from is unwilling to accept a payment of $25 from you to recoup the remaining $2200 that you owe him. Would he really call the whole thing due and start collections against you? Didn’t think so……

  • 40. Fan from Ontario Canada,

    You claim Casey could have avoided this mess if he had incorporated. I guess you don’t know how ‘owner-occupied’ liar loans work. If Casey was a corporation, they NEVER would have given him those loans.

  • If you don’t want people to make assumptions, give them some real facts to work with. If the only thing you post is vague BS about “sweet deals” and Jamba Juice, it sounds like you’re not working - and you come across as someone who thinks he’s too important to do any real work, which isn’t especially attractive in someone who’s in as much debt as you are.

    This is particularly acute in your case because from the outside it looks like one of the basic causes of your recent failures in real estate investing was the fact that you did apparently nothing to try to improve your position with the empty houses - e.g., mow the lawns, paint, or just scrub them with soap & water or otherwise make them look like attractive homes, not empty houses.

    Obviously, it is not possible for you to do that for 8 houses at once, especially where those houses are in different states. This is a clue why buying houses in different states was a fundamentally stupid idea, and why you’re not getting any respect for your trip to Utah.

    Of course, this means that taking cash out at closing for “repairs and upgrades” is even more maddening to your readers, since you apparently made no effort to actually perform any repairs or upgrades.

    Reading about a real estate investor who doesn’t even try to do his own repairs and upgrades is a lot like reading about a pizza store owner who can’t cook a pizza or run the cash register. How in the world do you expect to run a successful business if you don’t have the first clue about how the actual nuts & bolts of the business works?

    Working on a 1099 basis is OK, but don’t forget about self-employment tax, especially if someone else is paying for all of the materials. One of the good things about a W-2 job is that you’re less likely to get to next April and find yourself deep in tax debt without any funds to pay what you owe. Self-employment demands a greater degree of discipline and organization, which are skills you’ve been lacking so far. You should be putting 35% of everything you’re earning into savings so you can pay your taxes next year, since there’s no withholding going on. (15% SE tax + 15% fed tax + approx 5% CA - assuming you’re in pretty low brackets for US and CA returns.)

    You may think it’s pointless to make a $40 payment against a $5000 debt, but the person on the other side of the transaction would prefer to receive $40 over $0. A $40 payment isn’t going to solve your problems - but it does put you in the category of someone who’s doing everything he can (however meager), versus someone who doesn’t give a s*** .

    One of the difficult things about the situation you’ve created (and I mean that) is that it’s pretty easy to create a big problem, but it’s tougher to come up with a big solution - especially if you’re trying to come up with the big solution while dealing with the friction caused by your big problem. It’s tough to be poor - you can’t borrow money except at exorbitant interest rates, and you spend a lot of your time dealing with BS that rich people don’t have to worry about, because their stuff isn’t broken and their creditors aren’t pissed off.

    Let’s say you start out with $10,000. You do a stupid deal that looked sweet, and you lose 50% of your investment. Now you’ve got $5,000. You do a sweet deal that really is sweet, and get a 50% return on your investment. Are you back to your original $10K? No, you’re at $7500. Doh!

    It takes a 100% return to get back to where you started after a 50% loss; and after all of that, you’re only back where you started, which means your strategies sucked versus your boring neighbor who put his $10K into an index fund or a boring CD and earned 5% on it. Note: your elderly neighbor with the 5% CD kicked your a** as an investor even though you managed to pull off a sweet deal with 100% ROI.

    Of course, if you take $50K and leverage it into $500K and THEN take a 50% loss, do you think you’re going to find anyone to loan you another $500K so you can look for the sweet deal that’s going to double your money so you can pay back both loans and get back to your original $50K? Probably not..

    A poor person who gets a flat tire may have to choose between paying rent (and having no car) and replacing the tire (and pissing off the landlord). A rich person can just rent a car while the tire problem is dealt with, or drives a different car. A rich person can borrow as much as they want at low interest rates - at this point, CashCall won’t even talk to you.

    The deeper you dig the hole, the worse it gets.

    You can solve this problem in a big dramatic fashion with bankruptcy - or you can let it work itself out slowly. The statute of limitations on debts and the 7/10-year limits on credit negatives will give you the same effect as bankruptcy, but it’ll take a long time. If your creditors turn the debts into judgments by suing you, they’ll last for 10 years, and can be extended for 10 more years if the creditor is paying attention.

    One problem with making small payments against big debts - each payment resets the statute of limitations to collect the debt, so at some point you’re going to have to decide if you’re going to work out or pay the debts, BK, or ignore the debts. A mixed strategy gives you the worst results.

    You should get your tax returns filed ASAP. It is possible to discharge back taxes in bankruptcy - possible, not easy - BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE FILED THE RETURN. NO RETURN = NO DISCHARGE IN BANKRUPTCY. In fact, the new bankruptcy code won’t even let you file until you’re current on your returns.

    It’s good that you’re working. Casual self-employment is not going to be as beneficial as a nice steady W-2 job that pays you all the time, even during slow periods - but it’s a lot better than nothing, which is the impression you’ve created.

    You know, for all of the hating you get, there are a lot of people who would like to see you succeed - but being secretive and/or acting like you think you’re a lot smarter than the rest of the world because you spent $30K on guru seminars that taught you how to create hundreds of thousands in debt (frankly, I’ve lost track of your real position, but it’s not pretty). You made a bunch of giant mistakes and you’d get a lot less attitude from people if you’d just admit that so far you’ve been a giant failure as a real estate speculator/investor rather than pretending that an amazing success is somehow right around the corner.

    You can’t learn from a failure or a mistake if you’re not willing to recognize it as one.

  • Casey,

    “Also, maybe some of you don’t realize that paying only $10 towards a credit line that is $5,000 behind payments is a waste of money.”

    I guess you could say it’s a waste of money of you just plan to file for bankruptcy anyway. Yet you seem to be against the bankruptcy option…so which is it?

    You say it’s a waste of money. I say it’s the morally correct thing to do.

  • Did you “Invest” or divest? I just don’t get how you are going to start “investing” again with your debt? I do know that subprime let you think you were an investor, and that quite frankly is the rough part. You were lead down a path to self destruction just like the people in 98-00 who thought they could buy stocks on credit and all they did was go up up up. But I guess that’s what makes someone long and someone short. I am short Casey right now as his capitulation still hasnt’ come. Casey is November of 2000 and still has to get to March of 2003 before the bottom’s in.

  • “No, It’s not a W-2 job (why does it matter?)”

    It doesn’t matter if you’re making enough money to justify going that route over a w-2 job.

    I’ve seen quite a few people run around in circles “working for themselves” to the point of desperation, just to avoid the structure of being employed by someone else.

    Indeed, that’s what I’ve seen you do so far.

    Are you making more money(net after taxes) than you would be working at Jamba Juice full time?

  • so, how much are you getting paid to burn cds?

    just wondering

  • Top 100 April Fools Jokes, Are you ready? Shopping done? Bono joins Greenspan in Knighthood. Amazing company. This market is like the old Networks Stars final Event, THE TUG O’ WAR, don’t you miss Howard Cosell? Casey’s burning CD”S for a living? Wow, how much does that pay? Give the guy a break.

  • 86. realestatewatcher
    March 31st, 2007 at 12:39 pm

    I just found your site, you poor idiot. It is because of your greed, lack of ethics and stupidity that you are in this mess. And, it is because of idiots like you that the market went so crazy - people following their greed, lying to achieve their so called ‘dreams’ - dreams of never working for a living by screwing everybody else. I hope all of you that lied to get these loans go to jail, along with the brokers who helped. Yes, I’m a ‘hater’. I hate greed, stupidity, and especially the morally bankrupt.

  • 87. Dread Pirate
    March 31st, 2007 at 1:01 pm

    People are saying you spent $400 on that CD burner tower. Did you?