December 1st, 2006   6:00 pm

Early Riser Habit to Stop Foreclosure


It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom” - Aristotle

I got up at noon today, because last night I was having a business meeting until 2am. Now that I’m working with Chris I will be having late night meetings often. Yesterday I got up at 3 PM because I stayed up all night working to meet a deadline. (I no longer work out of my local rich dad’s office but instead work from home.)

My problem is that I’m a night person and I tend to procrastinate. So when pressed for a deadline I will stay up as late as necessary to get work done. And naturally I will sleep-in.

When I wake up at noon, half the working day is gone. By the time I shower and do other morning rituals I’m looking at 3 PM. No wonder I haven’t been very productive lately in getting out of my foreclosure mess. I am not focused and I’m not working hard enough!

To be successful I need to become an early riser!

After reading Steve Pavlina’s guide to Becoming an Early Riser (part 1 and part 2), I am determined to take the 30 day challenge to build the early riser habit.

30 Day Early Riser Challenge:

For the next 30 days, December 2nd to December 31st, I will wake up at 5:55 AM, sharp. No snoozing. I will do this every single day, regardless of when I went to sleep the night before.

Immediately after getting up I will go outside for a jog. Rain or shine. This will wake me up and build a habit of daily exercise. During the jog I will connect with My Maker, focus on my goals and attract success.

To stay healthy I will take daily naps. This way I can stay up late every night if I have to. I will experiment with different napping durations and schedules until I find what works. (I have even been tempted to try polyphasic sleep.)

I will also experiment with my morning routine and my work schedule. My intention before was to limit work hours to 9 to 5 because I tend to over-work and get out of balance. However, that hasn’t worked very well.

I’m having a hard time keeping my inbox from filling up with unanswered email. The 4 foreclosures are still looming and the debt is mounting. I have a real estate job too. So I need to work more hours and to stay focused on my goals.

The early-riser habit will allow me to get extra work done this month in stopping foreclosure and finding creative solutions to pay off all my debt. The early riser habit will also contribute to my success in all areas of life: wealth, health and relationships.

Accountability via I am Facing Foreclosure .com

I thought I will use this foreclosure blog to keep me accountable. Every single morning I will leave a comment on the most recent entry, something like, “Good morning! It feels so good to be an early riser!“. You will see the date-stamp of my comment and will know that I am on track and ready to stop foreclosure and achieve success.

Mr. Foreclosure and Mr. Debt, watch out! Successful early rising real estate investor is coming to get ya!


  • Ha Ha Ha Ha………


    Get up early so you can take naps, huh? That’ll solve your problems, huh?

    Wow, you are either truly lost in the wilderness or you need better writers.

    This blog has truly jumped the shark.

  • “Early to bed, early to rise, makes one healthy, weathy and wise”

    Ben Franklin,

    I think you on the right track Casey

  • I’m curious as to what you’re doing for Chris that requires such late hours but allows you to stay home and sleep in. And, what happened with local richdad.

    But…I won’t ask, since you never answer such questions. You never finish anything - always starting new threads and abandoning the old ones after they meet your quota for #posts.

    Just more dis-connected event fragments in the Casey metaverse…

  • I truly hope you’re not serious when you post junk like this:

    “You will see the date-stamp of my comment and will know that I am on track and ready to stop foreclosure and achieve success.

    Mr. Foreclosure and Mr. Debt, watch out! Successful early rising real estate investor is coming to get ya!”

    You’re not fooling 95% of us - I hope you’re not fooling yourself.

  • funny, it’s only 5:25 pm december 1st here on the west coast and yet mr early riser is up at 5:55 am december 2nd.

  • Early to bed, early to flip.
    Making money at an easy clip.

    That’s my motto.

  • Low number of hits with this topic. You have to do better

  • Casey, I wake up everyday at 5:30 AM. I am willing to share my secret Wake Building techniques with you for No Money Down, Nap Back at Close.

    Here are some of my proven techniques:

    Alarm Clocks – Wind up vs. Electric. What are the pros and cons? Is battery back up all it’s cracked up to be?

    How putting your alarm clock on the other side of the room can eliminate the Snooze Button Demon.

    Daylight Savings Time- Friend or Foe?

    Secret Navajo Water Drinking Technique (Advanced) – Guaranteed to get you up on time.

    Act now, this is a limited “Sweet Deal”, “Win,Win” offer.

  • what exactly are you doing between wakeup at noon and ready to work (from home!) at 3pm?

  • GaGa – “I’m curious as to what you’re doing for Chris that requires such late hours but allows you to stay home and sleep in.”

    I’m guessing there is probably Astroglide and a “Reach Around” involved (Or do the RE guys call it a “Wrap Around”?).

  • 11. Time to Get Real
    December 1st, 2006 at 7:05 pm

    My goal in 2007 is to loose 40 pounds, and have my thinning gray hair grow back in thick and dark. I’m still looking for the ‘magic bullet’ to loose weight - discipline, diet and exercise is not fun, and is beneath me. Someone should fix my weight problem for me even though I’m responsible for gaining it.

    You want to pay off your debt and be a successful RE investor in 2007. You’re also seeking a ‘magic bullet’.

    I think we have equal probabilities of achieving our goals.

  • Casey,

    I like how you answer Coyote Investor’s questions with the statement that you want to answer his questions. Then you move on to something else, nice… You may not be able to those questions but don’t lose track of the most important thing you need to do to get out of forclosure/backruptcy/jail problems - get out there and BIRD DOG THOSE SWEET DEALS!! Come on, man! They’re just sitting out there waiting for you! You’re sooo close……

    - Random Guy

  • Here is an idea. First pick one of your houses in Ca then move into it, live in it full time and make all the payments ontime.This will teach you what it is really like to own a house and not flip a house. I believe this is what you need to learn before you are a real estate investor.Let the others go to forclosure and get some type of job that will pay a consistent paycheck.Take on ZERO debt.Get your life back together and in a few years maybe get back into real estate. It can work if you make sacrafices but you have to want it to work . So far i think your just having fun with this blog and not being serious about getting back on track. Please tell me why this would not work for you.

  • Casey:

    We in the consulting biz have a saying:

    “If you’re sleeping, you’ve got unsold inventory.”

    I think you need to move some more merchandise.

  • This little excerp was from “Power Down” referring to a coming peak oil scenario, but it could kinda refer to an economic crash as well. Just sustitute the indigenous people in canoes for “the Chinese prudently saving 40% of their earnings or CA renters saving a grand or more by renting-not owning” and the “raflet” builders being conservative, money saving, individual investors who see this whole train wreck coming. I could even see Casey having a nice steak & JambaJuice with the gamblers.

    Imagine yourself in the following circumstance: You have just awakened from sleep to find yourself on a tarpaper raft floating away from shore. With you on the raft are a couple of hundred people, most of whom seem completely oblivious to their situation. They are drinking beer, barbecuing ribs, fishing, or sleeping. You look at the rickety vessel and say to yourself, “My God, this thing is going to sink any second!”
    Miraculously, seconds go by and it is still afloat. You look around to see who’s in charge. The only people you can find who appear to have any authority are some pompous-looking characters operating a gambling casino in the middle of the raft. In back of them stand heavily armed soldiers. You point out that the raft appears dangerous. They inform you that it is the safest and most wonderful vessel ever constructed, and that if you persist in suggesting otherwise the guards will exercise their brand of persuasion on you. You back away, smiling, and move to the edge of the raft. At this point, you’re convinced (and even comment to a stranger next to you) that, with those idiots at the helm, the raft can’t last more than another minute or so.
    A minute goes by and still the damn thing is afloat. You turn your gaze out to the water. You notice now that the raft is surrounded by many sound-looking canoes, each carrying a family of indigenous fishers. Men on the raft are systematically forcing people out of the canoes and onto the raft at gunpoint, and shooting holes in the bottoms of the canoes. This is clearly insane behavior:
    the canoes are the only possible sources of escape or rescue if the raft goes down, and taking more people on board the already overcrowded raft is gradually bringing its deck even with the water line. You reckon that there must now be four hundred souls aboard. At this rate, the raft is sure to capsize in a matter of seconds.
    A few seconds elapse. You can see and feel water lapping at your shoes, but amazingly enough the raft itself is still afloat, and nearly everyone is still busy eating, drinking, or gambling (indeed, the activity around the casino has heated up considerably). You hear someone in the distance shouting about how the raft is about to sink. You rush in the direction of the voice only to see its source being tossed unceremoniously overboard. You decide to keep quiet, but think silently to yourself, “Jeez, this thing can’t last more than another couple of minutes! What the hell should I do?”
    You notice a group of a dozen or so people working to patch and reinforce one corner of the raft. This, at least, is constructive behavior, so you join in. But it’s not long before you realize that the only materials available to do the patching with are ones cannibalized from elsewhere on the raft. Even though the people you’re working with clearly have the best of intentions and are making some noticeable improvements to the few square feet on which they’ve worked, there is simply no way they can render the entire vessel “sustainable,” given its size, the amount of time required, and the limited availability of basic materials. You think to yourself that there must be some better solution, but can’t quite focus on one.
    As you stand there fretting, a couple of minutes pass. You realize that every one of your predictions about the fate of the raft has been disconfirmed. You feel useless and silly. You are about to make the only rational deductions that there must be some mystical power keeping the raft afloat, and that you might as well make the most of the situation and have some barbecue when a thought comes to you: The “sustainability” crowd has the right idea
    except that, as they rebuild their corner of the raft, they should make it easily detachable, so that when the boat as a whole sinks they can simply disengage from it and paddle toward shore. But then, what about the hundreds of people who won’t be able to fit onto this smaller, reconditioned raftlet?
    You notice now that there is a group of rafters grappling with the soldiers who’ve been shooting holes in canoes. Maybe, if some of the canoes and their indigenous occupants survive, then the scope of the impending tragedy can be reduced. But direct confrontation with the soldiers appears to be a dangerous business, since many of the protesters are being shot or thrown into the water.
    You continue working with the sustainability group, since they seem to have the best understanding of the problem and the best chances of survival. At the same time, your sympathies are with the protesters and the fisher families. You hope and pray that this is all some nightmare from which you will soon awaken, or that there is some means of escape for everyone that you haven’t seen yet.

  • Do you seriously think another gimmick will work? That’s a rhetorical question, you’re beyond delusional at this point.

    You wake up and it takes you three hours to get ready for work? What are you a damn woman?

  • Wow! You have got to be kidding me. You’re facing foreclosure and sleeping til 3 pm?

    If you’re dealing with banks, you’ve got to keep banker’s hours. Being in California, by the time you’re waking up and rubbing sleep from your eyes, your East Coast lenders have already closed! No wonder your New York buyer bailed on you. His real estate agent could probably never contact you.

    I think a lot of Casey supporters are going to be converted to “haters” with this post.

    Maybe you and “Sputnik the Cat” can take naps together, but no one is going to be giving you any “fishy treats.”

  • Business meeting until 2:00AM? So what bar was it that you shutdown?

    Get up at noon, at work at 3:00PM…man you are too much.

    When I was working my last startup we would pull all nighters regularly. I used to go home to take a shower and drive the kids to school and then be back for staff meetings at 9:00AM. That’s what it took to beat the competition and get acquired by IBM, so that’s what we did. I will admit life is easier now working for Big Blue, but I miss the startup environment and I will be back as soon as my golden handcuffs get unlocked in June.

    Staying up late is no excuse for getting up late, if you were up until 2:00AM you should easily be able to get your lazy a** out of bed by 8:00 and be working by 9:00. Christ, 10 frigging hours of sleep??!! I have not done that since I was 18.

    At one point Donald Trump slept 3-4 hours a night because he thinks sleeping is a waste of time and if he wanted to succeed he needed to be working. Entrepreneurs don’t sleep that much, at least the successful ones don’t.

    You need to stop being a lazy a** and get your a** out of bed.

  • Casey, why is it that you post links and names of people who have been helping you, like Zach or the hard money lender in Dallas, but you won’t link to Chris’ page?

    Why don’t you let everyone in on the kind of ‘business’ that Chris is involved in. Wouldn’t it be nice if you brought him some publicity?

    There’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?

    So tell your loyal readers what it is that Chris does, and how he does it. Why did you take his picture of of your Flickr account?

    Has he asked you not to tell us? Really, what kind of boss would be ashamed to be associated with you? You are on the fast track to success!

  • slo_mo_jo,
    He’s obviously very good at staging things. Would have made a good artist. He seems to have that side of his brain working quite well. The logical side that keeps you from impulsive and stupid decisions….well I think he got dropped to many times on that side.

    seriously casey, you have a knack for creativity. You DON’t have a knack for RE. the sooner you realize the better off you will be.

  • Casey -

    I wake up at 5am everyday - I’m self-employed and usually work at home. I usually start working by 515am. What kind of routine takes 3 hrs before you’re ready to work?

    My workday is usually over by 3pm - but if I have a pressing deadline I work until it’s done - easily putting in 12 hr days (often).

    You’re beyond help.

    You get LOTS of great and free advice on this blog - but seem to be too dim to gain from it.

  • 22. More Interesting Than a Car Crash!
    December 1st, 2006 at 8:19 pm

    Gimme a break, will ya? If I had the problems you have, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at all - never-mind until noon.


  • Casey,

    You are off on a tangent.

    I make more before I wake up in the morning than most people do all day.

    Its about cash flow. Did you ever even do an excel spreadsheet to see how much cashflow (or negative cashflow) you could generate with your houses?

    Speaking of which, did you ever even do a speadsheet to show how much capital gain you would have had if your flips had gone according to plan (i.e. the market had not turned against you)?

    Could you post it here?

    You did do a speadsheet, right?

    You do know how to use a spreadsheet, right?

    Hungry Bear

  • Casey,

    Initially I was disappointed by this post. I thought, “You’re facing foreclosure and sleeping til noon?” But then I remembered that excessive sleeping is a symptom of depression. Hey, who wouldn’t be depressed in your situation?

    Changing your sleeping habits is certainly a step in the right direction. But if your problem is really depression, you’re just treating a symptom, not the disease.

    With all you’re facing, I can’t imagine reading hundreds of negative posts per day is helping any. See what you can do to find someone to help you with the moderation and don’t read the posts. The negative ones are not going to help you.
    Limit your blogging to just writing.

    Also, get on a regular schedule. Taking a 2nd job might not be a bad idea, just to get away from all this mentally for a while. The extra money won’t hurt either.

    Take care,


  • Casey - ignore the haters - their advice is worthless.

    Keeping normal hours is good. I’m in bed around 10 every night and up around 6 every morning. I haven’t owned an alarm clock for 20 years.

    You need to get some things done here and getting up at noon or 3 PM isn’t going to help things.

    You got into this mess wth Real Estate and the way I see things, Real Estate is your only real way out. It’s where the big dollars are made if you know what you’re doing.

    Forget all the haters that are telling you to “get a job”. Your debt is way beyond what any good job will allow you to manage.

    You can still make a ton of money in RE but you’ve got to lose the “buy - fix - flip” mentality.

    There are houses out there that you can get for 50 cents on the dollar if you know where to look, and there are people that will buy them from you all day long at 80 cents on the dollar.

    Come up with a game plan to put those two pieces of the puzzle together and you’ll do just fine.


  • The only thing that I can add is perhaps it’s time to do some Yoga. Maybe this site will help you to ’see the light’!

  • You need to start working smarter not harder. You need to buy and sell real estate in Jakarta or Hanoi. It’s 6am there when you get up at 3pm!

  • Haha, yeah that’ll do the trick. Forget financial responsibility and good sense. Getting up early will fix all your problems!

  • 29. Wishful Thinker
    December 1st, 2006 at 9:06 pm

    What a Knucklehead….you’re a Hoot!

  • 30. Yougottabekiddingme
    December 1st, 2006 at 9:34 pm

    Welcome to the wide world of depression - sleeping too much and trying to “jolly” yourself along with new plans each day, because the old ones aren’t making you feel better any more.

    Quit the crack, get some Prozac, and stop planning to think about deciding on a list of possible steps to developing an idea that might lead to a possible solution.

    TO shamelessly steal a phrase - JUST DO IT. DO something. Do anything, for heaven’s sake. Blame near anything is better than the nothing you’ve been doing for months now.

  • 1. How do you have this full time job, yet get to sleep ’til noon?

    2. Have you actually done anything productive since you stated this blog?

    3. You claim to have made money on the sale of your condo, however, It appears you basically sold it because you could’nt make the payment. How in the holy ham sandwich did this convince you that you were a real estate genious?

    4. You continually refer to yourself as a workaholic, but show no results for your time. Are you:
    a. Lying about how much you work?
    b. Just incredibly inept?

    5. Will you admit you are gay in the near future?

    It appears quite obvious that you are just some lazy guy who doesn’t want to work. When you got the money from your condo; you spent it on Jamba Juice and magic beans. When you got the money from your cash at closing scams; you spent it on Jamba Juica and magic beans. When you borrowed money from a friend…..yes, Jamba Juice and beans. Insurance money from your car; Ghetto junker and another trip to the Macaroni Grill.

    You will just not work. As long as you have a dollar in your pocket, you are above it. You will never stick with anything. If Gay Savvy Chris gave you a two month advance on your “services” you would decide that you were independently wealthy again and you would blow the 3k at Starbucks or flying around to meet with “investers” while wearing the blue shirt.

    I’ve been working for years and couldn’t provide one photo of me “working”. If someone wants proof that I work, they can just check what I have produced.

    Nice blue ball.

    You are a lazy criminal and a burden to society.

  • Casey, most Californian commuters are already out the door on their way to work at 5:55 AM. Thousands of crazy Bakersfield residents* leave their houses between 4:30-5:00 on their leisurely commute to LA.

    What’s the big deal about getting up at 5:55 AM? Human beings have gotten up at sunrise throughout recorded history. We are programmed to wake at sunrise.

    *Soon to be ex-residents, once they lose their houses due to foreclosure.

  • It is getting increasingly obvious that you are starting to plug mroe and more people…you plug web sites you plug books, you plug dvds. Bottom line though is that you are a scumbag and anyone who wants to succeed…well, the last thing they should be doing is imitate you and read or watch the same stuff you do. You are a loser Casey, you were born a loser, you were a loser when you tried the chain mail letter as a kid, you were a loser when you quit your job to become a real estate tycoon, you were a loser when it crumbled beneath you, you were a loser when you borrowed 3K from a friend, a loser when you paid him back with his own money, 2K of which you still owe by the way, you were a loser when you bought a car sight unseen (then again you did the same with houses dintcha? and you are a loser in terms of getting yourself out of this mess. You don’t have the work habits or ethics to become a successful entrepeneur. The only reason you want to be one is so that you can goof off all day and nobody can tell you otherwise. I mean face it, isn’t that what you do now? My prediction, you will die a loser. All your recent updates have nothing to do with you working your way out of this hole, all you do is procrastinate like you said and go on interviews, work on a blog, and pretend to go to work at a pretend job.

  • Casey, how does getting up early help you avoid foreclosure?

    What else are you actually doing to avoid foreclosure?

  • I have to ask, the $1500 that Chris gave you last Friday, was that before taxes? I mean it would be very unlikely to get a paycheck that is exactly $1500, right?

    You are aware that you have to pay taxes right? I’m sure Chris is, being such a savvy ‘business man’. He wouldn’t be so stupid as to pay you under the table…


  • Rick…?

    Eric? HA!

  • I like the new “About” section. I see your starting to take some of the advice around here.

    First person is always better than third person.

  • 38. Wealthyboomer
    December 1st, 2006 at 10:39 pm

    Our financial industry is a house of cards
    The whole glittering palace of American finance is a house of cards, ready to fall over at the slightest breeze.
    Thanks to financial manipulations, Americans have less equity and the banks own a higher percentage of the housing stock than ever before in history. Urged on by the credit junkies, Americans refinanced and borrowed all the equity out of their homes.
    They owe $8 trillion - more than twice as much as in 1995 - but their incomes have barely increased at all.
    Now the houses are being dumped back on the lenders. Home prices are plunging. America’s reckless lending institutions have exposed each and every one of us to a loss of $50,000-400,000, depending on how much equity you have in your home.
    Imagine what it’s going to be like when the shock hits every resident of every town in the United States.

    · During the last 29 years, U.S. real estate declined in value more than one-third of the time
    · The ghost of recessions past: If you bought a house in California in 1989, you probably didn’t reach break-even for eight years. If you bought in the Northeast in 1985, you were upside down for 5-8 years
    · Japanese real estate prices fell for 15 years straight - a 40% loss overall. And the bubble that came before their bust was much smaller than ours
    · Hong Kong saw a real decrease in housing prices of 57% from 1997-2002.
    Only 15% of the people in California can now afford the median house in that state. Whatever some homeowners might be worth on paper, the truth is the boom has made most Californians poor in real terms - in terms of what they can buy.
    We live in very dangerous times. Inflation is about to pluck some people like chickens. And they won’t even know - until it’s too late!
    Household debt has tripled in just 10 years. Meanwhile, incomes have barely budged. That combustible combination is already causing the biggest wave of bad debt in American history. You’ll discover, the banking system is teetering on the edge of a cliff. The party is coming to an end, and the hangover is going to be a doozy.

  • I wake up everyday at 3 am (unless I have to be to work at 3 am, then I wake up at 2 am).

    I sleep 5 hours a night…(3-4 hours is not unheard of).

    I go to work and I put in 10-12 hour days 6 days a week.

    and then when I am done with that, I go and work on my side business for another 3-5 hours a day..

    Everyday..without fail.

    Usually when i am driving home I wonder what the f*** casey will put on his blog today…he is running out of angles.

    and then you come up with this s*** .

    You take mundane s*** and show everyone how screwed up you are.

    If you want to be a succesful businessman you dont sleep until 3 pm when the world you want to live in is starting to wind down from the day. (the banking and real estate world is winding down at 3 pm and people want to go home).

    casey, you have jumped the shark…you went from talking about big sweeeeeeeeeeeet deals to credit scores and godamn jamba juice NSF’S.

    Your either a complete moron or legally retarded–take your pick.

    I’m done with this blog..your ability to show us how stupid you are has reached it’s end.

  • “@ Rick”

    Casey was out with George Cloony and Danny DiVito…..
    Other nights he’s out with either Brittney or Paris Hilton
    Word on the street is that Casey will be the next “kept husband.” He’ll just need to negotiate a better pre-nup than K-Fed…..

    “@ Some Dude”

    “….you’re beyond delusional….” I agree. My ex-husband was bipolar and was always making impulse purchases…. the difference between him and Casey was that my ex worked hard and knew how to make money — so we never went into debt…. My out-laws would never accept or acknowledge my ex’s illness…. so when the marriage was ending my attorney said that my ex and his parents were living in a different state….. the state of denial.

    @ Coyote Investor
    We’ve all had the same questions for over a month now.

    @ Casey
    Your response was lame. December is way to late to be thinking of the things Coyote mentioned in his reply. You need to have these answers by the end of this weekend!

  • I give it a week before he starts sleeping in again.

  • What about your eating habits? Getting enough fiber lately? Why don’t you tell us what type of food you eat? And when you eat it.

    Then tell us how you pick out the clothes you wear each day. I’m sure we’re all dying to know these things.

    You never mentioned how often you bathe and wash your hair…

    These are all must know topics!!

  • Verified - not much traffic spike from the “national television broadcast…

    Serious uggestion for future entry - post some of your more interesting IP traffic… perhaps any Federal or State law enforcement agencies? :)


  • It’s true Casey that the 15 minutes of fame could be up any minute so you’ve got to come up with something to capitalize on it now.

    And I’ve got it! Yes, whahoo! We’ll all post our life troubles and then YOU will give us advice on how to get through them.

    ..Then we’ll know what NOT to do!

  • How to wake up at the crack of dawn? For the next 30 days, December 2nd to December 31st, I will wake up at 5:55 AM, sharp. No snoozing. I will do this every single day, regardless of when I went to sleep the night before. Immediately after getting up I will go outside for a jog. Rain

  • Good morning! It feels great to be an early riser! Mr. Foreclosure and Mr. Debt, watch out, here I come!!

  • This is a good thing, change your perception of the day. Ultimately get more work done.

  • Congratulations. You have done ONE thing you said you would do.

  • Casey,


    We all think you’re incapable of truthful growth.

    Please prove otherwise.

  • 51. Ethical Realtor in DC
    December 2nd, 2006 at 6:33 am

    How’s this for an idea
    - Work MORE THAN 9 to 5 because you are in a financial mess and want to earn your way out, but only work like the leisure class - very few highly successful people keep such short hours until after they are well on their ways to their goals
    - Save hours of time a day by posting on the blog but not reading anything - how will you ever earn enough to get out of trouble if you are pissing your time away on this attempt to be today’s famous failure
    - Work outside the home where you are not tempted to log on every minute and take naps. People with real jobs couldn’t get away with the way you waste time
    - Rising early is fine, but using the time you are awake to earn rather than dream and blog might be a better idea

    You are still earning way less than you would at oen, much less two, jobs as a waiter. Get at least one job that pays well by the hour and stop doing commission based things until you really dig out. You call it work, but it’s dreaming and procrastination to hide behind a part time job with Chris.

  • Dude, now that you have started your new up-and-at-’em early bird program, why don’t you give us an hour by hour account of how you are using this newly found time?

    I think it would be interesting for your loyal readers to see your schedule, plus it will help you hold your feet to the fire….

    Now go Get Busy!!!

  • What a loser!

  • 54. dumb da dum dumb
    December 2nd, 2006 at 7:24 am

    Casey i would suggest you go back to sleep….

    you want to be so rich for so little work at such a young age.

    you really think that you can justify sleeping in till 3pm without any explanation of what you did the night before?

    what time did you “work” until?
    did tequilla shots & bong hits play a part of your late night bizniz strategy??

    casey i would also suggest you ‘ugly up’ and get a little more ‘deezil’ i certainly hope yo dont get thrown in jail with your blue ball, bleached hair, plucked eyebrows & khakis…

    seriously, your slim yoga jamba juice bullshit isnt gonna cut it in prison! unless you want to impress & tempt your cellmates with the abilty to put your ankles behind your ears

    look in the mirror and practice your mean face!
    id love to see a real blog post, not this fluff stuff
    do some dirty work
    start rehabbing (not flipthathouse style…standing around in flipflops & sunglasses pointing out stuff to the unlicensed illegals….montelongo anyone?)

    your a joke, have you noticed taht we are all asking you to answer the questions!!!

  • C’mon, this guy’s just trolling us. It finally dawns on young casey that perhaps sleeping till noon is the cause of his abject failure in the business world?

    What I hope is that these tards who get horribly upside down don’t get off scott-free. I invest conservatively work steadily and live frugally. I dont have wild eyed dreams about getting rich overnight, and yet MY life is made much more difficult by the lax lending practices and criminals like YOU Casey who take advantage of the loose money supply.

    Your behavior, multiplied by thousands of speculators everywhere, is one of the primary causes of home price inflation. NO one can tell me it’s normal to have home prices be so wildly out of wack with median income.

    I’ll be seriously enraged if everyone who did the right thing, like me, has to bail out a massively bankrupt system due to people like YOU. YOU should have to spend the rest of your life doing backbreaking work to bail out your debts, NOT me. If my taxes go up one nickle to help stop a nationwide economic collapse, I’ll leave the country. Because it’s over. 3rd world behaviour and banking laws will destroy the US.

    Youve proven to be a prime contributor to that destruction.

  • 56. San Diego Renter
    December 2nd, 2006 at 8:10 am

    It’s 27degC at 5:55am in Sacramento?

  • whAT tiME dOES bUbbA WAKE yOu uP iN pRiSON fO suM LOVIN? thAT’s wHAT yOu gOttA wORrY aBoUT.

  • “Good morning! It feels great to be an early riser! Mr. Foreclosure and Mr. Debt, don’t worry, I still don’t have a clue how to deal with you guys yet!! I just need a new ‘plan’ each day to keep me going, I don’t really execute them…”

  • 59. Casey Is A LOOSER
    December 2nd, 2006 at 8:26 am

    Morning Looser. say hello to Mr Debt and Mr Foreclosure for me would ya ?

    Of course Casey doesn’t get enough fiber in his diet, why do you suppose he is so full of sh*t ?


    He is still in la-la land thinking that by doing irrelevant action plan would get himself out of troubles. But in reality, his debt is so far up his neck, he is becoming delusional.

    Now, as we all can see, Casey is no longer seeking realistic solution to his financial problems, he is so f__ked financially, he is looking for SHORTCUTS, a way out, which unfortunately does not exist.

    Frankly, even with a regular computer engineering full time job ($75,000 pay) won’t make a slight ding to his debt, bankrupty is the one opinion.

    What else can you expect from Casey?? This loser is just here to entertain us for free, what do you expect him to do??? Sell his house?! ;-)

    If Casey was smart and listen to any of our advices, he wouldn’t be in this financial ruin in the first place.

    Nagger out.

  • Everyone should go to the URL that anon posted and file complaints.

    Let’s get this moron what he deserves. Detail his fraudulent activities and point them to this site.

    Mail fraud, pyramid schemes, soliciting investors with fraudulent intent, mortgage fraud…Casey has done them all. He is a serial con artist flaunting his activities in the face of the public and attempting to profit from his criminal behavior.

    We all need to stand up and put an end to this.

  • This is my first and last post. You are a fake Casey, which I truly don’t mind. You are teasing your audience but it is entertainment. I enjoyed it for a while but you have run out of creative ideas to entertain me or make me think. Look at your bandwidth logs…this blog is breaking down. The comments have become short and distasteful. The people posting now simply enjoy putting you down to try and feel good. Hopefully you’ve made your money off this blog and can move on to your next adventure. I remember my 20’s, so full of ideas and so much energy. Unfortunately, you’re already out of ideas…

  • Turn in your dreams of being a real estate mogul and become a photographer instead.
    It’s obvious from the photos on this blog that you have a rare talent.

  • Honestly, how many people have completed a Paypal transaction for Casey. It looks to be 14. That’s how many verified “buyers” have been associated to his account. And doesn’t Paypal charge a flat fee + percentage for each transaction? So if people “donated”, say, 1 cent, would that be a negative donation after fees? That would be bad.

  • I’ve noticed that you no longer work in “rich dad’s” office, but now work at home. Why is that? Doesn’t Chris have space in his office for you?

    Is it because you can’t stay focused?

  • CAsey,

    I’d FiRe YoUr WriTErs. ThEY HaVe LOst tHe “ZiNg” of eaRliEr POsts.

    A 2 OuT oF 10. HOw Ya GonnA KeeP ThIs sCaM GoiNg wItHoUt tHe DAiLY NeW hOoK? I’M bOred- OUTTA HERE.

  • 67. Chris Johnson
    December 2nd, 2006 at 9:49 am

    Wow, now Casey is planning to make a plan! Just hoping that magical answer will come to him…at least he’ll be up early enough to see the foreclosure sales take place–I know they start bright and early on the courthouse steps.

    “If I could just get out of this hole by not having to work or make sacrifices, I am SO willing to do it!” Attaboy, Casey.

  • re: So if people “donated”, say, 1 cent, would that be a negative donation after fees? That would be bad.

    Casey’s the master at generating net loss on all his projects! :lol:
    Seriously dude, you should write a book called 1001 ways to lose money on ventures that everyone else is able to turn a profit.

  • Bingo!…..Les nailed it, Casey’s guru/huckster de jour is Steve Pavlina, after checking out his site the motivations behind this one become clear…here are some other examples

  • The photo for this post is pretty good. You may wish to consider going back to graphic and web design and photography. But unfortunately you need business savvy, and not just artistic skills, to be successful in those areas as well.

  • And I think you keep your room too hot at night. 27˚ Celsius is roughly 80˚ Fahrenheit. It’s hard to get up when it’s that warm. The heat in your bedroom may cause drowsiness and excessive sleeping. Add this note to your new early riser list: keep bedroom cool.

  • Casey, it sounds like procrastination is the number one bad habit that you need to deal with, I truly believe this. Have you read David Allen’s GTD by David Allen yet???

    You need a system to keep yourself in-line and on-track!


  • Do try to keep up!

    “And I think you keep your room too hot at night. 27˚ Celsius is roughly 80˚ Fahrenheit. It’s hard to get up when it’s that warm. The heat in your bedroom may cause drowsiness and excessive sleeping. Add this note to your new early riser list: keep bedroom cool.”

    He posted that photo on or before 6 pm the NIGHT BEFORE. The clock was moved forward, something easily done on any clock, something not so easy in the real world.

    27C is a bit warm for my tastes, but may be typical of a late afternoon in Sacramento, given our recent sunny weather here in Northern California.

    Casey has bigger problems.


  • What do you do exactly for your boss? Is he a realtor? Investor? What is he investing in in this down market? You give very vague generalities of both

  • to become a successful real estate investor in 2007?
    lol……im sure your probably still jumping at the real estate ads believing the worst is over and its gonna happen again …lol

  • Oh wow. I just noticed your reflection in the clock..

  • You are right about the early riser habit. “Early to bed early to rise”. 100% correct. Even if you have nothing to do that day: Get up.

    I have a serious problem with this. I always want to stay up late. When do the clients call? First thing in the morning. It helps when you are married with a person that cares about you. They can wake you up.

    I’m alone and have to motivate myself. There is nobody to help me. My fiancé broke up with me 3 years ago and we dated for 5 years. I wish I was married. The right women will make you; not break you. Marriage is a blessing and a source of strength. Don’t follow the herds.

  • You have SO got to be kidding me!!!!!! I work full-time, attend school half-time (with a commute that makes it full-time), take care of my ten-month-old, and still manage to get up by 4:30 AM every morning. Before you ask, NO, I am NOT a morning person. You do what you have to do; has no one ever told you that?

  • Casey,

    It’s a good thing you are getting up early. But it doesn’t matter too much for your ‘job’ everyday.

    I see you getting sucked into too many fads (just like the fasting thing). Because you are in CA you will be exposed to many weird fads like high colonics, etc… please don’t let things get that far! Or at least have the discretion not to write about it!

    -Big Cheese

  • Recommended Reading for Casey:

    “The Quick Guide to Getting Up:”
    It’s not just about throwing your legs over the side of the bed…

    “I.M. Awetawd’s Guide to Brushing Teeth:”
    Step by step breakdown of this harrowing process

    “Mastering the Morning Crap”
    How to best manage your morning defacation (and other tips of the scategorical kind)

    “The Successful Task-Lister”
    How making Lists Subtitutes for Actually *Doing* Something.

    “LG Derriere’s Butt-scratching Guide”
    The art of scratching one’s a**

    “Quick-Fire Excuses”
    Learn to have a defensive reason on the tip of your tongue for any given situation.

    “Marriage to the Pits”
    A comprehensive guide of how to tank your marriage in a year or less.

    “Breathing for Dummies”
    For those of you who can’t breathe without proper, high-quality literary guidance.

    “Bottled Wisdom for Sheople”
    The 1,000 page resource of expert opinions to help guide you through every aspect of your life.

  • I am very proud of Casey for his daily rituals of health/wellness/excercise/nutrition.
    Most of the people on this site are stuggling with obesity and/or are overweight.
    Having a leader like yourself to help show people that no matter what kind of Chaos is in our lives, we must take care of ourselves first and foremost…..Keep it up Casey!!
    this is the way to maintaining self-confidence to perservere.

  • Keep us posted on how this turns out for you. I have recently discovered the value of waking early everyday. I am still trying to incorporate the morning exercise, but it will happen. It sounds like this would be a huge improvement for you. Stick with it, it will pay dividends in the long run.

  • join the army

  • 84. fighting rhino
    December 16th, 2006 at 3:26 pm

    so much negativity! let it go people!

  • * still facing foreclosure on 4 houses… * well over $150K of unsecured debt… * decision to file bankruptcy or not to file bankruptcy… * uncertain job situation… utah mortgage issues… * lack of discipline and lack of progress on December goals… * being too distracted to do any more real estate deals… * serious marriage issues… * oh and on top of all that my laptop died! So I kind of hid from the world for a couple of days. No cell phone, no

  • by the “reality” that was/is waiting for me:…* still facing foreclosure on 4 houses…* well over $150K of unsecured debt…* decision to file bankruptcy or not to file bankruptcy…* uncertain job situation… utah mortgage issues…* lack of discipline and lack of progress on December goals…* being too distracted to do any more real estate deals…* serious marriage issues…* oh and on top of all that my laptop died!So I kind of hid from the world for a couple of days. No cell phone, no email, no

  • Please explain how exactly waking up early stops foreclosure? We get up before 6 every day too, (to go to our “jobs”) and we still have to rent. Please, O wise one, tell us what we’re doing wrong.

  • 88. I've Got The Answer
    February 15th, 2007 at 11:16 am

    And the answer is:

    Buy more! You don’t make money when you sell, you make money when you buy. So forget trying to sell your existing homes. They won’t make you any money. Instead, you need to buy, buy, buy!!

    Since you make your money when you buy, you should be concentrating on buying as many homes as you can. 10 a month, if you can find them. The more you buy, the more you make!!

  • The early morning has gold in its mouth.
    - Benjamin Franklin

    I would have inscribed on the curtains of your bed, and the walls of your chamber: “If you do not rise early, you can make progress in nothing.”
    - 1st Earl of Chatham, William Pitt

    When you find an unwillingness to rise early in the morning, endeavor to rouse your faculties, and act up to your kind, and consider that you have to do the business of a man; and that action is both beneficial and the end of your being.
    - Marcus Aurelius (Marcus Aurelius Antoninus)

    Whoever has tasted the breath of morning knows that the most invigorating and most delightful hours of then day are commonly spent in bed; though it is the evident intention of nature that we should enjoy and profit by them.
    - Robert Southey

    Few ever lived to a great age, and fewer still ever became distinguished; who were not in the habit of early using.
    - John Todd

    When one begins to turn in bed, it is time to get up.
    - Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley