Predatory Lending

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HOWTO: Loan Audits and Qualified Attorneys

As co-founder of a Mortgage Fraud Examination firm, I have talked to many of the best auditors in the country. Here is what you should consider before you spend more money towards your legal defense of your home.

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City Sues Mortgage Lender Over Foreclosures

An unprecedented federal lawsuit filed Tuesday by the city of Baltimore accuses mortgage giant Wells Fargo of engaging in predatory and discriminating loan practices. City officials estimate they could recoup “tens of millions” in damages.

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Foreclosure Stories: 67 Year Old Man May Lose His Home to Foreclosure Because of Predatory Lending will be chronicling stories of homeowners that are facing foreclosure in order to publicize the travesties that people are suffering as a result of toxic loans and predatory lenders.

If you would like your story published on this website, then please visit our sister website at Forum) and register as member to share your story with other homeowners and we will do our best to assist you in any way we can.

This is a letter from a man that Moe met 4 months ago. Mr. Don Bullis contacted Moe because he needed help to stop foreclosure on his home. After speaking with Donald, Moe realized that he was definitely the victim of predatory lending and needed an attorney right away.

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