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What’s Really Up With Wells’ Option ARMs?

An interesting discussion is going on in the “blogosphere” on the World Savings Option ARM Mortgages that were “picked up” by Wells Fargo with the merger of Wells and Wachovia. The discussion pivots on whether the World Option ARMs are a “ticking time-bomb” for Wells in the short term, or if the “10 year” recast period is going to allow Wells to weather the on-coming storm easier (or completely). Here, I will attempt to shed light on the recast portion of this argument, and hopefully clear up confusion and add to the general understanding of the subject.

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HOWTO: Loan Audits and Qualified Attorneys

As co-founder of a Mortgage Fraud Examination firm, I have talked to many of the best auditors in the country. Here is what you should consider before you spend more money towards your legal defense of your home.

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Why Aren’t Lenders Doing More Loan Modifications?

Daily, in the newspapers, radio, television and the internet, articles are written about the difficulty that borrowers face in getting loan modifications. At the same time, the Federal Government and the Obama Administration announce new programs to assist homeowners in getting loan modifications. These programs are going to solve the problems that homeowners have, and are going to save their homes. Yet, closer inspection of the program’s details raises. Next, states like California decide to try and pass legislation to prevent homeowners from paying money upfront to loan modification companies and attorneys for assistance in dealing with the Lenders and Servicers. Then, the President even declares that homeowners should not pay for loan modifications and that their lenders and servicers are doing the modifications for free.
Who does a homeowner believe? What is the real truth? This article will attempt to shed some light on the issues. I will focus primarily upon loans that have been securitized.

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TILA and RESPA Rescission Ineffective In Real-World Foreclosure Defense

When facing foreclosure, the homeowner is always confronted with the difficult task of researching information to acquaint him or her with what to expect in the coming months. This research will include a number of different subjects covering such issues as the foreclosure process, loan modification, legal statutes, and current trends. Somewhere in the process of researching this information, the homeowner will come across the subject of forensic loan audits and TILA and RESPA. The question then becomes, “What is TILA and RESPA and how can it help me?”

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