Litton offered us a loan modification, and we gratefully accepted

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If anyone has experience with Litton and their loan modification system, please chime in. Long story short, due to illness and several other abnormal expenses this year we became a good three months behind on our mortgage, in fact a bit more because I kept paying the monthly amount but I wasn’t quite able to make the past due payment. Add the costs of the lawyers and the fees and we’re about $4,000 behind.

Litton offered us a loan modification, and we gratefully accepted.

The problem was that my husband was just coming off of a short-term disability, and we had to wait three weeks after Litton wanted the initial payment for the loan mod acceptance to send it in. We let Litton and Titanium, who they’re apparently working with, know about the delay and they were cranky but said to just send the money in as soon as we had it. We did send it to them, and we attempted to pay the first month’s new payment right on time, but while they kept the initial payment they returned our mortgage payment. I called to ask why and they told me that the modification is still being processed so my house is still in foreclosure, but we’ll be notified ASAP about it. Meanwhile my home is up for Sheriff’s sale on 2/1/08.

We don’t know what to do. The loan modification is perfect for us and we thought we were all set, but we’re terrified that they’ll take our home while still processing the modification!! If anyone has any advice please let me know, thank you so much,



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  1. Have you Googled Litton Loans or Country wide yet? Do So now!
    Litton loans are a predatory loan servicing co. and have no interest in helping anyone except themselves to your hard earned money. They are the terrorist of any and all mortgages and loan servicing companies and don’t understand why the government hasn’t stopped them yet… I do not recommend them to anyone except the attorney general’s office of the United States. Here is a link for you to visit, and have lots of tissue ready as it will make you sick and cry.
    Country wide home loans have just been sued for millions from the state of Michigan’s attorney general (Mike Cox) for their Sub-Prime lending practices.
    Country wide (back in 2003) sold our loan to Litton loan servicing right in the middle of a loan modification. From there the nightmare began which ultimately ended up in us losing our home in a bankruptcy. They are liars and will deceit you. I won’t bore you with all of my experiences with them, but they are the same as the thousands on the internet. Google, Litton loans litigation and see for yourselves, then write a letter to the president of the United States and ask why this is o.k. Sorry for your loss.
    P.S. I’m just in the beginning stages right now to bring Larry Litton to prison and to start a Nation Wide class action Law Suit and put them OUT OF BUSINESS as well as put them in the national media spotlight.

  2. hi i guess im in the same situation like alot of you. it turns out i refinanced in o6 i took cash out but was told my payment was 2,260 with taxes and insurence .this lady in the phone gave bought me into getting the loan.iwanted to refianance because i didnt have taxes or insurence in my prior loan. so i went and refiananced, she gave me a paper saying what she was offering.hey taxes and insurence and she said iwas getting a little cash back…so i took it ,it turns out my taxes and insurence werent inpounded. at the closing i got a check from about 80.000 back and i asked her,that was alot she said not to worry my payment was the same and that their werent be any changes. when my payment coupan came, my payment was 3,260.00 . i was in shock i didnt read the loan docs i just signed.i didnt think something was wrong honestly.. when i went back she said the escrow company didnt let her inpound my taxes. i went to show them the paper with the payment she had offered , some how i didnt pay attention because when i left in all the papers i had that paper wasnt given back to me.i have no prove of what i was offered, but every thing changed at the end. i still went back to fight it with them and they do not loger exist the place ,where they were is closed.ive been having problems making this payment i filed bankrupcy and was told by judge for them to modify and they i went back to court and they were granted the relieve from stay. now my lawyer plans to sue wilshire credit for predetory lending .i dont know if i have a case but i hope something can be done. o and when i got this loan it was stated income, i was told no problem we can help. my lawyer lookedover the loan docs and they put me bringing 5,000 home with a false company well they accually know those people.. please tell me what you think…do anyone here thinks i have apredetory loan.and please never sign without reading the papers, if you dont understand take it to a lawyer who can explain it to you…

  3. Does anybody know about a class lawsuit against Litton Servicing?

    They are not taking seriously my request for a loan modification

  4. I am having the same problem with litton we have a hardship- myhusband was dx with cancer and is unable to wrok. There loan mod plan is not going to work they increased the payment and i refuse to sign. Is there any new info or agency that i can contact about them?

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